Violet Logo Examples

Find striking violet logo examples for your brand on our site. Explore various designs for inspiration and create a memorable brand identity.

The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra logo displayed is a modern, abstract design consisting of concentric shapes that form a stylized letter "O". The shapes are reminiscent of topographic lines on a map or the grooves of a vinyl record, suggesting depth and movement. The color gradient transitions smoothly from magenta at the bottom to a deep violet at the top, creating a sense of vibrancy and energy. The lines vary in thickness, and their undulating pattern gives the logo a dynamic and rhythmic quality. The white space in the center emphasizes the geometric precision of the design. Given the vibrant hues of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra logo, a more understated background would complement it well.
The Wiserr Travel logo is a contemporary, fluid design that incorporates a stylized, continuous line forming a lowercase "w". It showcases a gradient that seamlessly transitions from a deep violet to a magenta-pink, culminating in a vibrant golden-yellow, evoking dynamism and innovation. The consistent thickness of the line and its rounded ends lend a friendly and approachable feel to the logo. Additionally, the line's curvature forms a loop at the top center, adding a unique element to the design.
The Mytilineos logo showcases a stylized letter "M" with a contemporary and polished design. Comprising three-dimensional facets, the "M" creates a ribbon-like effect, lending it a dynamic and fluid appearance. Smoothly transitioning from deep violet to bright green, the color gradient flows through shades of blue and cyan. The minimalist and futuristic design is accentuated by gradients and subtle shadows, imbuing the logo with a sense of depth and prominence against the background.
This logo features an abstract design consisting of several continuous, overlapping lines that create a dynamic, fluid shape reminiscent of a blooming flower or an organic form in motion. The lines transition smoothly in color from a deep teal at the top, through shades of blue, to a rich violet at the bottom. This gradient gives the impression of depth and vibrancy. The central part of the Exelon logo is left blank, forming a circular negative space that could be used to feature additional elements or text. The overall aesthetic is modern, sleek, and would likely convey a sense of creativity or innovation.