Letter N Logo Examples

Explore a variety of striking letter N logo examples for your inspiration. Find creative designs for real company logos featuring the letter N. Get ideas for your own brand logo here.

The Neulogy Ventures logo features a stylized letter "N" consisting of two interlocking parallelogram shapes in a vivid, bright green color. The design is minimalistic and contemporary, with clean lines and sharp angles, giving it a modern and energetic feel.
The Neara logo features a bold and abstract design composed of four red quarter-circle shapes arranged in a 2x2 grid that creates a cohesive shape resembling a flower or a dynamic, spinning pinwheel. Each quarter-circle is the same size and color, lending to the logo’s symmetry and balance. The vibrant red color of the shapes stands out with a modern and energetic feel. The smooth curves contrast with the sharp lines where the quarter-circles meet, giving the logo a sense of movement and fluidity.
The image is a stylized, black monogram or logo of the two letter N's. They are combined in a mirror-image fashion, creating a symmetrical and geometric design. The lines are thick, bold, and angular, with sharp points where the N's meet in the middle and squared-off ends. The composition is minimalistic and modern, with a powerful and stable feel due to the use of vertical and diagonal lines. The overall shape resembles an abstract butterfly or a bowtie due to the central meeting point and flaring sides. Given the modernity and simplicity of the Televisa News logo, a clean and neutral background would complement it well.
The Neilson logo features a minimalist, bright orange depiction of three peaks representing a mountain. The tallest center peak is the most prominent, with smooth, modern lines. A swift, white line cuts through the center peak, adding dynamism and suggesting a snow-capped summit or a path. The bold, solid hue and simplicity make it adaptable for various applications.
The Newsela logo features a square composed of a bold, bright blue outline with a slightly darker blue fill. Inside the square, there are two white rectangular shapes that resemble an open book or a window, given the symmetry and the central divide. The design is minimalist and modern, employing simple geometric shapes and a limited color palette to convey clarity and openness. With its clean lines and uncluttered appearance, the logo exudes professionalism and a sense of transparency.
The Nuvance Health logo consists of three abstract shapes with a fluid, organic design. They are closely positioned, implying motion or interaction between them. The primary color of the shapes is a deep, solid blue, conveying professionalism and reliability. The rounded shapes with no sharp edges add to the overall modern and friendly aesthetic of the logo. The absence of any additional embellishments or text gives the logo a clean and minimalist feel.
The Novabase logo features a bold and striking design with a capital letter "N" in a thick, black sans-serif font. A perfect circle with a thick black outline is attached to the upper right side of the "N", housing a smaller, solid red circle at its center. The modern and minimalistic aesthetic, along with the contrast of red against black, creates a visually impactful design. The simplicity of shapes - the straight lines of the "N" and the geometric circle - results in a clean and memorable image.
The La Nova Tile logo displays a stylized three-dimensional cube with a modern, minimalistic design. Composed of thin, multicolored outlines, the cube gives the appearance of a transparent structure. Featuring a multitude of colors including purple, blue, green, orange, and pink, it creates a playful and dynamic feel, suggesting depth and perspective. The overall aesthetic is light, contemporary, and suitable for a variety of businesses looking to convey innovation and approachability.
The Netspend logo features an abstract, dynamic shape that resembles an infinity symbol or a stylized 'S'. It consists of two bold, intertwined forms with rounded edges. The main color is a vibrant shade of orange, which evokes a sense of energy and creativity. The smooth, flowing curves connote movement and continuity, while the minimal use of elements implies modernity and simplicity. The design aesthetic is clean and would be well-suited for a tech or design-oriented brand seeking to convey innovation and fluidity.
The Neos CMS logo features a stylized letter "N" with geometric facets suggesting a three-dimensional form. It employs different shades of blue, ranging from a dark navy to a brighter cyan, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality. The overall design aesthetic is modern and sleek with a tech-savvy feel. The angular segments and color gradients give the Neos CMS logo a dynamic and cutting-edge appearance.
The Nuwater logo features a stylized, abstract design resembling a rounded letterform, with elements of the letters 'd' and 'b'. Composed of smooth, thick lines with uniform stroke width, it exudes balance and modernity. Its minimalistic and contemporary aesthetic, coupled with a soft curve suggesting connectivity, is portrayed in a medium shade of blue with a slight grey undertone.
The Nozbe logo showcases an abstract, geometric design with two intertwined shapes resembling stylized letter 'N's or arrows pointing in opposite directions. It incorporates a vibrant gradient transitioning from a purplish-pink hue to a lighter, soft pink, imparting a modern and dynamic feel. The design employs minimalist techniques, incorporating clean lines and flat surfaces to convey a sense of movement and interconnectivity. The overall aesthetic is sleek and contemporary, making it ideal for diverse branding and tech-oriented applications.
The Numbers Protocol logo features a stylized letter 'N' composed of geometric shapes: two black parallelograms and a white triangle that visually divides the 'N' into two distinct parts, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality. The sharp angles and bold contrast between black and white give the logo a modern and dynamic appearance. The simplicity of the design allows for versatility in various applications. Given the stark black and white of the logo, a subtle background color that doesn't compete for attention would be ideal.
The Natalie Turnbull logo showcases a minimalist design with a fluid, continuous line that forms a shape resembling the letter "N" with a modern twist. The line is bold and black, with a smooth and curvaceous structure, creating a sense of movement and grace. The overall design aesthetic exudes simplicity, elegance, and a contemporary feel, focusing on the beauty of the single, flowing line without additional embellishments. The logo would stand out against a light and subtle background which complements its minimalist nature.
The Northwestern Athletics logo features a bold, uppercase "N" with a modern, geometric design. It is composed of a series of purple shapes that create the letter and negative space within it, resulting in a dynamic and visually engaging form. The shapes that make up the "N" are angular and give the impression of being cut or folded, contributing to a three-dimensional effect. The chosen color is vibrant and suggests creativity or innovation. The overall design is minimalist yet impactful, with a clean and contemporary aesthetic.
The Nylas logo features a stylized, abstract design reminiscent of a swoosh or a comet, with three curved lines tapering as they descend to the right, giving a sense of motion or speed. The main color is a medium to dark shade of blue, with subtle gradients that add depth and a modern, sleek look to the design. The lines are arranged in a way that could also be interpreted as a stylized representation of fingers or a hand in a swift moving gesture. The overall aesthetic is clean, dynamic, and contemporary, suitable for a tech or sports brand.
The Nornickel Group logo features a modern and minimalist design consisting of a stylized letter 'N'. Composed of two distinct blue shapes with a gradient effect ranging from a lighter to a darker shade, each half mirrors the other, forming a cohesive and dynamic 'N'. The shapes have soft curves, and the right side appears to slightly overlay the left, adding depth to the design. The overall aesthetic is sleek and professional, with the gradient conveying movement and innovation.
The logo for Executive Nexus showcases an abstract geometric design in a dark teal or forest green color. The main shape resembles a stylized letter 'N' with its right-hand side extended downward into a point. Adjacent to this main form are two crescent-like shapes that seem to have been sliced from the 'N', suggesting cutouts or negative space. These crescents are mirrored on either side of the main shape, enhancing the symmetry and balance. The overall design aesthetic is modern, minimalist, and sophisticated.
The Nobrak logo presents a stylized, abstract monogram that appears to be a combination of the letters "N" and "Y." The design consists of sharp, angular lines and is comprised of a single, flat teal color, giving it a modern and simplistic aesthetic. The logo is constructed from a series of diagonals that intersect with verticals, creating an interplay of negative and positive space that suggests dynamism and forward motion. There are no embellishments or additional design elements, indicating a preference for minimalism.
The Netgen logo is a simple, yet bold two-dimensional design consisting of two black shapes on a white background. It resembles the capital letter H with a modern twist, featuring symmetrical, standing rectangles connected by a short horizontal bar near the top. The sharp angles and solid color create a strong visual impact.
The logo for Nomics flaunts a contemporary and assertive visual with a lively magenta color scheme. Featuring a stylized "N," the design exudes a seamless, loop-like impression with inward-curving ends. Its symmetrical and sleek design, coupled with rounded edges, establishes a sense of gentleness and accessibility. Notably, the negative space within the "N" cleverly shapes an oval, contributing depth and captivating visual allure. Overall, the logo exudes a professional yet playful essence.
The Namely logo is a stylized, abstract mark composed of a bold geometric shape. It features a deep blue color and consists of two symmetrical curves that are connected in a seamless flow, creating a shape reminiscent of a ribbon or a Möbius strip. The design exudes simplicity and modernity with its clean lines and solid fill, lacking any additional embellishments or text. The logo's dynamic contours give it a sense of movement and continuity, which may imply innovation or connectivity concepts within its intended branding application.
The image shows a simple yet bold logo that consists of a stylized white slash or check mark that resembles a slightly tilted lower case 't', insinuating a dynamic motion or positive action. Two conversational or dialogue icons, one on each side of the slash, indicate communication or chatting. The entire logo is superimposed on a vivid, solid orange circle which captures attention and creates a sense of energy. The logo's design aesthetic is minimalistic and modern, with a friendly and approachable vibe likely representing connectivity and approval within communication or social media platforms for Narrate.
The NielsenIQ logo comprises two symmetrical, elongated pentagonal shapes forming an abstract letter "M" or "W." Its simple, modern design with sharp angles and a flat, two-dimensional appearance is in a vibrant, eye-catching green color that provides a striking contrast and can stand out on various backgrounds. The logo projects a sense of dynamism, progress, and forward-thinking.
The image is of a modern, abstract logo that consists of what appears to be a stylized letter 'N' constructed from a series of geometric shapes for the company Nexo. The shapes include overlapping and adjoining three-dimensional cuboids. There are at least two main colors in the design: a vibrant sky blue and a deeper navy blue, which give the logo a sense of depth and contrast. The overall aesthetic is crisp, corporate, and tech-oriented, suggesting innovation and professionalism. Interesting features of the design include the use of gradient and shadows to create a sense of three-dimensionality and the visual play between the shades of blue.
The image showcases a bold and abstract Neufquatre Éditions logo, consisting of a stylized letter "N" with a dynamic, fluid shape. The design is minimalist and modern, using negative space effectively to create the impression of motion within the letter form. The logo is monochromatic, featuring a stark black against a clean white background. The simplicity of the design lends itself to versatility, while the curvature of the lines suggests creativity and innovation.
The National Bank of Canada logo features a simple, bold design with a geometric theme. It manifests as a stylized red flag with a dynamic, waving shape, creating an impression of movement. The flag is composed of two red triangles with a common base, giving it a three-dimensional look. This abstract interpretation of a flag utilizes a vibrant red hue, which conveys energy, passion, and attention-grabbing power. The minimalistic approach and lack of additional embellishments allow the symbol to stand out and ensures high visibility and brand recall. The strong lines and sharp angles contribute to a modern and confident aesthetic.
The Niagara logo features a bold, dark blue abstract mark inside a circular boundary. The abstract mark is suggestive of the letter "M" stylized with fluid, curved lines that give it a modern and sleek appearance. The lines of the "M" are thick and tapered towards the ends, lending the design a sense of motion and professionalism. The dark blue color conveys trust, dependability, and strength. The overall design aesthetic is minimalist and could be associated with various industries such as technology, finance, or consulting. Considering the colors of the Niagara logo, a light and neutral background that complements its professional look without overpowering would be ideal.
The logo for News Now showcases a stylized letter "N" created with multicolored right-angled triangles, forming a geometric gradient that transitions from red through the color spectrum to purple. It is surrounded by a square border in a muted shade of grey, providing contrast and emphasizing the "N". The design's aesthetic feels modern, digital, and dynamic, suitable for a tech company or creative industry. Given the vibrancy of the colors within the "N", a neutral background would complement it best.
The logo for Northern Bank consists of a bold, uppercase 'N' in a crisp, sans-serif font. The color of the 'N' is a solid, deep green, emphasizing stability and growth. A unique element of the logo is the stylization of the letter where the left leg of the 'N' extends upward into a pointed arrow, and the right leg angles down into an inverted arrow, representing upward momentum and precision. The green 'N' is set against a plain white background, making the design stand out due to the high contrast. This logo evokes a sense of dynamic movement, direction, and purpose.
The Nuance Communications logo presents a minimalist abstract design with two bold black shapes resembling geometric arrows or chevrons pointed toward each other. The larger left shape serves as the main element, while the slightly smaller right shape complements it, creating a dynamic and engaging effect. Against a white background, the solid black design stands out with high contrast. The logo's clean lines and absence of additional embellishments contribute to its modern and professional appearance.
The NW Natural logo features an abstract design with a modern and dynamic aesthetic. It is composed of three overlapping and interlocked shapes resembling pointed ovals or elongated leaves, each with a unique color. The colors graduate from a dark teal on the left through a medium shade of green, to a rich blue on the right side, creating a sense of movement and flow. The shapes are arranged to form what could be interpreted as a stylized letter 'N', suggesting the logo might be associated with a brand or company with an initial 'N'. The logo's design is clean, with no additional embellishments, which gives it a professional and polished look.
The image shows a bold and minimalist black-and-white logo comprising an uppercase "N" centered within a three-dimensional cube for Notion. The "N" is stylized in a clean, sans-serif font that suggests modernity and strength. The cube is represented in a 3D perspective, creating an illusion of depth that makes the letter appear as though it's embossed on one of the cube's faces. The crisp lines and solid black color of the icon give it a strong visual presence, indicating a contemporary and professional brand identity. Since the logo uses a monochromatic palette, selecting a background that offers sufficient contrast while maintaining a modern feel would be ideal.
The Nationale Nederlanden logo exhibits a modern and dynamic design, featuring a stylized letter "N" enclosed within a circular shape. The minimalist "N" showcases sharp angles and a bold presence, with a gradient color scheme transitioning from vibrant orange to deep yellow, evoking energy and innovation. The circular background lends a sense of inclusivity or a global perspective, while the clean lines and digital feel make it suitable for a brand associated with technology, creativity, or communication.
The Nitro logo is a stylized abstract representation, comprising two overlapping shapes with pointed edges that suggest motion or a perspective shift. The color of the logo is a vivid shade of orange, and its design is modern and dynamic. The overall feel is sleek and contemporary, with a sense of innovation or technology. Due to the boldness of the orange, a neutral and light background would complement it best.
The Nordkalk logo features an abstract design with a modern aesthetic. It combines geometric shapes to form a stylized letter "N." A deep green chevron points upwards and to the right, symbolizing motion and progress. Lighter blue triangles on the left and right arms add depth and a three-dimensional effect to the logo, creating a dynamic and professional appearance.
The Nordace logo is a stylized monogram contained within a hexagonal border. It features a bold, intertwined design of the letter 'N' that is central to its identity. The lines of the 'N' are geometric and angular, creating a sense of movement and depth through the use of negative space, inherently giving it a 3D effect. The color of the logo is a solid black, providing a stark contrast and making it highly adaptable for diverse backgrounds. Overall, the logo has a modern, clean aesthetic with a technical or digital feel to it, suggesting a connection to industries like software, tech, or engineering.
The NeueChair logo is an abstract, stylized representation of two intertwined letters "N" and "J," with the "N" character being dominant. It has a modern, geometric appearance, consisting of bold, vertical and diagonal lines in a bright red color. The logo's design is minimalist and uses negative space effectively to differentiate the two characters and create a dynamic sense of interconnection between them. The edges are sharp and convey a sense of precision, suggesting a contemporary, cutting-edge brand identity.
The Nebraska Medicine logo features a bold, stylized letter "N" in a deep, rich red color. The design consists of angular shapes that form a shield-like emblem, conveying a sense of strength and protection. The lines are sharp and the letter itself is slightly italicized, giving a dynamic and forward-moving impression. The simple yet powerful graphic is devoid of any additional embellishments, favoring a clean and modern aesthetic.
The logo for Nissay features a bold red "M" centered within a diamond shape also comprised of the same red shade. The "M" is stylized with geometric precision, using negative space to form its structure against the diamond background. Adopting a minimalist aesthetic with sharp angles and lack of additional embellishments, the logo has a modern and striking appearance, conveying a sense of strength and stability.
The Netigate logo consists of a 3D-styled letter 'N', crafted from two right-angled triangular shapes. The design features clean lines and vibrant teal coloring, exuding a fresh and modern aesthetic. The minimalistic approach emphasizes simplicity, with no additional elements or embellishments. Additionally, a shaded shadow on the lower triangle adds a three-dimensional illusion.
The Nedbank logo features a stylized, abstract design formed by a combination of geometric shapes, creating the impression of a letter or symbol. The use of dark green gives it a professional and sleek appearance. The design is characterized by sharp angles and overlaps that create depth, with negative space playing a critical role in defining its three-dimensional look. The overall aesthetic is modern and clean, suggesting innovation and strength.
The Native Eyewear logo presents a bold, abstract design with geometrical qualities. It showcases a stylized letter 'M' with a modern, angular twist, constructed of fragmented shapes to add a three-dimensional effect. Its sharp angles and straight lines contrast with negative space, creating a contemporary visual identity. The logo's simplicity in color and complexity in form ensures versatility and a strong visual impact.