Industrial Goods Logo Examples

Find a wide variety of industrial goods logo examples for your business. Get inspired with real company logos in the industrial goods sector.

The Bluewater Labs logo showcases a stylized, geometric design with smooth curves and sharp angles, forming a loop or knot-like shape. It integrates a rounded rectangle connected to a circular shape, creating a sense of motion or progress. The soft, cool blue color with a gentle gradient adds depth and a modern aesthetic, giving the logo a versatile and contemporary appearance suitable for technology, media, or communication-related brands.
The Walter logo features a simplified, stylized letter 'W' in a vivid orange color. The design consists of two diagonally stacked chevron shapes pointing right, suggesting forward movement or progress. Above the letter form, a smoothly arched line mimics the upper part of a circle, providing a sense of completion and enclosing the chevrons. The overall design presents a modern, clean aesthetic, with the sharp angles contrasting with the gentle curve, creating a dynamic and eye-catching emblem.
The Standex logo features a stylized letter "E" created with three-dimensional rectangular blocks arranged at a slanted angle, effectively forming the shape of the letter. The solid dark gray color exudes a sleek and professional aura, while the minimalist and abstract design with clean lines and edges conveys stability and strength. The strategic use of negative space enhances its three-dimensional quality.
The logo for Groz Tools features a bold, orange rhombus with a slightly rotated orientation, giving it a dynamic appearance. Inside the rhombus, there is a white, stylized letter "C" that opens towards the right, suggesting forward movement or progress. The "C" has a modern design with a gap on its lower end, which adds to the contemporary feel of the graphic. The simplicity of the logo — with its clean lines and limited color palette — speaks to a modern and efficient aesthetic, likely indicative of a technology or service brand. The choice of orange is lively and attention-grabbing, while the white provides a crisp contrast.
The Lederer logo features a stylized, three-dimensional hexagon composed of intertwined ribbons with a hollow center. The design creates an optical illusion of depth and interconnectedness. It uses two shades of teal that give the image a modern and dynamic appearance. The lines are sharp and clean, giving it a professional and polished look. The use of negative space within the hexagon adds to the complexity of the design, making it stand out.
The Ohaus logo is a stylized, abstract design resembling a dynamic letter or symbol. Two overlapping shapes create a sense of movement or rotation, and the bold, deep red color gives it a strong and energetic feel. The arrangement of the shapes forms a negative space in the center, adding visual interest to the design. Overall, the aesthetic is modern and clean, with a minimalistic approach that avoids unnecessary details or embellishments.
The Burny Kaliburn logo features a bold, solid red shield as its backdrop, with a white stylized emblem at its center that resembles an abstract figure or perhaps an anchor, with arms extending upward and outward and a split bottom section that spreads into a broad, stable base. The design has a strong and protective connotation, with its shield shape suggesting defense or safety, and the emblem inside conveying strength and stability. The colors are high-contrast, which allows for the icon to stand out with clarity and direct visual impact.
The Wibe Group logo showcases a striking and modern capital letter 'W' with geometric shapes, straight edges, and sharp angles, creating a minimalist aesthetic. The dominant black color of the letter creates strong contrast, ensuring visibility against lighter backgrounds. The design exudes simplicity and directness with its straightforward approach.
The Oshkosh logo features a stylized, abstract design composed of a three-dimensional geometric shape. Using only black and white colors, the minimalist aesthetic creates a modern feel with a stark contrast. The shape appears to be a continuous loop or ribbon that interlocks and folds upon itself, evoking depth and movement. Its clean lines and angles contribute to a professional and sleek appearance. The use of negative space cleverly separates the elements of the shape, enhancing its dynamic and visually engaging nature.