Letter X Logo Examples

Find a variety of striking letter X logo examples for your inspiration. Explore creative designs from real companies to fuel your branding efforts.

The Oxdog logo features a modern and dynamic design with two bold, interlocking black elements forming the letter 'X'. The use of negative space and intersecting angles creates a sense of movement and interconnectedness. This minimalist and contemporary aesthetic is accentuated by sharp contrasts against a white background, making it suitable for a modern brand identity.
The X-FAB logo features a stylized letter "X," comprised of four identical right-angled triangles with their hypotenuses facing inwards to form the central, overlapping area of the "X." Each triangle is colored in a bold, royal blue. The negative space created between the triangles forms a white 'X,' which contributes to the visual effect. The logo has a strong, geometric construction, conveying a sense of stability and balance. It has a modern and minimalistic aesthetic, with its sharp lines and solid color choice exuding a professional and clean look.
The image depicts a bold, geometric logo consisting of thick, black shapes forming a stylized letter "X" for the X-Team business. The central part of the "X" is the largest shape, with two diagonally opposed corners extended to create a dynamic feeling of movement or rotation. The other two arms of the "X" are truncated, reinforcing the logo's modern and abstract nature. The contrast between the black shapes and the white background accentuates its minimalist design aesthetic. Given the strong contrast in the logo, a lighter background would preserve its striking visual impact.
The Acxiom logo features a stylized letter "X" consisting of two diagonal, right-angled shapes with sharp edges. The left side of the "X" is a bright, saturated blue, while the right side is a darker, more subdued shade of blue, creating a cohesive color palette. The negative space between the shapes reinforces the "X" structure and adds a modern, minimalistic feel to the design.
The Xixili logo is a bold, abstract design featuring a symmetrical pattern formed by four comma-like shapes pointing inward towards the center, creating a stylized flower or pinwheel effect. The shapes are white and set against a square black background, providing a stark contrast. The sharp edges of the shapes and the square frame give it a modern and dynamic aesthetic. The simplicity of the two-tone color palette suggests a clean and professional brand identity.
The logo for Taxfix is a simple and modern design that features a deep green forward slash or diagonal line flanked by two solid circles of the same color. The circles are symmetrically placed and perfectly aligned with the ends of the slash, creating a sense of balance and stability. The green hue exudes a professional yet vibrant energy, and the use of negative space accentuates the logo's clean and uncluttered aesthetic.
The Xinja logo is showcased in a bold, magenta-toned pink color with a modern and dynamic design. It consists of an abstract mark formed by a combination of geometric shapes: an elongated, rounded rectangle, diagonally bisected, paired with two droplet-like shapes that create a sense of motion or transformation. The overall aesthetic is minimalist and contemporary, with a sense of fluidity and innovation. The design is simplistic, relying on the impactful use of color and form rather than intricate detail, making it versatile and easily recognizable.
The OKX logo features a minimalist design with a cluster of five squares arranged to form a larger, abstract square shape. The central square is directly in the middle, with the other four squares touching its corners and evenly spaced out. The entire composition is in stark white against a solid black background, creating a striking contrast. This simple yet bold design elicits a sense of digital or technological sophistication, with its clean lines and modern aesthetic.
The XRecruiter logo features a symmetrical, abstract design with a central cross shape composed of elongated ovals of varying sizes, overlaid in a dynamic, pinwheel arrangement. The color palette is vibrant and includes shades of purple, blue, green, and pink, with an orange dot situated below the cross, creating a sense of balance. The overall design aesthetic is modern and playful, with a sense of movement and connectivity implied by the interlocking shapes. The gradient within each shape adds depth and a digital, energetic vibe to the logo.
The BorgWarner logo is a stylized abstract mark consisting of geometric shapes resembling arrows or chevrons pointing towards the left and intersecting to form a bold "X" shape. The logo utilizes a strong, monochromatic deep blue color, giving it a professional and modern appearance. It features a series of parallel lines with varying thicknesses, creating a sense of movement and dynamism. With clean lines and sharp angles, the design conveys precision and cutting-edge technology, while the symmetrical arrangement provides balance and stability.
The Xwave logo displays a square divided into four smaller triangles by intersecting diagonals. Each triangle is filled with a solid color—red, yellow, green, and blue, moving clockwise from the top-left corner. The diagonals form a bold "X" shape, creating a modern and minimalist design. The use of primary colors gives the logo a strong visual impact, and the sharp interface of each triangle's color without blending contributes to its clean and geometric aesthetic.
The Interxion logo features a bold, geometric design with stylized letters forming an interconnected shape, resembling the letter "X." The main color of the design is a dark navy set against a crisp white background. Two small triangles in bright lime green and softer sky blue add a pop of color. The overall aesthetic is modern and clean, making it well suited for a tech company or a brand seeking a sleek, contemporary image.
The xDAO logo features a stylized X shape, made up of four elongated teardrop forms with rounded ends that converge in the center, creating a dynamic and interconnected appearance. The logo is presented in a vibrant shade of blue, which gives it a sharp and modern feel. The use of negative space where the shapes meet adds depth and complexity to the design. This sleek geometric form conveys a sense of technology or networking. Considering the design's color and style, a subtle background that complements this without overwhelming it would be ideal.
The ITVX logo is a simplistic and modern design, featuring a stark, lime-green stylized letter "X" with softened edges and slightly rounded points, positioned centrally on a deep navy blue square background. The contrast between the bright green and the dark blue is striking and ensures high visibility. The "X" is bold and slightly asymmetrical, imparting a dynamic and contemporary feel to the design. This logo's simple yet bold design would stand out well against a background that doesn't compete for attention, such as a pale, muted color.
The PhysioExtra logo features a clean and modern design, consisting of a bold white cross or 'X' shape set against a circular blue background. The blue color conveys professionalism and reliability, while the white cross creates an interesting visual effect through its negative space. With sharp corners and centered placement, the logo has a balanced and focused impact, offering a simple and clear aesthetic that is easily recognizable and potentially versatile for various applications.
The logo presented for Proximus is a stylized, symmetric icon that resembles a combination of the letter "X" and an infinity symbol. It consists of smooth curves and loops, with the ends of the "X" shape thickening into rounded terminations, creating a sense of continuous movement or looping. The logo's color is a shade of deep purple, which adds a feel of sophistication and modernity. An interesting feature is the illusion of interweaving paths that could symbolize connection or interaction. The overall design aesthetic is minimalistic, clean, and would suit a contemporary brand or technology company.
The image shows a stylized, abstract logo composed of four diamond-like shapes arranged dynamically to form a structure reminiscent of a propeller or pinwheel. The diamonds converge in the center, interconnected by a looping line creating negative space which emphasizes their arrangement. The overall design seems to evoke movement and interconnectivity. It is monochrome, utilizing a deep purple color that conveys a sense of sophistication and modernity. Considering its color and design, a light and neutral background would complement it well without overpowering the XOOG logo's vibrance.
The image depicts a stylized logo consisting of an X-like figure where the ends of each arm extend beyond the intersection, forming a sort of pinwheel shape. Each arm of the X is colored differently with simple, bold colors: green, blue, orange, and red, moving in a clockwise direction from the top arm. The XWiki itself is colored in a medium gray tone, contrasting with the vivid colors at its tips. The design is minimalistic and modern, with a playful touch provided by the contrasting colors. The straightforward geometry of the design gives it a clean and balanced aesthetic.
The Technomex logo showcases an abstract, looped design reminiscent of an intertwining figure-eight or infinity symbol. The modern and sleek appearance, defined by smooth curves and clean lines, is complemented by gradients of green and turquoise, creating a dynamic and fresh look. The color transition from a deep teal-like hue to a soft green at the tip of each loop adds depth and movement to the design. The overall aesthetic is minimalistic yet distinctive, with a color scheme suggestive of growth, sustainability, or technological innovation.
The Xbox logo features a bold, abstract design reminiscent of a spherical shape made with four distinct green segments. These segments interlock in the center, forming an 'X' that stands out against the white negative space. The overall aesthetic is modern and dynamic, with a sense of movement implied by the way the segments overlap and intertwine. Its symmetry and the use of a single, solid color give it a strong and recognizable identity.
The FOLX Health logo features a stylized ampersand (&) composed of bold black geometric shapes with smooth curves and sharp angles, creating a modern and streamlined appearance. The strong contrast of solid black against a white background emphasizes the contemporary design, while the juxtaposition of curves and pointed terminations suggests a balance between softness and precision.
The CGAxis logo features a symmetrical arrangement of five squares forming a stylized abstract cross design. The central square is diagonally aligned, intersecting with the other four squares, which are rotated at 45 degrees, creating a sense of dynamism and interconnectivity. All shapes are solid black, demonstrating a simple, modern, and geometric aesthetic that conveys stability and precision. The logo's minimalist design allows for versatile application across various mediums.
The XPRIZE Foundation logo features a bold 'X' symbol comprised of two overlapping bars with a three-dimensional effect. The primary colors are black and different shades of grey, creating a distinct contrast and visual depth. The bars appear to be shaped with right angles and have varying shades, suggesting light reflecting on a metallic surface. The logo is set against a solid, flat background, and its design exhibits a minimalist aesthetic while conveying a sense of sophistication and modernism.
The image displays a bold, stylized logo consisting of an angular, geometric shape that resembles an abstract letter "X". The design is simplistic, with clean lines and a lack of additional detail, giving it a modern and striking appearance. The Global Innovation Exchange logo is presented in a solid, vibrant yellow color that conveys energy and innovation. Its minimalist aesthetic would pair well with a subtle background that doesn't compete for attention.
The Xyron logo in the image features a stylized letter "X" with interlocking shapes, sharp angles, and rounded ends, resembling a ribbon folded over itself. The bold, flat orange color exudes vibrancy and energy, while the modern minimalistic design conveys a dynamic feel through the overlapping elements of the "X," creating a three-dimensional form with negative space. The simplicity and clean lines make it stand out against a subtle background.
The Xometry logo features a stylized letter 'X' comprised of two symmetrical shapes that give the appearance of being twisted or interlaced, almost like a knot. The four ends of the 'X' extend outward, suggesting dynamism and reach. The two main colors of the logo are gradients of dark and light blue, which evoke a sense of professionalism and modernity. The lighter blue fills the upper left and lower right sections, while the darker blue fills the upper right and lower left sections. The overall design aesthetic is minimalistic and clean, with a sophisticated use of negative space to enhance the three-dimensional effect.
The X Bionic logo features a stylized, symmetrical design resembling a bold 'X' mark. The central part of the 'X' is created with thick black lines that intersect at the middle, implying solidity and strength. Flanking the black lines are two vibrant orange shapes with a dynamic slant, suggesting movement and energy. These orange shapes do not touch the black lines but are close enough to form a visual connection, giving the logo a sense of cohesion and vibrancy. The overall design aesthetic is modern, bold, and impactful. The combination of black and orange creates high contrast, ensuring the logo stands out and is easily recognizable. Given the colors present in the X Bionic logo, a subtle background that contrasts without competing would be ideal.
The Xspray logo features a minimalist and modern design, portraying a stylized, abstract figure combining a circular head with a cross-like body. The bright blue color with a softer cyan tone adds to its clean and friendly appearance. The logo exudes a sense of action and movement, emphasizing a minimalistic design approach without any additional embellishments or text.
The image features a bold, abstract mark that consists of four diagonal lines creating an 'X' shape. The lines have varying thicknesses, with the central intersection being the thickest point, which then taper off towards the ends. The Xait logo is monochromatic, rendered in black against a white background, which creates a stark contrast and emphasizes its geometric precision. The design aesthetic is modern and minimalist, suggesting a sense of innovation or dynamism. The angular symmetry of the Xait logo gives it a stable and balanced look.