Letter V Logo Examples

Find a wide range of vibrant and versatile letter V logo examples for your inspiration. Explore captivating designs from various industries and get ideas for creating a unique logo for your brand.

The Vifacto logo features a stylized representation of a heart composed of interconnected geometric shapes resembling angular, extended chevrons. The primary color of the logo is a vibrant and bold shade of red-orange, giving it an energetic and modern look. The design is minimalist and clean, with precise lines and angles that convey a sense of innovation and precision. It would fit well within a tech or design-oriented brand identity. The use of negative space within the shapes helps to create the heart silhouette, demonstrating a clever use of minimal elements to communicate a recognizable symbol of love or passion.
The image portrays a stylized, abstract shield or pointed marker composed of golden-yellow lines, creating a sense of movement and direction. The two main elements include an arched section resembling a horizon or a sunrise, and a pointed bottom section. The negative space in the center draws the eye. Overall, the logo embodies a modern, clean aesthetic that implies innovation, precision, protection, and guidance.
The ooVoo logo features a stylized heart shape created by two interconnected loops resembling a continuous ribbon. The design is minimalistic, utilizing a bold and vibrant orange hue that conveys energy and friendliness. It appears modern and sleek, with smooth curves and a sense of motion implied by the way the loops twist and meet. The simplicity of the design allows for versatility, and it doesn't include any text or additional embellishments, which emphasizes the symbol itself. The orange color is bright and prominent, suggesting creativity and enthusiasm.
The image shows a minimalist logo composed of a stylized letter "V." The design is sleek and modern, with clean lines and sharp angles. The Vistex logo has a bold, navy blue color that conveys a sense of professionalism and reliability. The "V" has a slightly abstract look, with the arms of the letter converging at the top in a sharp point. The overall aesthetic is of contemporary simplicity and would likely represent a brand that values clarity, precision, and sophistication. Given the dark hue of the Vistex logo, a lighter background would complement it well.
The Viva Wallet logo is a stylized letter 'W' with geometric characteristics. It is composed of two identical, thick, vertical shapes that mimic the letter 'V', placed side by side to form the 'W'. The shapes have slightly rounded bottoms, and their angled tops suggest a subtle serif-like attribute at the opening of the 'W'. The color of the elements is a deep shade of navy blue, which exudes a professional and modern feel. The logo's design is minimalistic and would likely be easy to recognize due to its bold and simple construction.
The logo displayed features a modern and minimalist design that consists of a series of black, parallel, and curving lines forming an optical illusion. These lines converge towards the bottom, forming a stylized, inverted triangle or a V-like shape. The pattern within this shape adds a sense of motion or depth to the logo, while the use of negative space between the lines contributes to its sophisticated appearance. The monochrome color scheme emphasizes the logo’s sleek and professional look.
The Vista logo features a stylized triangular shape with a three-dimensional design. Constructed from polygonal facets, the logo is shaded in various tones of blue, creating depth and dimensionality. The darker shades anchor the base of the triangle, while the lighter shades highlight the upper portion, suggesting a light source above. The overall modern, clean design conveys stability and trustworthiness, representing technology or innovation. The shades of blue are complemented by a neutral and light background color.
The Very Dairy logo showcases a modern and minimalist heart shape with smooth, rounded contours. The bold and saturated shade of blue creates a strong visual impression that conveys trust, loyalty, and affection. Its simplicity and versatility make it ideal for branding, while evoking feelings of professionalism and reliability.
The Voel logo is a stylized, abstract mark resembling a bird in flight or a pair of chevrons positioned back-to-back. Its solid, muted brown color and minimalistic design create a clean and modern aesthetic. With dynamic angles, it suggests movement and transformation, balancing simplicity with a distinctive form.
The V Ray logo features a white abstract symbol consisting of what appear to be three stylized elements or leaves, enclosed within a square with rounded edges. The focal point of the design is the central element which resembles a 'V' shape or a checkmark, conveying notions of approval or verification. This symbol is set against a solid, rich blue background, which provides a striking contrast to the white. The overall design aesthetic is modern and minimalist, with a clean, professional appearance that is versatile for various branding situations.
The Vita Residential logo is a geometric and abstract design made up of stylized triangular shapes that fit together to form a larger triangular design. It features a modern, flat design with three distinct colors: a bright sky blue, a grass green, and a darker forest green. The colors create an impression of depth and layering, suggesting dynamism and movement. The overall aesthetic is clean, professional, and suggests innovation or technology.
The Vendorafa logo showcases a stark, black-and-white color scheme, featuring a solid black inverted triangle with interconnected black circles inside, conforming to the shape of the triangle. This design exudes a sense of unity and cohesion, boasting a minimalistic and modern aesthetic with bold contrast for enhanced visibility.
The Loverte logo showcases a stark, minimalist design. It includes a black outline of a circle holding a stylized, simplistic image combining a droplet and a tick mark. The design emphasizes clean lines and modern aesthetics, utilizing geometric shapes and negative space. The droplet conveys fluidity and freshness, while the check mark signifies positivity and approval. The monochromatic color scheme enhances the logo's sleek and contemporary appeal.
The cdmv logo is a stylized, abstract representation of a bird in flight. It features two black, sleek, angular lines that meet at a sharp point on the bottom, suggesting the silhouette of a bird's wings in a downward stroke. The logo's geometry conveys a sense of motion and elegance, with the negative space between the wings enhancing the aerodynamic feel. Its striking simplicity makes it versatile and modern.
The Verge logo features a modern, geometric design that consists of a stylized, inverted triangle with layered elements. The primary shape is a solid white triangle, bordered on the top with a thin blue line. Inside it, there's another, smaller triangle outlined in a bold red, creating a three-dimensional effect. This central figure is overlaid on the white background, suggesting a sense of depth and innovation. Considering the colors and design within The Verge logo, a light and neutral background would complement it well, allowing the logo to stand out without any color distraction.
The Wivai logo is a stylized representation of a check mark, created with a single, flowing ribbon-like shape featuring a gradient from darker teal at the bottom to a lighter greenish-blue shade at the top. This minimalist, modern design has smooth, rounded corners to evoke ease and positivity. Its abstract yet instantly recognizable look conveys a sense of dynamic motion and forward progression, in line with the universal association of a check mark with correctness or approval.
The Verco Decking logo is an abstract representation of the letter V, composed of three green lines with different shades, creating a 3D effect. The equally spaced lines converge at a sharp point at the bottom while the top edges are aligned horizontally. The color transitions add depth and dimension. The green color symbolizes growth, freshness, and environmental friendliness. The logo has a modern, clean aesthetic with a geometric and symmetric appeal.
The Volksbank Wien logo is a modern, abstract representation of the letters "VF" stylized to look like wings or a bird in flight. It features two parts, each corresponding to one of the letters, merged in a V shape. The color is a deep, solid blue, suggesting reliability and professionalism. The segmented lines in the "wings" add a sense of motion and progressiveness. The clean, sharp angles contribute to the logo's contemporary appearance.
The image shows a stylized, modern logo consisting of a dark blue, geometric design. It features an abstract shape resembling a letter V or a checkmark within a rounded rectangle. The Vanguard Storage logo has a clean, sharp look with the positive space of the letter V contrasting against the negative space inside the rectangle. This creates an illusion of depth and perspective within a flat design. The simplicity of the design and the use of a single color give it a versatile and professional appearance.
The logo for Team Vitality features a stylized letter "W" with two overlapping shapes resembling wings or abstract blades, and a central diamond-like shape creating the middle part of the "W." The primary color scheme includes a bold black outline, with the wings/blades in a minimalist white and the central diamond in a striking yellow. The design conveys a modern and dynamic aesthetic, suggesting movement and a sense of cutting-edge or protective quality. The simplicity of the design allows for versatile use across various media.
The Viven logo showcases a bright greenish-yellow, stylized letter "V" set against a dark navy blue circular backdrop. The modern and slightly abstract "V" creates an impression of two chevrons or an upward-pointing arrow, symbolizing progress or direction. The minimalist, bold, and contemporary design highlights clean lines and impactful color contrast, making it stand out against a subtle and neutral background.
The Vecteezy logo features a stylized, lowercase "u" linked with an elongated "q," forming an abstract and continuous loop. The design is simplistic and modern with smooth, rounded edges to imply fluidity and connectivity. The logo is presented in a bold orange color that stands out distinctly, giving it an energetic and vibrant feel. Considering the brightness of the orange and to maintain the logo's visual appeal, a soft and neutral background would complement it nicely.
The Versa Networks logo showcases a stylized triangular shape with two curving elements that convey dynamic movement. The left side is a rich, grassy green, while the right side is a vibrant sky blue with a flat, modern aesthetic. The sharp contrast between the two colors creates a forward arrow or subtle 'V' shape in the negative space at the top of the triangle, giving the logo a fresh and energetic look.
The Vanderbilt University logo is a stylized letter "V" with a modern and sleek design. It features sharp angles converging towards the bottom to form a precise and cutting-edge base. The logo is gold-toned, with a gradient transitioning from lighter to darker, giving it a luxurious and refined appearance.
The Valmont logo is a bold, black, stylized letter "V" with sharp angles and a dynamic, wing-like flair on the right side that adds a sense of motion and progression. The design is modern and minimalist, utilizing negative space effectively to create an abstract yet recognizable shape. This logo is suitable for a contemporary brand seeking a strong and impactful visual identity.
The logo presented for Versatile is a stylized, abstract design composed of geometric shapes, predominantly featuring a strong and vibrant red color. The core element resembles a three-dimensional "V" or chevron shape made of two interlocking parts, with the negative space creating an illusion of depth. The top part overlays the bottom, suggesting movement or progression. The lines and angles are sharp and defined, contributing to a modern and dynamic appearance. The clean simplicity of the design allows it to be versatile and recognizable.
The Logo features a stylish, abstract design with a fluid, dynamic aesthetic. It is a fusion of a letter "V" and a swirl forming a lowercase 'e'. The modern and minimalist look, adorned in a bright teal color (#00B692), gives it a fresh and vibrant appearance. The smooth curves suggest motion and continuity, ensuring high recognizability and scalability across various mediums. This chic and contemporary logo would stand out against a subtle and neutral background. Hexcode: #ECE4CF
The Love Wellness logo is a stylized shield shape in bold red, with a distinctive heart crafted into the right side, symbolizing protection and love or care. The heart shape is created using a negative space effect, while the modern and minimalist design relies on solid color to convey its message.
The logo depicted is a stylized letter "V" encapsulated within a circle. The letter itself is formed by two black diagonal shapes converging in the center of the circle, creating a white, negative space that suggests the "V". The overall design aesthetic is minimalist and modern, with a bold contrast between the black of the shapes and the white background, emphasizing the simplicity and the letter's form. The use of geometric shapes and negative space gives the Vertiv logo a sharp and sophisticated appearance.
The Ever logo showcases a stylized leaf design with an organic and natural aesthetic. It comprises two distinct halves, each featuring differently styled vein patterns, suggesting diversity within nature or a fusion of two entities. The left half displays a detailed network of veins, while the right half has a simplified, geometric vein structure. Symmetric and seamless at the central vein, the logo creates a sense of unity. Utilizing a bold black color on a plain white background, it emphasizes high contrast and provides a modern and clean appearance, appealing to eco-friendly or growth-related branding.
The Vitamin Shoppe logo features a modern and stylized letter "V," segmented into two parts with distinct colors and a slight overlap. The left segment is a darker shade of blue, invoking a sense of professionalism and reliability, whereas the right segment is a lighter, almost sky blue, adding a touch of approachability and innovation. The logo's design is minimalist, using clean lines and a sharp angle in the middle to emphasize a forward motion or progress. The lighter blue segment also has a curved cut giving the impression of a forward-moving wing or a dynamic swoop.
The 3V Tech logo is a stylized lettermark that combines the letters 'V' and 'T' using rich, deep maroon color. The design is modern and minimalist, with sharp angles and clean lines conveying a sense of precision and sophistication. The solid fill of the 'V' and the striped pattern on the right side add depth and texture to the logo.