Israel Logo Examples

Discover the creative landscape of Israeli branding with diverse and impactful Israel logo examples. From innovative designs to traditional symbolism, explore the rich visual expressions of Israeli companies.

The Elementor logo is a modern, minimalist emblem featuring two white letters, an 'I' and an 'E,' set against a vibrant magenta circle. The 'I' is represented as a single vertical bar, while the 'E' consists of one vertical bar and three horizontal bars, aligning perfectly with the middle of the 'I' to create a cohesive, balanced look. Together, these elements convey a sense of symmetry and simplicity, aligning with contemporary design trends that favor bold colors and clean lines. This logo could be representative of a company or brand with the initials 'I' and 'E.'
The image is a simple and modern logo consisting of a black square with rounded corners. Inside the square is a white capital letter "I" centered vertically and horizontally. The design for Dofinity has a minimalistic and contemporary feel, with a stark contrast between the black background and the white typographic element. There is a sense of balance and boldness due to the use of negative space and the strong geometric shapes.
The Mobileye logo features a stylized letter 'n' with a distinct geometric design. It is comprised of bold, straight lines with sharp angles, creating a modern and minimalist aesthetic. The main component of the logo is a deep blue color, giving it a professional and trustworthy feel. The design is simple yet striking, with the use of negative space on the left side that could be interpreted as an abstract arrow or a partial square bracket, which adds an element of dynamism and forward-thinking to the overall design.
The Bezeq logo features a unique abstract shape resembling a stylized letter 'B.' It is composed of two primary shapes: an amorphous blob forming the body of the 'B,' and a white, hourglass-like figure in the center representing the negative space within the 'B.' The logo's color is a deep navy blue, offering a professional and sophisticated look. The contours of the design are smooth and organic, and there's a dynamic balance between the solid blue areas and the white centerpiece that grabs attention. The simplicity of the design grants it a modern and versatile feel.
Easyapps' logo presents a stylized, abstract design comprising geometric shapes in bold, primary colors. It features a red rectangle on the top left, a smaller blue square on the top right, a medium-sized yellow rectangle in the middle left, a larger blue rectangle on the bottom left, and a small yellow square on the bottom right, all evenly spaced, suggesting organization and clarity.
The Orcam logo is an abstract eye design featuring concentric shapes with a bold black outline. The largest shape is a pointed oval enclosing a circle with a smaller filled dot, creating the illusion of a pupil. The modern and minimalistic aesthetic, along with the monochromatic color scheme, offers a sharp contrast and ensures recognizability in various branding contexts.