Letter Q Logo Examples

Find inspiring and creative letter Q logo examples from real companies. Explore diverse designs for your branding needs.

The Qmedics logo showcases a stylized letter Q in a 3D ribbon-like form with smooth, flowing curves. It incorporates warm red and pink tones transitioning to cooler purples and blues on the interior, creating a vibrant and energetic look. The modern, playful design uses gradients to convey depth and movement, evoking an aesthetic of creativity and dynamism.
The Quarry Park Law logo consists of a stylized letter 'Q' created with a minimalist approach, featuring a single, continuous line with a looping tail for added elegance. The clever use of negative space within the loop conveys sophistication and simplicity. The logo is presented in a muted gold color, evoking a sense of luxury and premium quality. The overall aesthetic is sleek and modern, with a touch of upscale branding, and its smooth curves and fluidity make it versatile for various applications.
The QTRADO Logistics logo is a modern, minimalist design showcasing a stylized letter "Q." The design includes a bold orange circle forming the majority of the "Q," accompanied by a burgundy triangle serving as the tail or descender of the letter. The orange circle is open, with a subtle break where the triangle is inserted, implying the crossline of the "Q." The vibrant and saturated orange provides a strong contrast against the deep burgundy, creating a clean and abstract geometric aesthetic suitable for technology or creative industries.
The Quixel logo is a predominantly geometric design featuring a stylized letter with sharp angles and clean lines. It combines elements of a hexagon with a portion that could be interpreted as the letter "Q" or "O," creating an abstract representation. The monochromatic color scheme, using bold black against a white background, adds to the modern and minimalist aesthetic. The simplicity and contrast of the design give it a striking and professional appearance, with a sense of depth or perspective.
The MemoQ logo showcases an abstract, swirling design resembling the letter "e," with a circular negative space at the center, evoking a dynamic movement. The logo utilizes a gradient of warm colors, transitioning from deep vermilion at the top to vibrant orange at the bottom, creating depth and vitality. This modern and fluid design conveys innovation and flexibility, while its simplicity ensures scalability and recognizability across various mediums.
The Q-Factory logo encompasses a stylized letter "Q" with a modern and minimalist design. The bold, connected line forms a smooth and rounded shape, encapsulating openness and continuity, with the tail curling inward for a distinctive touch. Presented in a vibrant shade of green, it suggests growth, freshness, and environmental consciousness. The simplicity and fluidity of the logo reflect a sleek and contemporary brand identity.
The image displays a minimalistic logo that is built around a stylized letter "Q." The logo features a large, pastel blue "Q" with its tail curving inward, ending with a flourish that includes two smaller circles in a darker shade of blue, creating a gradient effect. The overall design aesthetic is modern and clean, with a sense of fluidity and motion implied by the curving lines and descending circles. This simplicity and the cool color palette suggest a professional and contemporary brand identity for Quantum Technologies Programme.
The Q Square logo features a bold and stylized letter 'Q' with a chat bubble design, symbolizing communication. The primary squarish shape with rounded corners gives it a modern and friendly appearance. Its vibrant lime green color exudes energy and freshness. The clever use of negative space to form the tail of the 'Q' and integrate it into the square shape adds visual interest. A subtle background color that complements the design is recommended.
The SAQ logo is a simplistic design featuring a shape reminiscent of a squared computer monitor or electronic display device. Composed of thick, bold lines forming a boundary and a stand, the logo utilizes a single deep violet color, giving it a modern and sleek look. With a minimalistic design and no additional details or embellishments, it prioritizes a clean and straightforward aesthetic suitable for tech or media companies, suggesting strength and reliability.
The A Equipa logo features a pair of interconnected rings, with the left ring overlapping the right. Both rings are smooth and have a consistent width, giving the design a sleek and modern look. The color of the logo is a muted, earthy shade, akin to sage or grayish-olive, which conveys an organic and natural vibe. The simplicity of the shapes and the subtlety of the color allow the logo to evoke a sense of harmony and balance, suitable for a brand aiming for a clean and minimalist aesthetic.
The Quillo logo is a bold, blue-colored stylized letter "Q" with a modern and minimalistic design. Utilizing clean lines and a geometric shape, the outer circular ring intersects with an inner element resembling a right-angled triangle, with its point forming a subtle tail at the bottom right. Additionally, the use of negative space within the inner part of the "Q" creates a dynamic and easily recognizable symbol. The blue color exudes a strong and confident presence, suggesting reliability and professionalism.
The Quiznos logo features a stylized letter "Q" depicted in a vibrant, electric lime green color. The "Q" has a modern and minimalist design, with the tail of the letter curving inward rather than extending outward as in traditional fonts. The overall shape of the "Q" is bold and sans-serif, with smooth curves and a circular hollow at the center of the letter. The color contrast is striking with the "Q" set against a solid black square background that frames the shape effectively and gives it a prominent presence. Given its simplicity and boldness, a background that does not distract from the logo would be ideal.
The Qube Hotel Chiba logo features a bold, black letter "Q" with a distinctive design. The "Q" is formed by a thick, continuous band that creates a near-perfect circle for the body of the letter, with the tail of the "Q" cutting into the circle at the bottom right, creating a sharp, angled terminal. The design provides a modern and minimalistic feel, showcasing a sleek and professional aesthetic. The logo's simplicity and boldness make it easily recognizable and likely to be memorable.
The Qovery logo features a stylized, isometric letter or shape composed of interlocking geometric elements that create a three-dimensional cube-like form. It primarily uses two shades of purple, with the darker tone outlining and giving depth to the structure, while the lighter hue highlights the top and the left sides of the cube, simulating a light source from the upper left. The overall design aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, with a clean, sharp look that suggests innovation or technology. The use of gradients and shadow effects adds to the three-dimensional illusion.
The Quartel Design logo showcases a contemporary and sleek interpretation of the letter "Q". The design predominantly uses a black and white color palette, accentuated by a central golden yellow star within the negative space of the letter. The "Q" is depicted with bold, clean lines and rounded curves, imparting a soft and approachable feel, while the star introduces contrasting sharp angles, adding a dynamic element. This minimalist yet playful design exudes a professional aesthetic.
The image is a simplistic and modern logo consisting of a letter "Q" in a vibrant shade of blue. The design is smooth with rounded edges, giving it a friendly and approachable look. The "Q" has a distinct cut on the bottom right, making it unique and recognizable. It has a solid fill without any gradients or shading, contributing to the Q CELLS logo's flat design aesthetic which is popular in contemporary branding. This logo would likely stand out nicely against a minimalist and light background.
The Quiznos logo showcases a modern, abstract design with two swooping shapes creating a circular motion. The main shape on the left is a rich green, while the right shape is vibrant red. The red shape extends below the green, forming a tail-like feature reminiscent of a conversation bubble or a dynamic entity in motion. The green and red shapes slightly overlap, suggesting interaction or connectivity. Both shapes are solid-colored, with clean borders, contributing to a simple and clean aesthetic.
The Qudos Bank logo showcases a dark blue circle with a notched teal arrow piercing its center, pointing upwards and to the right. Comprised of three-dimensional, parallelogram-like shapes, the arrow creates a sense of progression and growth. The design exudes a sleek and modern aesthetic, employing a restrained color palette to convey a professional and dynamic impression. By utilizing geometric shapes and a 3D effect on the arrow, the logo evokes depth and movement, symbolizing innovation and forward momentum.
The Quantitative Biology Center logo depicts a stylized, abstract shape resembling a speech bubble or a fluid, organic blob. It is comprised of a gradient of blue shades, with the color transitioning from a deep, vivid blue at the bottom to a lighter, more sky-blue hue at the top. This gives it a sense of depth and vibrancy. The right edge of the shape curls slightly inward, adding to the dynamic and modern feel of the design. Given the cool tones of the logo, a background that complements it without overshadowing its impact would be ideal.
The logo presented is a minimalist design that features a bold, green capital letter “Q” with a protruding small arm at its bottom right. Inside the “Q” is a large white circle slightly off-center towards the upper right, encasing a smaller dark gray or black dot in its center, creating a visual similarity to an eye or a target. The Qlik logo has a modern and clean look with its contrasting colors and simple geometric shapes. It conveys a sense of focus and precision.
The QANDA logo showcases a simple and modern design, featuring a black circle with a smaller solid orange circle positioned on its lower right edge, both shapes touching at one point. The black circle features a prominent cut-out in its center, creating a doughnut-like shape. The contrast between the stark black and the bright orange gives the logo a bold and energetic feel. The clean lines and minimalistic design suggest a contemporary aesthetic that would be at home in a tech or design-forward brand.
The Quera logo showcases a solid, vibrant blue stylized "Q" inside a round circle. The "Q" is designed with a minimalist thick stroke and a dynamic tail that gives a sense of motion or transformation. The roundness of both the "Q" and enclosing circle contributes to a friendly and approachable look, while the bright blue exudes both professionalism and energy. The aesthetic is modern, clean, and easily scalable for different uses.
The Qtsy logo displays an abstract design that gives the impression of a stylized eye or a character. It primarily consists of two shapes: a dark-colored, shield or petal-shaped frame, which surrounds an aqua-colored circle with a lighter aqua "highlight," suggesting an iris or pupil at its center. The overall design is modern and minimalistic, utilizing geometric simplicity and a limited color palette to create a distinctive and clean appearance. The dark against light contrast gives it a bold and memorable look.
The Liquity logo features a modern, abstract design with two shapes that intertwine or overlap. The predominant shape on the left side is a circle with a gradient transitioning from vibrant blue to a lighter blue at the bottom. Overlapping the circle on the bottom right is a quarter-circle or crescent shape with a gradient shifting from purple to a lighter, pinkish-purple. The use of gradients gives the logo a dynamic, 3D feel, and the clean lines and curves project a sense of simplicity and fluidity. Given the colors in the logo, a background that complements its cooler tones would be suitable.