Letter P Logo Examples

Find unique and creative letter P logo examples from real companies. Explore a diverse collection of professional designs to inspire your own logo creation.

The Peru logo presents a simple and modern design featuring concentric spiral lines in a bold red color. The spiral's end curls outward on the top-left side, creating a minimalist and clean aesthetic that conveys motion and fluidity. The use of negative space within and around the spiral adds visual interest and sophistication to the design, while the color provides a strong contrast against a light background and conveys a sense of energy and passion.
The Protest logo features a stylized, abstract graphic composed of simple geometric shapes. It consists of a circle that seems to have been sliced into four quarters, with one quarter dropped down, disrupting the perfect symmetry. The design uses a solid, dark blue color, giving it a professional and clean look. The aesthetic is modern and minimalist, emphasizing negative space and strong lines. This design's simplicity and bold color choice would work well on various platforms.
The Pusher logo features a stylized, geometric design comprising a series of parallel lines that create an abstract representation of a cube or an open book, depending on the viewer's interpretation. The design employs a deep purple shade that adds a sense of sophistication and modernity. Its use of negative space and perspective gives an illusion of depth and three-dimensionality. The logo has a clean, minimalistic look with sharp edges, making it versatile and scalable for various applications. The aesthetic is professional and would suit a technology company, a financial institution, or a creative agency.
The Pinot's Palette logo showcases an abstract design with intertwining organic and geometric shapes in deep blue (#003366), vibrant red (#CC3333), and soft orange (#FF6633). The central element resembles a blooming figure, suggesting growth and human-centric values. The round shapes convey a sense of community and inclusivity, while the sharp angles add a touch of modernity. The vibrant colors of the logo pop against a subtle and light background in #F8DED9.
The Pampili logo is a stylized letter "P" with a heart shape integrated into its spine. The design features smooth, organic curves, vibrant pink transitioning to a deeper purple at the edges, and a playful and approachable aesthetic.
The Pleco Ceramics logo features a stylized lowercase letter 'p' with a bold and fluid design. The main body of the 'p' resembles a loop, with a tail that flows downward and curls slightly to the right, ending in a rounded dot. The overall shape suggests movement and modernity. The color of the logo is a deep, teal-like green, which gives it a professional yet dynamic feel. The design aesthetic is minimalistic and contemporary, with the absence of any additional embellishment or text. Given the logo's color and style, a soft and neutral background that complements but doesn't overwhelm the logo would be ideal.
The Philharmonie des Enfants logo depicts an abstract, bold black shape against a transparent background. It features a continuous line forming a fluid, curvilinear form resembling the letter "P," with an internal spiral or loop near the top. Radiating lines from the upper right side suggest a sense of light. The design exudes simplicity and modernity with a hand-drawn, organic feel, and its monochrome color scheme gives it versatility, while asymmetry adds a dynamic and creative flair.
The Pitmans Law logo features a modern and minimalistic design, comprising of a large aqua-colored circle partially overlaid with a smaller, centered circle that graduates in color from burnt orange to a lighter, sun-kissed hue. Between these two circles, a sliver of white space mimics the circular shape, giving the impression of a crescent moon or a solar eclipse. The design is flat with no gradients or shadows, giving it a contemporary and clean appearance that communicates a sense of innovation and simplicity.
The Paletton logo showcases a sleek, minimalist design featuring a stylized palette shape often associated with art and painting. The off-centered circle within the palette symbolizes the traditional thumb hole for holding. This modern and simple design utilizes gray gradients to create a 3D effect, adding depth and curvature. The darker gray outlines the palette's shape, while the lighter gray fills the interior, creating a subtle shadow effect on the left side. This clean and contemporary logo would complement a soft, neutral background.
The Virginian-Pilot's logo boasts a monochrome palette with black stylized letterforms against a white background. It presents an elegant and fluid combination of characters reminiscent of script or calligraphic typography. The design incorporates intricate thick and thin strokes, elongated serifs, and sweeping curves that exude a sense of movement and harmony.
The ProcureTech logo features a stylized lowercase "p" consisting of bold, continuous lines with rounded corners. The design is minimalist and modern, with a focus on clean geometry and symmetry. The color of the symbol is a vibrant, leafy green, giving it an energetic and fresh appearance. No additional elements or embellishments are present, emphasizing the brand's straightforward and sleek aesthetic.
The Proyance logo is a bold, two-dimensional design featuring a stylized representation of letters, possibly an "R" and a "P" intertwined within a square border. The central figure is composed of strong, continuous lines that create a sense of movement and fluidity, with the loop of the "R" merging with the "P." The design is modern and simplistic, emphasizing clarity and impact. The color is a vivid red, which stands out and suggests energy, passion, or excitement. The use of negative space is clever, with the interior shapes of the letters contrasting against the red to create a striking visual effect.
The Prosper Finance logo features a modern and geometric design comprising two quarter-circle shapes that form a stylized letter 'D'. The right quarter-circle is a deep and vivid red (#FF0000), while the left one features a lighter pinkish hue (#FFC0CB), against a crisp white background. The logo's clean lines and bold colors give it a dynamic and contemporary feel, suitable for a brand looking to convey innovation and energy. Hexcode: #F8DED9
The Pooliestudios logo showcases a minimalist black hexagon with one extended side folded beneath, creating a three-dimensional effect. The modern, sleek aesthetic utilizes a monochromatic palette and geometric simplicity, with clean, sharp edges and lines promoting a professional and contemporary feel. The clever use of perspective and shadow creates the illusion of a cube viewed from an angle.
The Pollective logo features a simple, black, rectangular speech bubble with a rounded corner on the top left and a deep notch at the bottom right, creating a distinctive, stylized look. The bubble's shape is reminiscent of a chat icon, suggesting communication or dialogue. The solid black color gives it a bold and easily recognizable appearance, and it lacks any additional elements or text, which enhances its universal applicability.
The Pearl logo features a simplistic and modern design, composed of five circles arranged in a pattern reminiscent of the "number five" side of a dice. Four circles are filled in solid black, forming a square grid, while the fifth circle, located centrally below the grid, is outlined in a bold red with no fill, providing a striking contrast. The logo's use of negative space and the distinct red accent create an eye-catching focal point. The sparsity and balance of the design give it a clean, contemporary aesthetic, suitable for a variety of applications.
The logo for Primex features a stylized, three-dimensional letter "D" composed of geometric shapes including a triangle and parallelograms, giving the impression of a modern and dynamic design. It employs varying shades of purple, creating a gradient effect that adds depth and a sense of movement. The use of negative space within the shapes cleverly defines the letter and overall structure. The design has a clean, digital aesthetic, with sharp angles and smooth surfaces suggesting a high-tech or media-related industry presence. Its boldness and simplicity would stand out well on a minimalistic background.
The Patpat logo showcases a stylized circular shape with a cut-out that creates the appearance of a circular arrow or a loop. Its bold and solid aesthetic exudes a modern and dynamic look, accompanied by a vibrant red color that suggests energy and action. With a direct and clean visual effect, the logo emphasizes simplicity and recognizability.
The logo for Pobuca is a series of horizontal bars with rounded corners, resembling an abstract, stylized letter 'E'. The colors transition from light teal to mid-tone teal, followed by two shades of purple, and end with two shades of blue, creating a cool gradient effect. This arrangement gives the impression of dynamism and depth, conveying innovation and connectivity.
The Prestone Press logo showcases a modern and minimalist design, featuring a stylized letter "P." It consists of an outer bold orange line forming a smooth, curved perimeter resembling a capital "P," and an inner negative space triangle connecting back to the stem. The logo has a clean, geometric feel with contrasting curves and sharp angles. The vibrant orange color stands out well against a subdued background, conveying simplicity, energy, and a contemporary aesthetic.
The Paidy logo presents a stylized, abstract design, combining elements that suggest a heart shape and perhaps a lowercase letter 'n' or a play on the concept of connectivity or a circuit. The main color of the logo is a vibrant, bold pinkish-purple, providing a youthful and energetic feel. The aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, characterized by smooth curves, rounded edges, and a flow that creates a continuous line effect. One interesting feature is the negative space created within the logo, which adds depth and reinforces the figure-ground relationship in the design. It's a logo that would likely represent a brand focused on innovation, technology, health, or community.
The Peoplesafe logo is a minimalist design featuring a stylized orange square with a smaller white square inside it, aligned to the bottom right. In the center of the white square, there is a perfect orange circle. The logo utilizes a bright, flat color palette and reinforces a modern and simplistic design aesthetic. The use of geometric shapes and the alignment suggest a sense of order and balance.
The Pure Storage logo features a bold, abstract design consisting of a single, continuous line that forms an encapsulated hexagon-like shape. The interior space of the shape resembles an arrow pointing to the upper left, suggesting movement or direction. The vivid, flat orange color stands out with its simplicity and lack of shading or gradient. The geometric and modern design communicates a sense of innovation, efficiency, and fluidity. The strong lines and the closed loop of the design give it a stable and balanced feel.
The Pittsburgh Pirates logo features a stylized letter "P" with a bold and vibrant orange color. The letter has pointed edges on the upper and lower parts of its spine, with a prominent spur on the upper right giving it a dynamic flair. The counter (the enclosed space) of the "P" is generously open, which makes the letterform airy and easily recognizable.
The Peerspace logo features a stylized, geometric design with an abstract look. Composed of two shapes, a parallelogram and a divided right-angled triangle, they appear to form a segmented, arrow-like figure pointing towards the upper right. The color palette includes a vibrant pinkish-red and a muted sky blue, creating a stark contrast that adds to the logo's modern and dynamic feel. The overall aesthetic is clean and minimalist, suggesting a forward-thinking and innovative brand identity.
The PerkinElmer logo features a bold, blue "I" to the left, with a stylized right arrow to its right composed of two separate shapes: a triangular shape forming the arrowhead and a crescent-like shape creating the illusion of the arrow's fletching. The design is modern and minimalistic, utilizing a deep shade of blue that conveys reliability and professionalism. Its simplicity ensures it is easily recognizable and adaptable across various media.
The Pulsate logo features an abstract, organic shape resembling a speech bubble or thought bubble. It has a flat design with a two-tone color scheme, incorporating a deep, muted blue as the dominant color with a curved swoosh of a lighter, almost silver-grey tone at the bottom right that suggests a reflection or light source. The design is minimalist and modern, with a friendly and approachable feel, which could be suitable for a brand in the tech or communication sector. No text is included in the image provided.
The PeerSpot logo is a minimalist and modern design predominantly featuring a bright yellow color with a considerably large white space denoting a letter or symbol within. The logo is constructed with bold geometric shapes, specifically consisting of a stylized speech bubble. The dominant feature, a rectangle with an elongated, white, vertical line in the center, gives the impression of the letter "I" or a pause symbol, while the speech bubble shape suggests communication or dialogue. The yellow is vivid and captures attention, while the white provides a stark contrast that enhances visibility and reinforces the simplicity of the design.
The ProDECCOR logo features a bold, uppercase letter "D" with a modern, minimalist design. It has a distinct appearance with a thick, black vertical line on the left and a smoothly curved black shape on the right, resembling a semi-oval. The monochromatic color scheme adds to its sleek, contemporary feel.
The Plaenge logo includes a bold, black letter "G" with a modern, sleek, and contemporary feel. The "G" is constructed of two shapes; a rounded rectangle forms the main body while a smaller geometric shape represents the negative space, distinguishing the letter's arm from its loop. This construction gives the logo a solid, geometric appearance, emphasizing readability and simplicity.
The Perditex logo features a stylized circular motif forming an abstract representation of connectivity or a signal. It's composed of various blue arcs and a dot, converging into a design akin to a labyrinth or a radar. The design is modern and minimalistic, with the usage of negative space playing a central role in defining its structure. The monochromatic blue color scheme is simple yet bold, suggesting trustworthiness and professionalism. The abstract nature allows for multiple interpretations, which could include themes like communication, technology, and guidance.
Patreon's logo is a simple, abstract organic shape reminiscent of a fluid blob or incomplete teardrop, streamlined with curvaceous edges that give it a contemporary and dynamic look. Dominated by a deep black color, it stands out with its minimalist design, eschewing additional elements for a clean and versatile appearance.
The Papaya Play logo features an abstract organic shape with a smooth, curving contour that resembles a bean or a stylized map pin. It is predominantly a rich, medium shade of green that suggests health, growth, or ecological themes. At the center of the shape is a white cross with even arms, clearly indicating medical or healthcare-related symbolism. The simplicity of the design, with its clean lines and lack of additional embellishment, gives it a modern and professional feel. For background, a color that provides a subtle contrast while maintaining the health-conscious aesthetic would be appropriate.
The GoPlay logo is a bold and simple design consisting of a striking red letter "P". It features a modern sans-serif font with clean and smooth curvature, and the vertical line of the "P" extends below the baseline, giving it a unique and dynamic look. The minimalist design is versatile and contemporary, making it suitable for various branding contexts.
The Geneve Parking logo is a stylized letter "P" with a dynamic, modern look. It is comprised of bold geometric shapes, with a pronounced diagonal cut separating the spine and the circular body of the "P," which creates a sense of forward movement or progress. The two elements of the letter are connected by a tapering bridge giving an impression of depth and dimensionality. The logo uses a deep blue color that conveys professionalism and reliability. Considering the boldness of the Geneve Parking logo and its cool blue tone, a subtle and light background would complement it well without competing for attention.
The logo for Peoplebox showcases a stylized letter "P" created with bold, geometric lines, forming a continuous path. The design utilizes a deep blue color to exude professionalism and stability. The "P" is comprised of a square-like loop with a protruding straight line that doubles back on itself, evoking a sense of a loop or knot. With uniformly thick lines and right angles, the logo emanates a modern and clean aesthetic, allowing for versatile application across different mediums.
The Perfecto logo features a smooth, organic shape, reminiscent of a stylized leaf or a fluid droplet, with a dynamic swirl cutout in the center that suggests movement and transformation. It uses a gradient of green hues, ranging from a vibrant lime green to a softer, more muted yellow-green, which seamlessly blend into one another, giving a fresh and naturalistic vibe. The overall design aesthetic is modern, clean, and suggests eco-friendliness or growth.
The Paystack logo features a minimalistic design with five horizontal bars forming an abstract "E." The bars are arranged in decreasing lengths from top to bottom with uniform spacing between them, creating a clean and modern aesthetic. Rendered in a bold and vibrant shade of blue, the logo exudes trustworthiness and professionalism, and it is easily scalable for various uses.
The logo for Portify is a stylized letter constructed from geometric shapes with a modern and minimalist design aesthetic. It features a vibrant color palette with cyan, blue, magenta, and yellow, which are layered to create an effect of depth and dimension. The letterform is abstract, consisting of a curved cyan shape on the top right that partially overlaps a stacked arrangement of trapezoidal and triangular shapes in blue, magenta, and yellow. The overall feel of the logo is dynamic and contemporary, suitable for a brand looking to convey innovation and creativity.
The business's logo, "Paddle," showcases a bold, black letter "P" with a unique break on its vertical stroke, resembling an unfolding flag or directional arrow. A dynamic four-pointed star accent sits on the break, adding an eye-catching element. Positioned on a bright yellow square background, the design creates a stark and vibrant contrast, highlighting the modern, minimalistic, and memorable aesthetic with its effective use of flat colors and geometric shapes.
The logo for Phylum showcases a stylized spiral or swirl design in a gradient of blue to light blue. The design resembles an abstract bird or a "Q" letterform, with smooth and fluid lines that suggest motion or natural organic form. The aesthetic is clean, modern, and possibly communicates themes of growth, evolution, or agility.
The image shows a stylized letter "P," designed with geometric precision and a bold teal color gradient. The negative space forms an upward arrow, suggesting progress or direction. The edges are sharp, giving it a professional and contemporary look.
The Pelasgaea logo features a stylized, abstract design composed of concentric, rounded geometric shapes that create a sense of movement and depth. It resembles a series of undulating waves within a shield-like outline, suggesting protection or stability. The black shapes are evenly spaced and increase in size towards the outside, enhancing the visual impact of the design. The overall aesthetic is clean and modern, with a monochromatic color scheme that provides bold contrast and should stand out well against a range of background colors. Given the design elements of the Pelasgaea logo, a background that complements its modern and sleek look while providing a soft contrast would be ideal.
The logo for Pitchroom features a stylized speech bubble merged with a play button. The main shape resembles a teardrop or rounded comma, symbolizing the speech bubble, while a right-facing triangle within it represents the play icon. The speech bubble conveys communication or social media, while the play button typically signifies media, video content, or action. The design is a flat, medium teal green, evoking a modern and digital vibe that implies technology or media-focused branding. Its simplicity makes it versatile and easily recognizable.
The logo in the image is a stylized, abstract representation of the letter 'P' for Prospiti. It is composed of bold, black lines and angles that create a sense of forward movement and dynamism. The design is minimalist and modern, with sharp edges and a sleek silhouette that conveys strength and innovation. The overall aesthetic is professional and would be well-suited for a tech company or a brand wanting to project efficiency and cutting-edge prowess.
The image showcases the JustPark logo comprising a single, stylized letter in a vivid green. The character is fluid and organic, resembling a lower-case 'p' with a soft tail that loops back under its rounded body. There's a slight cut or negative space at the tip of the tail, giving an impression of a leaf or speech bubble. Its design is modern and minimalistic, devoid of any additional embellishment, making it clean and easily recognizable. The smooth curvature and green color suggest themes of growth, renewal, or eco-friendliness.
The logo presented for Photopea is a simplistic and modern design consisting of a single white spiral shape set against a flat teal square background. The spiral starts from the border near the lower-left corner and curves inward towards the center of the square, resembling a stylized letter "P" or a nautilus shell. The white spiral on the teal creates a striking contrast, making the logo memorable and visually impactful. Overall, the design is clean with a balance between organic curves and geometric form.
The Photoshop Blog logo is a minimalist design featuring a stylized letter P in a solid blue color with a gradient for depth. The letter is shaped into a speech bubble, symbolizing communication, with a circular void in the upper right quadrant. This modern and clean design is easily recognizable.
The Pierry logo is a stylized, geometric design with a modern aesthetic. The bold, royal blue color with a matte finish is reminiscent of a capital letter "P" with a distinct, square-like negative space in the center, creating a play on positive and negative space. The logo's pointed shape adds to its dynamic and forward-moving feel, while its sharp edges and straight lines contribute to its clean and professional appearance.
The image displays a minimalist and modern logo consisting of a series of red lines forming a circular shape, which suggests motion or a spinning effect. The lines have varying thicknesses, creating a dynamic and three-dimensional appearance. The color is a bold red, which pops out and grabs attention. The clean lines and the absence of additional embellishments give the Promoser logo a sleek and contemporary feel, and the spacing between the lines helps to maintain a balanced and harmonious design. Given the vibrancy of the red color, a neutral yet warm background would complement the logo nicely.
The logo for Protean showcases a stylized letter "P" with a modern, bold aesthetic. The prominent dark blue color is complemented by a striking white lightning bolt shape, creating a dynamic contrast. The solid, geometric font exudes stability and strength, while the lightning bolt adds a sense of power and speed, resulting in a memorable and impactful design for branding.