Rectangle Logo Ideas

Find a variety of creative rectangle logo ideas for your business on our site. Explore unique designs and get inspired for your brand's logo.

The Soriana logo is a modern, abstract design consisting of three parallel curved lines that create a sense of motion. The lines are contained within an incomplete square border that is skewed, giving the appearance of a rhombus-like shape. The curves and the border are in the same orange hue, which provides a vibrant and energetic look. The overall design aesthetic is minimalistic and would lend itself well to tech or digital branding. An interesting feature of this logo is the sense of depth created by the lines, which seem to weave over and under each other, adding a dynamic quality to the design.
The Bluewater Labs logo showcases a stylized, geometric design with smooth curves and sharp angles, forming a loop or knot-like shape. It integrates a rounded rectangle connected to a circular shape, creating a sense of motion or progress. The soft, cool blue color with a gentle gradient adds depth and a modern aesthetic, giving the logo a versatile and contemporary appearance suitable for technology, media, or communication-related brands.
The Columbia SC logo features a vibrant, deep red rectangular background with rounded corners, creating a bold and attention-grabbing design. Centered on the background is a clean and modern white capital letter "H" with a contemporary aesthetic, featuring a slight gap between the vertical and horizontal strokes. The logo's balance of rounded edges and straight lines creates a dynamic and harmonious visual effect.
The Akon Hidrolik logo exhibits a bold and minimalist design with a black square background. Within the square, a white geometric shape forms a stylized letter "a" with a red circle at the base, evoking the imagery of a needle's eye or a focal point. The overall aesthetic is modern and contemporary, utilizing primary colors and strong contrast to enhance its visual impact. Its simplicity renders it highly recognizable and versatile.
The Buckle logo is a modern and striking representation of the letter "B." It is composed of a bold, black rectangle with rounded corners, creating the main body of the letter, and a smaller, similarly shaped rectangular cutout that defines the letter’s vertical spine. The design emphasizes geometric shapes and minimalism, and its stark contrast would enhance its boldness and visibility on a lighter background.
The Aldrich Advisors logo features a modern and minimalist design with two shapes—a circle and a rounded rectangle—using a vibrant, coral red hue. The circle is positioned to the left of the rounded rectangle, which has a circular cutout on its right side corresponding to the size of the circle. This design conveys approachability and efficiency, ideal for a subtle and light background.
The logo for Loja Kildare is a modern, clean design consisting of a bold and stylized letter "K." It features a striking red color with clear cutouts that create dynamic white spaces, giving the impression of forward motion or pivoting. The design is minimalist, utilizing sharp angles to convey a sense of precision and professionalism. The simplicity of the logo makes it versatile for various applications, and the contrast between the red and the white spaces adds visual interest.
The business logo for Takasago consists of a striking and modern design featuring three rectangles forming a stylized "E." The top rectangle is longer, spanning the width of two equally-sized squares beneath it. The deep maroon color adds an authoritative presence, and its simplicity makes it easily scalable for various applications. This logo would complement a neutral and soft background to enhance its visibility.
The Tedgum logo features a stylized representation of the letter "M" formed by three vertical bars within a rectangular frame. The center bar is colored in a bold mustard yellow, flanked by two white bars patterned with diagonal lines, creating the illusion of depth. The background is a deep black, which contrasts sharply with the white and yellow, making the design pop. The aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, with bold color blocking and clean lines drawing attention to the central character. The logo communicates strength and clarity due to its simplicity and use of contrasting colors.
The Revelater logo is a simplistic and modern design comprised of two geometric shapes—a glossy lavender rounded rectangle paired with a vibrant mint green circle. These two shapes, while separate, are positioned closely together, suggesting connection or interaction. The rounded edges and simple forms lend the logo a friendly and approachable feel, while the distinct colors help it stand out and suggest creativity or innovation. The fresh color palette of the logo would be complemented well by a soft and neutral background.
The logo in the image is a bold, stylized letter 'K' in white set against a vibrant red square background. The 'K' has a modern, dynamic design with a notch cut out on the upper right of the letter, giving it a distinctive look. The design aesthetic is clean, minimalist, and striking, with rounded corners on the square and a slightly slanted line in the 'K' conveying movement and a forward-thinking approach.
The logo presented is a bold, stylized letter 'F' in a vivid red color (#FF0000) against a warm beige background (#F2E2D0). It is comprised of three rectangles: a large square forming the main body and two smaller rectangles extending from the top and right side, creating the characteristic horizontal and vertical strokes of the 'F'. This geometric and minimalist design conveys a modern and contemporary feel with clean lines and a powerful presence. The use of negative space in the design elements suggests efficiency and clarity.
The Machinima logo showcases a stylized, geometric rendition of the letter "M," featuring sharp angles and a modern, abstract appearance. It is presented in a vibrant lime green color (#7ED321) against a white background for visual impact. The design conveys dynamism and forward motion through slanted lines and clever use of negative space, creating a sense of technological sophistication.
The image shows a modern and minimalist logo consisting of geometric shapes that create a stylized letter 'H' for Hazelcast. It features a large dark navy rectangle on the left, which is aligned with two squares on the upper right and a smaller rectangle on the lower right, all colored in a bright, medium blue. The design is simple yet bold, utilizing solid blocks of color and negative space to create a distinctive and easily recognizable mark. The overall aesthetic is professional and would be suitable for a corporate brand or technology company.
The logo for Ribble features a dynamic, slightly staggered line of four isosceles triangle shapes with rounded corners. The varying sizes and alignment create a sense of upward movement, while the monochromatic, solid black design gives it a bold and clean aesthetic.
The image displays a logo consisting of two primary elements, a solid black rectangle on the left and three smaller rectangles on the right that align with the right edge of the larger rectangle. The smaller rectangles are arranged vertically at equal intervals and decrease in size from top to bottom. This geometric design has a minimalist and modern aesthetic, using negative space effectively to create a sense of balance and hierarchy. The color contrast between the black shapes and the light background emphasizes the logo's simplicity and clean lines, representing EIFF.
The Frits logo features two horizontal blue rectangles with rounded corners, slightly offset to the right and stacked above a solid green circle. The uniform blue rectangles create balance, while the green circle brings a pop of complementary color and vibrancy to the design. With its clean, geometric look, the logo conveys a sense of organization and modernity, and would be well-complemented by a soft and neutral background.
The Q Square logo features a bold and stylized letter 'Q' with a chat bubble design, symbolizing communication. The primary squarish shape with rounded corners gives it a modern and friendly appearance. Its vibrant lime green color exudes energy and freshness. The clever use of negative space to form the tail of the 'Q' and integrate it into the square shape adds visual interest. A subtle background color that complements the design is recommended.
The SAQ logo is a simplistic design featuring a shape reminiscent of a squared computer monitor or electronic display device. Composed of thick, bold lines forming a boundary and a stand, the logo utilizes a single deep violet color, giving it a modern and sleek look. With a minimalistic design and no additional details or embellishments, it prioritizes a clean and straightforward aesthetic suitable for tech or media companies, suggesting strength and reliability.
The logo presented here by Ironclad consists of a stylized depiction of two letters "T" mirrored and connected to create a symmetrical and bold monogram. The letters have clean, sharp lines and are colored in a vibrant shade of teal, giving it a modern and high-tech appearance. There are no additional embellishments, which emphasizes the simplicity and sleekness of the design. The focus on geometry and symmetry adds to the overall contemporary feel of the logo.
The image features a bold, minimalist logo of Bestside Films that consists of the letter 'B' on the left side, with its right side extended into a series of horizontal lines that vary in length, creating a sense of motion or sound visualization. The design is monochromatic, using a stark black against a white background, giving it a modern and clean appearance. This type of design could suggest digital sophistication, music equalization, or technological themes. Its simplicity ensures versatility and ease of recognition.
The Kemitt logo features a bold, orange square background with a large white letter "K" at the center. The "K" is uniquely designed, with a straight vertical line on the left and two diagonal lines extending towards the top right and bottom right, resembling an abstract representation of the letter. The design is simple yet striking, with a modern, minimalist aesthetic that employs solid, flat colors. The contrast between the vibrant orange and the pure white creates a sharp visual impact.
The Mettle logo is a minimalist and modern design, with bold, black shapes against a clean white background. It features three vertical rectangles with rounded tops, aligned side by side with varying heights, creating a dynamic sense of rhythm and movement. The rectangles are centered inside a larger square with rounded corners, providing a solid frame. The shapes are evenly spaced and create a symmetrical balance. This logo uses strong geometric forms to convey simplicity and sophistication. Its sharp contrast in color gives it a versatile and timeless appearance.
The Betonbau logo is a modern and stylized image composed of red geometric shapes, creating a layered effect. Two prominent interconnected squares, with one inside the other, are featured. The outer square is larger and has a cut-out part on its bottom left that accommodates the inner square. The inner square is offset to the top right, touching the outer square at its upper and right edges. The use of bold red against a plain background gives the logo a striking and dynamic look, suggesting innovation and strength.
The Office Hours logo is a stylized, three-dimensional geometric design composed of two intersecting rectangular shapes. The main shape is a 3D rectangle with a thinner, vertical rectangle positioned at its center, creating a sense of depth. Rendered in a gradient of blue hues, ranging from light sky blue to royal blue, the design has clean lines and angular corners, giving it a sleek and modern look. The use of blue suggests trustworthiness and professionalism, making it suitable for a light and neutral background.
The Netgen logo is a simple, yet bold two-dimensional design consisting of two black shapes on a white background. It resembles the capital letter H with a modern twist, featuring symmetrical, standing rectangles connected by a short horizontal bar near the top. The sharp angles and solid color create a strong visual impact.
The image shows a stylized, modern logo consisting of a dark blue, geometric design. It features an abstract shape resembling a letter V or a checkmark within a rounded rectangle. The Vanguard Storage logo has a clean, sharp look with the positive space of the letter V contrasting against the negative space inside the rectangle. This creates an illusion of depth and perspective within a flat design. The simplicity of the design and the use of a single color give it a versatile and professional appearance.
The image showcases a bold, geometric logo consisting of black lines forming an abstract, layered "M" shape within a hexagon-like outline. The design exhibits a modern, minimalist style with sharp angles and a clear sense of symmetry. The use of negative space creates an intriguing optical illusion that draws the eye inward. The stark contrast between the black figure and the white background enhances Guerrilla Games' striking and professional appearance, making it very versatile and well-suited for various branding applications.
The image exhibits a bold, modern logo featuring a white stylized "R" centered within a vibrant red square. The "R" has a geometric design with right angles and a distinctive curve that creates a sense of movement and dynamism. The stark contrast between the white figure and the red background ensures high visibility and a striking appearance. The overall design aesthetic is minimalistic, yet powerful and easily recognizable, perfectly embodying the contemporary style of Ramayana. Taking into consideration the colors and the modern style of the logo, a neutral and soft background would complement it well.
The Lifeworks NW logo is a modern, abstract design featuring a solid red color. The design is composed of two shapes: a larger rectangle with a notch removed from its upper right side and a stylized heart shape that fits seamlessly into this notch. The heart appears to be partly overlaid on the rectangle, suggesting a sense of unity or partnership. The aesthetic is clean and minimalist, conveying a contemporary feel that could be associated with various industries, from technology to healthcare. The solid color and bold shapes ensure that the logo is easily recognizable and could stand out well against a neutral background.
The image showcases a bold and abstract Neufquatre Éditions logo, consisting of a stylized letter "N" with a dynamic, fluid shape. The design is minimalist and modern, using negative space effectively to create the impression of motion within the letter form. The logo is monochromatic, featuring a stark black against a clean white background. The simplicity of the design lends itself to versatility, while the curvature of the lines suggests creativity and innovation.
The image depicts the Einhell logo featuring a bold, uppercase 'E' within a square. The 'E' has a modern, geometric design with right-angle corners, giving it a digital or tech-inspired aesthetic. It is presented in a crisp, flat white color against a strong, vibrant red background. The square has softened edges which slightly rounds the overall shape, providing a feel of approachability. This contrast between the sharp letterform and the soft square creates a dynamic and eye-catching effect. The logo is simplistic, yet it conveys a sense of strength and clarity, likely indicative of a brand identity that values straightforwardness and efficiency.
The logo presented for Reeves is a stylized, geometric representation of a number or letter that resembles the numeral "1" or an uppercase "I." It is comprised of two shapes: a vertical rectangle and a smaller horizontal rectangle on the top, aligning to the left to create a clean right angle. The color is a solid, dark gray or black, giving it a bold and modern appearance. The simplicity and contrast of the design would work well against a minimalist or contemporary backdrop.
The logo presented is a simplistic and modern design consisting of a solid black rectangle that stands vertically. Centered within the rectangle is a white circle, creating a stark contrast and a focal point within the design. The clean lines and lack of additional embellishments give this logo a minimalistic feel, suggesting a brand identity that values clarity and directness. The solid shapes and restrained use of color imply a sense of sophistication and contemporary style.
The Ohaus logo is a stylized, abstract design resembling a dynamic letter or symbol. Two overlapping shapes create a sense of movement or rotation, and the bold, deep red color gives it a strong and energetic feel. The arrangement of the shapes forms a negative space in the center, adding visual interest to the design. Overall, the aesthetic is modern and clean, with a minimalistic approach that avoids unnecessary details or embellishments.
The Farmigo logo features a bold, modern design composed of geometric shapes forming a stylized letter, reminiscent of a monogram. The composition is primarily made up of rectangles and squares with clean lines and right angles, creating a sense of stability and structure. The color is a striking shade of orange, which conveys energy and creativity. The interlocking shapes suggest connectivity and integration. Given the vividness of the orange, a softer background would complement it well without competing for attention.
The logo for Education Development Trust showcases a stylized monogram of abstract lines, forming the illusion of a three-dimensional letter "E". The design incorporates a gradient effect with varying shades of blue, from light sky blue to moderate cyan. The lines are evenly spaced and have rounded ends, offering a modern and clean aesthetic. The flow and orientation of the lines imply movement or progress, with a tech or digital feel, suggestive of connectivity or data flow.
The logo features a bold, bright red rightward-pointing arrow with a modern, geometric design inside a square with rounded corners. The background of the square is a vibrant, saturated yellow, creating a striking contrast and high visibility. The arrow has a slightly stylized cut, giving it a dynamic and forward-moving appearance. The color palette is reminiscent of a traffic signal, suggesting movement and attention. Given the logo's color scheme, a neutral or cool-toned background would complement it without competing for attention.
The Hatcher logo in the image features a geometric, abstract design consisting of bold, straight lines that intersect to form a stylized, symmetrical monogram or emblem. The lines resemble a combination of vertical and diagonal strokes that may be interpreted as letterforms or an abstract pattern. The color of the logo is a vivid royal blue with a flat, solid finish, giving it a modern and clean aesthetic. The thickness of the lines is consistent, emphasizing the stability and balance of the design. This simplicity and bold color choice allows the Hatcher logo to stand out effectively against a light, neutral background.
The Telavox logo showcases a simple and modern design composed of two geometric shapes. The upper shape is a bright green, pill-like rectangle with rounded corners, conveying a sense of approachability and vibrancy. Below it sits a navy blue circle, offering a stark but harmonious contrast to the green. It's positioned centrally under the rectangle, exuding a sense of balance and stability. The logo's clean lines and uncluttered look give it a contemporary and versatile appearance, indicating it could belong to a variety of industries, from technology to healthcare.
The Landsvirkjun logo features two overlapping rectangular shapes. The one in the foreground is a vibrant blue, while the one behind it is a lighter, muted blue-gray. The design is simple, with clean lines and a modern feel, conveying a sense of professionalism and stability. The bright blue suggests energy and reliability, whereas the muted blue-gray adds sophistication. The overall aesthetic is minimalist and would be fitting for corporate or technological branding.
The logo in the image for Supra Desarrollos features a bold, red, stylized letter that combines smooth curves and sharp angles to create a modern and dynamic look. The letter appears to be an "S" with a distinctive cut-out that adds a unique negative space within the upper curve. The color of the logo is a strong and vivid red, which suggests energy and passion. Overall, the design aesthetic is both simple and impactful, resonating with a contemporary feel. The logo uses solid color without gradients or additional embellishments, giving it a clean and easily recognizable appearance.
The Club Wyndham logo features a stylized, white letter 'V' set within a square-shaped, blue background. The 'V' consists of three bold, overlapping elements that suggest movement or layers and converge at the bottom point, giving the logo a sharp focal area. Above the 'V', there is a small, symmetrical embellishment that resembles a simplified crown or a fleur-de-lis motif, adding a sense of prestige or excellence to the design. The white and blue color scheme conveys reliability and professionalism and the use of negative space creates a clean, modern aesthetic.
The logo for UrbanStems features a stylized graphic that resembles an open book or a building. It is composed of two main elements: the left side contains grid-like squares representing windows on a high-rise building, while the right side is a solid, flat shape signifying the book's cover or the building's silhouette. The overall logo is symmetrical along a vertical axis. The design uses a strong, dark navy blue that gives a sense of professionalism and reliability. The combination of these elements suggests a merger of knowledge and structure, possibly representing an organization related to education, architecture, or urban development. For a background that complements this logo while maintaining its professional aesthetic, a subtle and neutral color would be ideal.
The image depicts a minimalist, modern logo comprised of what appears to be a stylized letter "M," resembling a set of doors opening or a strong geometric pattern. The logo is bold, using solid black color for the letterform. The middle section of the "M" dips below the baseline, adding to its unique structure. It is symmetric and utilizes negative space within the letterform to create a distinct and clean aesthetic that can be versatile across various branding applications.
The Biogaran logo features a bold and modern design with two main elements interlocking. It consists of a deep blue square with a lighter blue, stylized letter 'b' on the right side that also suggests a number ‘5’ when combined with the negative space in the center. The use of gradients creates a 3D effect and adds depth to the design. The edges of the characters are sharply cut, which contributes to the sleek and contemporary aesthetic of the logo.
The Industri logo displays a minimalistic design featuring two vertical black rectangles of identical shape and size, separated by a gap. The clean lines and simplistic approach create a sense of balance and uniformity, giving the logo a contemporary and versatile aesthetic. With sharp corners and a solid fill, the rectangles stand out against a lighter background, presenting an abstract and professional appearance that can be representative of various industries or concepts such as architectural strength, equality, or a pause symbol.
The Sennheiser logo features a bold, abstract design consisting of a black square frame containing a dynamic white element that resembles a stylized, italic letter "N" or a twisted ribbon. The simplicity of the form, using only black and white, creates a striking contrast and a modern, minimalistic aesthetic that could easily be associated with a variety of brands or industries. The clean lines and sharp angles contribute to a sleek and professional look.
The image depicts the OGIO logo with a bold, geometric design consisting of a stylized letter "C" that appears to be created from a continuous band, forming a nearly closed loop. The primary shape suggests a rectangle with rounded corners, with the central part of the "C" protruding inward, creating symmetry and balance. The OGIO logo is monochromatic, entirely filled with a solid black color, presenting a stark contrast and a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Its simplicity and use of negative space give it a highly recognizable and versatile appearance, suitable for various branding applications.
The logo features a bold, minimalist design comprised of geometric shapes. It consists of a solid black rectangle on top with rounded corners, under which two black vertical rectangles stand side by side, also with rounded corners. The overall appearance resembles the letter "Pi" with a modern twist or a stylized power outlet. The design is sleek, contemporary, and exudes simplicity and strength. Considering the Tangem logo's stark black and simplicity, it would benefit from a contrastingly subtle background to enhance its visibility without overwhelming it.
The Marvell Technology logo is a bold, geometric design featuring white stylized letterforms on a vivid red background. This visually striking image is a combination of the letters 'M' and 'E', constructed with sharp angles and straight lines for a modern and dynamic feel. Horizontal lines on the lower segments of the 'E' enhance its readability. The overall design aesthetic is minimalist and contemporary, with a strong visual impact due to the contrast between the white and red. For a background color that complements this logo, a subtle pastel shade would be appropriate.
The Magister logo showcases a stylized building or temple icon in a deep blue shade. It presents a bold, symmetrical structure with a triangular roof on top of a rectangular base. The white vertical lines on the base resemble classic architectural columns, evoking influences from Greek or Roman styles. The contrast between the deep blue and the white creates a modern, clean, and professional appearance. The deep blue conveys stability and trustworthiness, while the white adds a touch of purity and clarity to the design.
The image displays a logo consisting of two distinct black geometric shapes on a white background. The top shape is an inverted triangle with sharp edges pointing downward, while the bottom shape is a right-side-up triangle with its sides extending outward into a "V" or chevron-like figure. This design is simplistic, utilizing negative space and symmetry to create a modern and abstract representation, perhaps signaling a sense of balance, direction, or movement. The aesthetically-minimalistic approach makes the Mustard logo versatile and adaptable.
The Eight Films logo features a black and white design composed of geometric shapes. Two large, overlapping circles dominate the logo, suggesting a sense of unity or connection. These circles are offset to the left and coupled with a rectangular shape on the right that could be interpreted as an abstract letterform or a simplistic representation of an object. The design is bold and minimalist, using contrast effectively to create an iconic and memorable visual. The use of negative space around the elements ensures the logo would stand out well on various backgrounds.
The logo for Chubb features a solid royal blue rectangle with a perfect white circle positioned in the center, creating a strong contrast between the two elements. The design is minimalistic and modern, emphasizing clarity and boldness. The white circle symbolically communicates openness or a focused central point, while the blue provides a feeling of professionalism and trustworthiness. Given the colors of the Chubb logo, a neutral yet contrasting background would complement it well.