Coral Logo Ideas

Find stunning coral logo examples for your brand. Browse through a diverse collection of coral-themed logos for inspiration. Create a unique brand identity with our coral logo ideas.

The Angi logo showcases a sleek "A" in a vibrant coral red color. Its modern and minimalistic design includes a flowing curve that creates an engaging loop at the base, imparting a friendly and professional look. The bold typeface with smooth edges balances thick and thin strokes, exuding both weight and elegance. The logo's style and color suggest a preference for a complementary background that doesn't overshadow it.
The Generale Bank logo is a minimalist design featuring a bold and modern 'G' created with sharp lines and curves. The solid, white letter sits centrally against a vibrant, flat, coral red square background. The 'G' has a geometric quality with its upper case form and is designed with a cutout that cleverly contributes to reading the letter correctly. The contrast between the bright white and the bold red makes the logo pop, indicative of a brand that aims to be seen as energetic and confident.
The Mycall logo features two overlapping geometric shapes resembling rounded hills or semi-circles. The one on the left is colored in a rich coral red, while the right shape is a bold magenta, creating a sense of vibrancy and energy. The portion where the shapes overlap appears in a blended hue due to the transparency effect, giving the design a modern, layered look. The silhouette's simplicity and the absence of text or additional elements contribute to a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic that could be versatile for various branding applications.
The Legoupil logo is a stylized geometric design featuring a 3-dimensional cube-like shape. The main part of the shape, resembling an open-ended box, is presented in a warm, coral red color with a flat, minimalist appearance. The side facet is in a contrasting dark grey or black tone, creating an illusion of depth and perspective. The design aesthetic is modern and clean, favoring simplicity and boldness over intricate detail. This logo is ideal for technology companies or businesses seeking a sharp, contemporary brand identity. A background that complements the design without overshadowing it would be ideal to showcase the logo's colors.
The La Famille K logo features a modern and sleek design composed of geometric shapes. The main element is a shield-like emblem with a flat-bottomed curve at the top and a straight-lined bottom half, resembling an abstract interpretation of a heraldic shield. A stylized, diagonal stripe bisects the shield from the upper left to the lower right, creating a dynamic sense of movement within the design. The logo is monochromatic with a soft coral color, giving it a warm and inviting vibe. The simplicity of the design and the lack of additional embellishment or text suggest a minimalist aesthetic, aiming for clean, crisp, and easily recognizable branding. Considering the color and design of the logo, a background color that would complement it without overwhelming the design would be a light pastel shade for contrast and visual harmony.
The SpeedPPC logo features a stylized, geometric shape resembling a confluence of two fold-over paper or ribbon elements. One segment is a deep coral pink similar to salmon, the other a strong royal blue. Both segments are parallelograms with their longer sides oriented horizontally, conveying movement and dynamism. The flat colors without gradient create a clean, modern aesthetic, while their overlap creates a darker shade, providing depth and an interlocking feel. The design leans towards minimalism with a 3D effect.
The logo for Bundle Bags features a lowercase 'b' in a solid coral red color, using a bold, sans-serif typeface. It includes a unique design element with a white circle and four smaller circles inside, resembling a button, placed within the curve of the 'b'. This adds a playful and modern touch to the logo, symbolizing connectivity or customization. The design's simplicity allows for versatility, while the button element provides a distinctive characteristic that sets it apart from a standard typographic logo.
The Ginn Group logo showcases a stylized representation of geometric shapes that form a three-dimensional cube illusion. The design comprises three interlocking shapes in saturated tones: a mustard yellow bar at the top, a teal blue on the left side in an L-shape, and a coral red on the right in a backward L-shape. These shapes are arranged to create a sense of depth and dimensionality, playing with the viewer's perception. The overall aesthetic of the logo is modern and clean, with a minimalistic approach reminiscent of classic tangram puzzles or the Bauhaus design school.
The image is of a stylized logo featuring the letter "B" for Bendigo Bank. It consists of two main shapes: the larger one is a deep burgundy or maroon color, forming the straight edge and the decisive curve of the letter, while the smaller shape is a vibrant coral or salmon pink, completing the inner loop and infusing the design with a dynamic, playful contrast. The overall design aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, with the use of negative space and the interaction between the two shapes giving the logo a three-dimensional feel. It's an abstract, contemporary take on a classic letter form.
The Telstra logo features a stylized uppercase letter "T" in bold, sans-serif font, and an abstract oval-like shape underneath. The vivid blue of the "T" exudes professionalism and trust, while the warm coral red of the shape adds a dynamic and energetic feel. The modern, simplistic aesthetic is characterized by clean lines and curves suggesting movement or stability. The red shape resembles a swoosh or pathway, implying progress or a journey.
The Younium logo features three stylized geometric shapes resembling shards or crystals. The left icon is a bright coral red, the central one is a mustard yellow, and the right one is a teal. These shapes create a circular flow suggesting unity or a dynamic process. The overall aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, using flat colors and simple forms without gradients or shading, and all components have sharp angles and flat surfaces, giving the logo an edgy, contemporary feel. It is a versatile design that could represent a variety of modern, energetic, and forward-thinking brands. The hexcode for the coral red color is #F7DED6.
The logo presented for Equality California is a minimalist geometric design composed of stylized, horizontal bars gradually increasing in width from top to bottom and abruptly descending with a diagonal line to form a right angle. The image features a bold and flat color palette, primarily in a warm shade of coral or red-orange, and embodies a modern and abstract interpretation of a letter or symbol. The simplicity of the design makes it versatile and easily recognizable. Given the warmth of the logo's color, a neutral, light background would complement it well without competing for attention.