Letter Y Logo Examples

Find a variety of letter Y logo examples from real companies. Get inspired for your own logo design with these creative and professional Y logo designs.

The Loyal logo depicts a stylized, dark green "Y" with a soft curvature extending into broad arms from a narrow base, giving it a dynamic and organic appearance. The arms of the "Y" thicken as they curve outward, suggesting growth or expansion. The color of the logo is a deep and professional shade of green, which often represents growth, renewal, and vitality. The overall design is minimalistic and modern, with no additional embellishments, making it versatile and easily recognizable. Considering the color and design of the Loyal logo, a contrasting light background that complements the green without overwhelming it would be most suitable.
The image displays a stylized, geometric logo composed of two distinct shapes forming a letter 'Y' for the business Yazbek. The left arm of the 'Y' is a deep blue color with a vertical orientation, while the right arm extends out diagonally in a bold red color. The shapes converge seamlessly to form the clean, angular letter, suggesting a merge of two entities or a dynamic directional movement. The overall design is minimalist and modern, with a strong contrast between the blue and red elements, and no additional embellishments. This crisp design conveys a sense of innovation and professionalism.
The Yeşilova Holding logo is a stylized, abstract design featuring two dark green parallelograms or chevron-like shapes that give a sense of forward movement. Aligned to form a sharp, acute angle, they can be interpreted as a stylized letter "N" or "Z." The modern, sleek look with clean lines and sharp angles conveys a sense of dynamism and professionalism. The deep green color suggests stability, growth, or a connection to nature.
The YOLii logo showcases a stylized, geometric design resembling a cube or three-dimensional box. Its modern and minimalistic look utilizes black and white to create stark contrasts. The uppermost face of the cube is tilted towards the viewer while the sides flair out, creating a sense of depth and perspective. Negative space around the cube's lines enhances its three-dimensional illusion, forming a design that evokes professionalism and precision.
The image shows a logo featuring a stylized letter 'Y' with a unique cut that gives it the illusion of a negative space at the center, forming two opposing shapes mirroring each other. The Yaourti logo has a modern and minimalistic design with a soft peach color palette. The shapes are geometric, symmetrical, and bold, conveying a sense of balance and professionalism. Given the color scheme of the Yaourti logo, a background that complements its warmth without overpowering it would be suitable.
The YouHodler logo prominently showcases a stylized, geometric representation of a cube with a cut-out that forms the shape of a letter "Y" or a pitchfork-like figure. The use of varying shades of blue, with darker tones on the edges gives a sense of depth and a three-dimensional effect, while gradient transitions between the blues add to the dynamic and modern feel of the logo. Its minimalist design, coupled with an intricate play of light and shadow, gives it a sleek, tech-savvy aesthetic.
The YOU FM logo features an angular, black stylized depiction that combines a speech bubble and a heart shape. The geometric design suggests a chat icon with a distinctive heart formed in the negative space, conveying modern and minimalistic aesthetics associated with love, communication, and digital interaction. The logo creatively utilizes negative space and fuses two recognizable symbols.
The True Yoga logo showcases a stylized, symmetrical design that evokes an abstract floral or bloom-like impression. Comprising three distinct purple shapes with white spaces between them, it conveys a sense of growth or opening petals. The rich, deep purple color exudes luxury and creativity, while the central shape features a smaller, arrow-like figure pointing upwards, suggesting progress or ascent. With a modern, clean aesthetic and a versatile, easily recognizable simplicity, this logo embodies the essence of True Yoga.
The Yabbly logo features a stylized, white, uppercase letter 'Y' with branched arms that split into two arrows pointing diagonally upwards. The shape suggests both a tree and a road forking into two paths, symbolizing choice, growth, or direction. This icon is enclosed within a rounded square with a gradient that flows from a lighter orange at the top to a darker shade at the bottom, creating a sense of depth and visual interest. The color transition accentuates the raised effect of the white 'Y'. This design exudes a sense of energy, forward movement, and decision-making. Considering the colors and the aesthetic of the Yabbly logo, a background color that complements its vibrancy without overshadowing the gradient effect would be ideal.
The Younium logo features three stylized geometric shapes resembling shards or crystals. The left icon is a bright coral red, the central one is a mustard yellow, and the right one is a teal. These shapes create a circular flow suggesting unity or a dynamic process. The overall aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, using flat colors and simple forms without gradients or shading, and all components have sharp angles and flat surfaces, giving the logo an edgy, contemporary feel. It is a versatile design that could represent a variety of modern, energetic, and forward-thinking brands. The hexcode for the coral red color is #F7DED6.
The Yatirim Finansman logo depicts a stylized, abstract design that looks like a combination of geometric shapes creating an optical illusion. The shape recalls a three-dimensional cube or box, with elements appearing to interlock. The logo uses two tones of a dark blue palette that give it depth and contrast. The design is modern, clean, and appears dynamic due to its contrasting planes that suggest movement or rotation. It would stand out crisply against a light background that doesn't compete with its color intensity.
The York College logo showcases a stylized shield shape with a bold, modern aesthetic. The prominent letter "Y" within the shield features distinctive design elements, such as flat edges on the arms and a seamless merge with the shield's lower boundary. The vibrant green color conveys a sense of growth, renewal, or environmental focus. The logo effectively utilizes negative space, with the shield's background shaping the letter "Y." Its crisp lines and geometric symmetry symbolize a balance of tradition and innovation.
The Yavido logo is a modern and minimalist design, featuring a stylized, abstract mark consisting of two shapes forming a dynamic "Y" silhouette. The bold, black lines exude simplicity and strength, with a longer vertical form gently curving at the bottom and a shorter, angled form creating a sense of balance. This sleek and professional emblem captures the essence of the brand.