Letter H Logo Examples

Explore a variety of creative letter H logo examples from real companies. Find inspiration for your brand's identity with our diverse collection of letter H logos.

The image depicts a bold, minimalist logo consisting of a stylized letter "H" made from thick black lines. The letter features right angles and straight lines, creating a geometric and symmetrical design. The aesthetic is modern and strong, with a sense of stability and balance conveyed by the equal weight of the lines and consistent negative space within the letter's form. The simplicity of the Hachette Livre logo ensures versatility and easy recognition.
The Highline logo features a stylized hexagonal shape with one of its sides open, creating a sense of three-dimensionality. Inside the hexagon is the letter 'H', designed with bold, sans-serif typography that merges seamlessly with the geometric lines of the hexagon. The logomark is monochromatic, employing a stark black color against a plain background, giving it a modern and minimalist appearance. The open side of the hexagon suggests openness or forward-thinking, and the solidity of the 'H' represents strength or stability.
The Harvest Cornwall logo is an abstract, stylized design resembling a dynamic, forward-leaning letter 'A' with a smooth, flowing shape. It features two overlapping elements, adding depth, in a vibrant, lime green with gradient effects. The modern, sleek aesthetic conveys motion and progressiveness, with soft curves and a pointed apex giving it agility and sharpness.
The Hamilton Watch logo showcases a stylized star with a modern, geometric design. The star features four elongated, sharp points arranged horizontally, evoking a sense of movement or speed. Reminiscent of a compass or a cross, the star conveys directionality and guidance. Presented in a solid, bold black color against a potential pale background, the logo boasts a strong visual impact. Its clean and contemporary aesthetic is accentuated by the simplicity and symmetry of the design.
The Harmonic Discovery logo features a symmetrical, abstract design with a central, horizontal, elongated, curved shape that creates an hourglass or bow-like appearance. Thin, uniform, black lines radiate from the central shape, resembling the spread wings of a butterfly or eye lashes. The consistent thickness and stark black against a plain white background give the logo a clean, modern, and sophisticated look.
The Houzz logo is a simplified, stylized green shape representing a structure, possibly a house or building. The structure has a sharp angle on the left side that could symbolize a roof or an abstract letterform. The color is a solid, vibrant green with no gradients or shading, giving it a modern and simplistic appeal. The design is minimalistic, with clean lines and no additional embellishments, suggesting a focus on eco-friendliness or sustainability based on the choice of color and the emblematic shape of the structure.
The Hunt Club logo showcases a bold, sans-serif lowercase letter "h" in dark green for strong contrast. Its minimalist and modern design with clean lines and no embellishments gives it a contemporary and versatile appeal, allowing for easy scalability and recognizability even at smaller sizes.
The HumanEdge logo features a series of dark blue, circular dots arranged in a pattern suggesting both structure and movement. The circles vary in size and are connected by short bars, creating an abstract figure resembling a stylized letter 'K' or a person in motion. The use of negative space between the elements provides a clean, modern aesthetic, while the singular color scheme emphasizes simplicity and sophistication. The logo is bold yet minimalistic, conveying a sense of innovation and connectivity.
The Handi Medical Supply logo features a stylized, modern design consisting of abstract shapes forming a motif that may suggest connectivity or linkage. It has a symmetrical layout with two sets of parallel, horizontal lines on each side. These lines are connected by two central, interlocking parts resembling a puzzle piece or a chain link, creating a sense of cohesion and unity. The color of the logo is a soft, muted teal, giving it a professional and sleek appearance. The smooth curves and clean lines convey a contemporary feel.
The Hapticmedia logo consists of an abstract, geometric design resembling an arrow or a fast-forward symbol, pointing towards the right. The design features two parallelograms with a shared border, conveying a sense of movement or progression. The logo utilizes a bold, black outline with a clean, minimalist aesthetic, resulting in a modern and versatile look suitable for various mediums. Its distinctive design is likely intended for high recognition value.
The Haliburton School of Art and Design logo showcases a vibrant red, bold, and stylized letter 'H' with a geometric design. It is minimalistic, modern, and easily scalable, communicating a contemporary brand identity that values clarity and impact.
The logo appears to be an abstract design composed of geometric shapes forming a stylized letter "N" for Hakuto. It features two right-angled triangles sharing a common base, arranged in such a way that they create an upward and angular motion, resembling peaks or an arrow pointing upwards. The color of the logo is a bold red, which gives it a strong and energetic presence. The design is modern, minimalistic, and clean, with no additional embellishments or text, drawing the focus to the shape and color of the symbol.
The logo for Heidelberg Materials features a modern and simplistic design with bold, geometric shapes. It consists of a dark green stylized letter 'D' that appears to wrap around a lighter green oval shape, giving an impression of depth and dimensionality. The use of two different shades of green creates a strong contrast, while the smooth curves of the design add a sense of fluidity and elegance. The overall aesthetic is clean, professional, and suggests growth or eco-friendliness.
The Humble Coffee logo is a minimalistic design consisting of a symmetrical emblem that resembles a stylized letter "H," with aspirations of duality and connectivity within its presentation. The central graphical element features two bold, rounded shapes merging or interlocking in the center, creating the illusion of a seamless bond. The logo uses a flat, monochromatic color scheme with a dark charcoal or black tone that emphasizes its modern and sleek appearance. This simple yet effective design allows for versatile use across various mediums while maintaining a distinct identity.
The image shows a modern and minimalist logo consisting of geometric shapes that create a stylized letter 'H' for Hazelcast. It features a large dark navy rectangle on the left, which is aligned with two squares on the upper right and a smaller rectangle on the lower right, all colored in a bright, medium blue. The design is simple yet bold, utilizing solid blocks of color and negative space to create a distinctive and easily recognizable mark. The overall aesthetic is professional and would be suitable for a corporate brand or technology company.
The Huntington logo is a stylized, abstract design featuring a combination of vertical and diagonal lines forming what appears to be a monogram or symbol within a hexagonal shape. The primary color of the design is a vibrant shade of green, which conveys a sense of growth, freshness, or eco-friendliness. The lines within the hexagon are evenly spaced and create a dynamic sense of movement, while also invoking a sense of stability due to the geometric precision. The overall aesthetic is modern, clean, and would likely appeal to a contemporary audience looking for a sleek and straightforward brand identity.
The Storehouse logo features a stylized representation of a structure with a cross at the top, reminiscent of a church. Comprised of minimalist geometric shapes, it includes a central rectangle serving as the doorway, flanked by two taller rectangles resembling towers with pitched roof-like extensions at the top, and a square base supporting the cross. The bold purple color adds a balance of tradition and modernity to the contemporary aesthetic.
The logo presented for Hazel is a modern, abstract design comprising two mirrored elements that resemble stylized droplets or commas, creating a dynamic sense of motion and symmetry. The color of the logo is a solid, warm terracotta or rusty red, which conveys a sense of earthiness and vitality. The shapes are smooth and organic with gently curving lines and rounded terminations that convey a friendly and approachable aesthetic. The overall design is minimalistic and could symbolize connectivity, unity, or an abstract representation of natural elements.
The logo for Hunters SOC features a stylized letter "H" created with thick black lines forming two vertical bars and a connecting horizontal crossbar. Additionally, a pink rectangle intersects the left vertical bar, adding a modern and minimalist flair. The high-contrast black and pink colors combine to give the design a bold and contemporary aesthetic. Given the colors used in the logo, a background that offers a subtle contrast while complementing the pink accent would be advisable.
The Horizon Restaurant logo showcases a symmetrical design with a fusion of letters forming an 'H' and 'I' in a unified symbol. The central 'I' acts as the pivotal point of the 'H'. The logo features a deep blue color symbolizing professionalism and trustworthiness. A stylized emblem resembling a sun or flower, with pointed edges on the crossbar of the 'H', is highlighted in a gold or mustard tone, hinting at excellence and premium quality. The design is sleek and modern, utilizing solid colors without gradients or texture, ensuring adaptability and legibility across diverse media.
The Hasibat logo showcases a symmetrical, geometric design with four navy blue right-angled, L-shaped elements converging towards the center, complemented by a muted beige central square. The minimalist and modern aesthetic, featuring clean lines and block colors, conveys stability and professionalism, while the strategic use of negative space accentuates the organized, grid-like pattern.
The Hasibat logo showcases a symmetrical, geometric design with four navy blue right-angled, L-shaped elements converging towards the center, complemented by a muted beige central square. The minimalist and modern aesthetic, featuring clean lines and block colors, conveys stability and professionalism, while the strategic use of negative space accentuates the organized, grid-like pattern.
The logo in the image for Hudson's Bay Oil and Gas Company presents a striking and minimalist design, consisting of a bold, red-colored letter 'H' which is stylized with a split design giving it a modern and abstract appearance. The right side of the 'H' curves outward smoothly, creating the impression of a droplet or a natural, organic shape. This fluid curvature provides a stark contrast to the clean, straight lines that form the rest of the character. The use of a bright red hue makes the logo pop and suggests a sense of energy, passion, or urgency. The overall aesthetic of the logo is clean, simple, and easily scalable for various uses.
The Hong Kong Housing Society's logo is a bold, white capital letter "H" centered within a vibrant red circle. The "H" is constructed of three solid rectangular bars with sharp edges, and the middle bar is slightly shorter than the outer ones, giving a sense of symmetry and balance. The overall design aesthetic is modern and minimalist, utilizing strong contrast between the white figure and the red ground to create a striking visual impact. The logo conveys a sense of strength, stability, and simplicity.
The Haller logo features two symmetrical arrows in a bold, geometric design, one pointing upwards and the other directly below it pointing downwards. Both arrows are identical in shape and size, with a solid, warm shade of orange, standing out for its vibrancy and simplicity. The minimalist design, with no additional embellishments or text, gives it a modern and clean aesthetic suitable for a variety of applications. The arrows are contained within a square boundary implied by the even spacing around the elements.
The Harmon logo is a minimalist, modern design featuring two interlocking shapes: a square on the left and a stylized letter 'N' on the right. Both shapes share a soft curve where they meet, creating a sense of unity and fluidity. The logo employs a monochromatic color scheme with different shades of muted blue or gray, giving it a professional and sleek look. The clean lines and the absence of additional embellishments or text suggest a focus on modernity and simplicity in the brand's identity.
The Helder Design logo features a pair of contemporary, minimalist, and bold yellow overlapping shapes, resembling stylized letter "M"s. The simplicity of the design allows for versatile application, while the overlapping area suggests connection and unity.
The Heco Chain logo features a stylized representation of two interacting shapes, resembling puzzle pieces. The design includes two bold, curving forms with rounded edges, mirroring each other for a sleek and modern appearance. The rich, deep green color signifies professionalism and growth, while the white lines create a crisp contrast and a three-dimensional illusion. This logo has a clean, contemporary feel suitable for technology, environmental fields, or innovative services.
The Haven Inc logo is a minimalist and abstract design featuring three nested squares with varying line weights, creating a sense of depth and hierarchy within the shapes. The squares are placed at slightly different angles, with the smallest square at the center turned on its axis to align its corners with the midpoints of the larger square. The stark black on a plain white background offers a strong contrast, accentuating the modern and sophisticated aesthetic of the design.
The Houston Ballet logo depicts two stylized circular forms, reminiscent of abstract suns or flowers, with radial lines spreading outward from the centers. Each circle contains a solid block shape that cuts through the lines, creating a negative space effect. The design uses a monochromatic scheme with a dark gray or black color that provides a strong contrast, giving it a sleek, modern feel. The use of geometric symmetry and negative space creates a visually intriguing image that is both minimalistic and sophisticated.
The Hero logo features an abstract design with a modern and minimalistic aesthetic. It consists of three geometric shapes: a solid red rectangle on the left, and two black right-angled triangles on the right, positioned to suggest movement or transformation. The color contrast between the red and black is striking, giving the Hero logo a bold and dynamic feel. The clean lines and absence of additional embellishment lend the design a sleek and contemporary look that would work well in a tech or innovative business sector.
The Houlihan Lokey logo features a central monogram composed of a light beige 'H' surrounded by a darker beige border, creating an elegant contrast. The 'H' has a geometric design with a diamond shape cut out from its crossbar, which intersects with the vertical strokes, adding a modern touch. The monogram is encased within a black circle, giving it a clean and bold appearance. The overall design aesthetic is minimalist and sophisticated, with a subtle, luxurious feel. Considering the neutral tones and the boldness of the black, a light and soft background would complement it well without competing for attention.
The logo in the image is the iconic symbol of Hashicorp. It features a stylized letter "H" constructed from six interlocking lines, creating a bold and modern hexagon-like shape with the illusion of three-dimensional depth. The design is monochromatic, featuring a stark black color against a plain white background. The letter "H" is centrally placed and utilizes negative space effectively to separate the vertical columns while connecting them through the horizontal middle part that seems to float. Its angular geometry conveys a sense of strength and structure, while its simplicity gives it a clean and contemporary feel.
This logo for City of Hartselle features a modern, abstract representation of the letters 'H' and 'N' merged together. Bold, red vertical bars form the letters, connected and angled to suggest the letter forms, with clever use of negative space. The design is minimalist and contemporary, with a strong emphasis on geometry and symmetry. The red color suggests energy and passion, while the simplicity of the design implies sophistication and professionalism. A complementary background color might be a light, neutral shade that doesn't compete with the boldness of the red.
The Hacken logo features a stylized, geometric design with bold, black interlocking shapes against a solid teal background. The central shape resembles an abstract letter "H" composed of perpendicular lines and additional vertical lines extending from the top and bottom, giving it a symmetric, maze-like appearance. The overall design aesthetic is modern, minimalist, and easily scalable for various uses. Considering the teal color of the logo's background, a neutral and light backdrop would complement it well.
The Hyundai logo features a stylized oval shape in a deep blue color. Within the oval, there is an abstract design that resembles a dynamic letter 'H' or swirls cutting through the oval, with the negative space creating the impression of movement or speed. The shapes within the oval have rounded edges, contributing to a modern and streamlined aesthetic. This logo has a simple yet bold appearance, making it versatile for various applications. The blue color is vivid and professional, suggesting trust and reliability.
The Hastings Nutrition logo features interconnected geometric shapes forming a sleek, modern and symmetrical mark. The design, resembling a stylized letter or symbol, is crafted from sharp lines and angles. Utilizing a gradient of aqua or teal shades, it exudes depth and dimension. With thick, consistent lines, the logo exudes a strong and stable presence. Despite its clean and minimalist appearance, the complex structure suggests connectivity or networking. Its boldness allows it to stand out against a simple, light background.
The Hatcher logo in the image features a geometric, abstract design consisting of bold, straight lines that intersect to form a stylized, symmetrical monogram or emblem. The lines resemble a combination of vertical and diagonal strokes that may be interpreted as letterforms or an abstract pattern. The color of the logo is a vivid royal blue with a flat, solid finish, giving it a modern and clean aesthetic. The thickness of the lines is consistent, emphasizing the stability and balance of the design. This simplicity and bold color choice allows the Hatcher logo to stand out effectively against a light, neutral background.
The Helpfeel logo features a pair of abstract shapes in close proximity, conveying a sense of connection or interaction. The shapes have smooth and rounded contours, with the left one featuring a gradient that flows from a warm orange at the top to a soft yellow at the bottom. The right shape displays a similar gradient transitioning from a sky blue at the top to a deeper blue at the bottom. Where the two shapes nearly touch, there are opposing white notches that create a visual bridge or link between them. The overall design exudes a modern and friendly atmosphere, with its use of gradients and curves suggesting innovation and continuity. The aesthetic is minimalistic, with a focus on color and form rather than intricate details.
The Hartford Promise logo features a stylized letter 'H' designed with a 3D effect, giving it a dynamic look. The letter is bold and upright, composed of two vertical bars connected in the middle, with the left bar having nine steps that resemble a staircase leading up to the top. This staircase effect adds a sense of progress or ascension. The color scheme is a dual-tone of vibrant green shades, with the left part in a darker green, adding depth, and the right part in a lighter green that appears to be illuminated from the top right, creating a sense of light and shadow. The overall aesthetic is modern, clean, and suggests growth or building. Considering the bold and green nature of the Hartford Promise logo, a subtle yet contrasting background color would complement it well.
The Hapag Lloyd logo features a stylized geometric design that represents an arrow or a fast-moving object. It consists of blue shapes with sharp angles and white spaces that create a sense of direction and motion. The design aesthetic is modern and dynamic, relying on bold contrasts and simplicity to convey its message. It appears to be abstract, with potential interpretations varying from directional cues to technological or automotive themes.
The Huebsch logo features a stylized, abstract design that appears to be a combination of the letters H and A intertwined. The design is composed of smooth, flowing lines that create a dynamic and seamless shape. The color of the logo is a vibrant shade of green, which suggests growth, natural origins, or perhaps sustainability. The overall aesthetic is modern and clean, with a sense of motion implied by the curves that join together to form the symbol.
The Running Heroes logo features a white hash symbol (#) centered on a vibrant orange circular background. The irregular, brushstroke-like edges of the hash symbol give the design an organic and handcrafted feel, while the bright orange hue of the circle adds an energetic and eye-catching backdrop. The use of negative space within the hash symbol adds depth and dimension to this modern, accessible logo with an artistic touch.
The Hackney Council logo showcases a bold, symmetrical, uppercase letter "H" in a deep, forest green color. The design is minimalist and modern with clean lines. The horizontal bar meets the vertical stems of the "H" in a distinctive way, connecting in the middle with slight notches or cutouts on the sides, giving the impression of forward movement or linkage. The thick lines suggest strength and stability. The simplicity of the design allows for versatile usage across various media.
The Haydon Corporation logo showcases a bold, stylized monogram within a hexagon shape. The interlocking letters are modern and angular, exuding innovation and efficiency. The strong, vivid shade of blue embodies professionalism and trustworthiness. The encapsulating hexagon adds depth and structure, suggesting stability and resilience. The use of negative space within the letters creates a dynamic and memorable visual.
The Hublot logo is constructed of bold, black lines with a distinctly modern and minimalist design. It consists of two joined vertical bars that extend into a single horizontal curve toward the right, creating a stylized monogram or abstract representation of letters. This simple yet impactful visual forms an easily recognizable mark with a professional and sleek appearance. The contrasting use of black against a potential light background would emphasize its striking geometry and symmetry.