Letter L Logo Examples

Find captivating letter L logo examples for your inspiration. Explore a variety of real company logos featuring the letter L. Get ideas for your own unique logo design.

The logo for Lifetime is a simple yet bold design consisting of variations of circular shapes with a modern twist. The primary color of the logo is a bright red, creating a striking visual impact. The design features a large, solid red circle, from which a smaller circle and a swoosh-like shape have been subtracted, giving the appearance of a stylized letter "Q" or an abstract representation of a person. The negative space within the Lifetime logo is particularly effective in creating a dynamic and unique figure, promoting a sense of elegance and fluidity in the overall aesthetic.
The Liquid logo features a bold, abstract design composed of two interlocking shapes resembling an "S" or a chain link. Both shapes are identical and feature sharp, straight edges and 90-degree angles, giving the impression of a continuous loop. The logo is monochromatic, using a bright, vivid shade of blue, which stands out with its simplicity and modern feel. There is a dynamic sense of connection and motion inherent in the design, suggesting interaction, strength, and perhaps technology or networking. For a background that complements this Liquid logo without overshadowing its vibrancy, a subtle and light hue would work best.
The Laravel logo is a stylized abstract representation, possibly a monogram or initial, composed of three-dimensional geometric shapes. It resembles two interlocking cubes or a continuous isometric figure. The design uses a single bold color, likely a shade of red or orange, giving it a striking and modern appearance. The lines are clean and precise, creating an illusion of depth and space. The design is minimalistic yet complex, likely intended to convey innovation or a futuristic vibe. The construction of the shapes hints at connectivity and structural integrity.
The logo for Landmark Premiere Properties features a stylized, geometric design consisting of black shapes, creating a modern and minimalistic look. The central figure resembles an abstract representation of a building or an arrow pointing upwards, flanked by two symmetrical wings or fins, giving the impression of stability and upward momentum. The design has sharp angles and clean lines, conveying a sense of professionalism and precision. The contrasting black against a lighter background emphasizes the logo's sleekness.
The Lebsack logo has a modern, minimalist design featuring an abstract, geometric shape that resembles a stylized letter "S" or a pathway. The main design is created by the negative space between two contrasting angular elements that look like folded ribbons or pages. The color of the elements is a uniform dark gray, set against a solid, lighter gray square background. The simplicity and balance of the design lend it a sleek and professional appearance, signaling a sense of innovation or cutting-edge technology.
The Louisville Public Media logo features a simplistic and modern design consisting of three squares arranged in an L-shaped configuration. The top square is a vibrant red (#FF6347), and the other two squares exhibit a cyan (#00FFFF) on the left and a medium blue (#0000CD) on the right. This bold and eye-catching design leverages a primary color scheme, suggesting a confident and balanced identity. The straight edges and equal sizing of the squares create a sense of uniformity and stability, reflecting the business's values.
The Lifeworks NW logo is a modern, abstract design featuring a solid red color. The design is composed of two shapes: a larger rectangle with a notch removed from its upper right side and a stylized heart shape that fits seamlessly into this notch. The heart appears to be partly overlaid on the rectangle, suggesting a sense of unity or partnership. The aesthetic is clean and minimalist, conveying a contemporary feel that could be associated with various industries, from technology to healthcare. The solid color and bold shapes ensure that the logo is easily recognizable and could stand out well against a neutral background.
The Leap Wireless logo features a series of purple dots converging to form the abstract shape of a checkmark. The dots vary in size, with larger dots at the terminus of the checkmark and decreasing in size as they follow the swooping curve upward and to the right, simulating a sense of motion and progression. The design implies dynamism and positive progression, with the checkmark traditionally signifying completion or approval. The uniform purple color gives the logo a sense of coherence and simplicity, contrasting with the playful nature of the dotted pattern. A light and neutral background would complement the logo's color without overwhelming it.
The business logo for Lincoln Learning Solutions presents a stylized monogram inside a hexagon with rounded corners. The monogram consists of bold, vertical lines forming the letter "I" on the left and a horizontal thicker shape that could represent the letter "L" on the right, possibly conveying a modern and minimalistic interpretation of two separated letters. The entire design is unified by its simplicity and uses a single shade of turquoise, which offers a fresh and contemporary feel. The hexagonal boundary adds a touch of geometric stability to the overall design.
The Lederer logo features a stylized, three-dimensional hexagon composed of intertwined ribbons with a hollow center. The design creates an optical illusion of depth and interconnectedness. It uses two shades of teal that give the image a modern and dynamic appearance. The lines are sharp and clean, giving it a professional and polished look. The use of negative space within the hexagon adds to the complexity of the design, making it stand out.
The Lada logo showcases a stylized, abstract shape inside an oval. The design utilizes gradients of silver and chrome, creating a sleek metallic appearance with hints of reflection, imbuing a sense of luxury and technology. The smooth curves and flowing lines of the abstract shape convey motion and modernity, encapsulated by the oval frame for a professional finish. Despite a monochromatic palette, the interplay of light and shadow adds depth and dimension to the emblem.
The Leader Bikes logo features a bold, minimalistic shield shape divided into three sections: a filled left segment, an empty central segment, and a filled right segment. Two diagonal lines separate the segments, meeting at the lower point of the shield to convey movement. The simple black and white color scheme offers visual impact and versatility, while the modern design suggests protection and strength commonly associated with a shield emblem.
The Legoupil logo is a stylized geometric design featuring a 3-dimensional cube-like shape. The main part of the shape, resembling an open-ended box, is presented in a warm, coral red color with a flat, minimalist appearance. The side facet is in a contrasting dark grey or black tone, creating an illusion of depth and perspective. The design aesthetic is modern and clean, favoring simplicity and boldness over intricate detail. This logo is ideal for technology companies or businesses seeking a sharp, contemporary brand identity. A background that complements the design without overshadowing it would be ideal to showcase the logo's colors.
The Landsec Securities Group logo features a bold, black geometric shape resembling an abstract letter "L" with a modern twist. It consists of two rectangles, one vertical and one horizontal, intersecting to create a sharp 90-degree angle at the top left and a stepped appearance on the bottom right. The design is clean, minimalistic, and represents a contemporary brand or company. Its simplicity makes it versatile and easily recognizable.
The Landsvirkjun logo features two overlapping rectangular shapes. The one in the foreground is a vibrant blue, while the one behind it is a lighter, muted blue-gray. The design is simple, with clean lines and a modern feel, conveying a sense of professionalism and stability. The bright blue suggests energy and reliability, whereas the muted blue-gray adds sophistication. The overall aesthetic is minimalist and would be fitting for corporate or technological branding.
The Löffler logo features a bold and modern design with a vibrant red hue, depicting a stylized letter "L". The clever use of shading and perspective creates a three-dimensional appearance, giving the emblem a seamless and dynamic feel. The red color is striking and versatile for various applications, while the logo's sense of motion and depth draws the eye.
The Luzidlab logo is a stylized black letter 'L' shaped by geometric segments including a vertical rectangle and two right-angled triangles. The design is modern and minimalist, using simple, bold shapes to create a distinctive mark. It has a clean, sharp aesthetic with negative space within the triangles adding a dynamic edge. The logo's angular features suggest precision and a forward-thinking nature.
The Loewe Dolomites logo depicts a stylized mountain range in a warm golden-yellow color (#FFC000), positioned above a simple, fluid black line representing a landscape or horizon. The balanced contrast between the bold black and vibrant yellow elements creates a visually appealing harmony. The peaks have jagged edges, symbolizing rugged terrain, while the smooth, curving trajectory of the line adds a sense of calm and balance. Overall, the logo has a clean, modern aesthetic and conveys a spirit of adventure and exploration through the mountain imagery. Hexcode: #F7DED6
The image depicts a simple, minimalist logo consisting of a stylized letter "A" without a horizontal line, creating a geometric, triangular silhouette. The character is depicted with a gradient that creates the illusion of a three-dimensional shape, transitioning from a light to a darker shade from top to bottom. The overall design aesthetic is modern and sleek, with a subtle use of shadows on the right side of the "A", giving depth to the figure. The negative space at the bottom of the "A" forms a small triangle that balances the design, representing the logo for Lever.
The Landsbankinn logo showcases a bold, modern design set against a dark blue square background. Within the square, a vibrant red figure, reminiscent of an 'A' without a horizontal bar and a tick mark, commands attention. The clever use of contrast and the slanted positioning of the red figure creates a sense of motion and progress. This minimalist and clean aesthetic conveys a brand that prioritizes efficiency and action.
The Livian logo is a modern, minimalistic design that features two geometric shapes: a vertical rectangle intersected near the bottom by a smaller horizontal rectangle, both in solid black. These forms create a stylized letter 'L' through subtracted space, evoking a sense of balance and elegance. The clean lines and simplicity of the design convey contemporary sophistication, making it versatile and easily adaptable to various branding needs.
The image depicts a minimalist logo characterized by a stylized, abstract geometric figure. It is composed of two black shapes that form a sleek, right-angled design, reminiscent of a stylized letter 'L' or a boomerang. The first shape is a vertical rectangle with a pointed tip extending towards the bottom, while the second shape is a horizontal parallelogram that extends to the right, creating a sense of motion or direction. The use of bold black against a white background gives the Lenus logo a strong contrast, emphasizing its modern and clean aesthetic. The sharp angles and pointed ends contribute to a dynamic and cutting-edge feel.
The Lauda logo is a minimalistic, bold design consisting of a black geometric shape resembling a stylized letter "L." It features a prominent right angle for stability and structure, with the use of negative space adding elegance and simplicity. The overall aesthetic is sophisticated, making it well-suited for industries that prefer a clean and contemporary branding approach.
The image depicts the Landmark Shops logo, consisting of a stylized heart shape with clean lines and an abstract form. The design is minimalist, emphasizing a modern and simplistic aesthetic. The heart is composed of two elements: a semicircular shape on the left, joined with a smaller, quarter-circle-like curve on the right, creating the recognizable heart silhouette. It is presented in a solid black color, which stands out with its bold and clear contrast. Given the simplicity of the design, a subtle and soft background would complement it without overpowering it.
The Lotte Group logo features a stylized, abstract design primarily in a vivid shade of red. The central element appears to be a lowercase letter 'e' or a similar character, drawn with smooth, curving lines that convey a sense of fluidity and modernity. The character is white, creating a striking contrast against the red backdrop. This main graphic is enclosed within an asymmetrical, organic-looking red shape reminiscent of a speech bubble or thought bubble, which could suggest communication or ideation. Its rounded, soft edges contribute to a friendly and approachable look. The overall design aesthetic is clean, minimalist, and bold.