Pink Logo Examples

Find striking pink logo examples from real companies on our site. Explore diverse pink logo designs for your inspiration.

The Qmedics logo showcases a stylized letter Q in a 3D ribbon-like form with smooth, flowing curves. It incorporates warm red and pink tones transitioning to cooler purples and blues on the interior, creating a vibrant and energetic look. The modern, playful design uses gradients to convey depth and movement, evoking an aesthetic of creativity and dynamism.
The logo in the image displays a symmetrical design resembling an abstract butterfly or a pair of wings. It consists of multiple leaf-like shapes radiating from the center, creating a harmonious pattern. Vibrant colors such as pink, orange, yellow, green, light blue, and teal are used, outlined with a thin black border that enhances their individuality. The overall design aesthetic is lively and organic, suggesting a sense of growth or transformation. The black background makes the colors pop, giving the logo a bold and energetic appearance.
The Banijay Group logo consists of a stylized letter "B" formed by two solid pink shapes. The upper half is a rectangular block with a flat top and a curved bottom, while the lower half is a mirror image of the upper, with a curved top and a flat bottom. The two halves are perfectly centered, creating a symmetrical design. The use of rich and vibrant pink color gives the logo a modern and energetic feel. It relies on bold simplicity and dynamic use of negative space and would complement a subtle and light background well.
The Matterport logo presents a stylized letter 'M' with a three-dimensional effect, consisting of various shades of pink and red. It features sharp angles and clean lines that give it a modern and geometric appearance. The clever use of gradient and shadowing creates an illusion of depth, making the 'M' appear to stand upright. The overall design aesthetic is contemporary and sleek, suitable for a brand aiming to convey innovation and sophistication.
The Key Retirement logo features a stylized, abstract representation of a cross or plus sign, crafted from two elements. The left element is a warm, vivid orange, while the right element is a slightly cooler, deep pink shade. The design has a modern and dynamic look with a slight curvature, creating the impression of motion or fluidity. The overall aesthetic is minimalist yet bold, and the contrast between the two colors adds to its striking appearance. The image is clean, with no additional embellishment, adding to its contemporary vibe.
The Bandist logo depicts a modern and abstract interpretation of a lowercase letter 'b'. It features a bold and flowing red shape resembling a 'b', alongside a smaller, soft pink element that adds depth and contrast to the design. The angular cut in the red form instills a sense of precision and forward-thinking aesthetic. The vibrant color palette exudes energy and attention-grabbing qualities.
The Pampili logo is a stylized letter "P" with a heart shape integrated into its spine. The design features smooth, organic curves, vibrant pink transitioning to a deeper purple at the edges, and a playful and approachable aesthetic.
The Monday logo boasts a minimalist design with three simple geometric shapes, exuding a modern and playful aesthetic. It showcases two oblong shapes, one vibrant pink and the other bright yellow, slightly slanted and positioned in parallel, hinting at forward motion or connectivity. A small, solid green circle sits below them to the right, providing a visual anchor and adding a touch of contrast. The clean lines and bold, primary colors infuse the logo with a sense of approachability and energy.
The Wiserr Travel logo is a contemporary, fluid design that incorporates a stylized, continuous line forming a lowercase "w". It showcases a gradient that seamlessly transitions from a deep violet to a magenta-pink, culminating in a vibrant golden-yellow, evoking dynamism and innovation. The consistent thickness of the line and its rounded ends lend a friendly and approachable feel to the logo. Additionally, the line's curvature forms a loop at the top center, adding a unique element to the design.
The Dispapeles logo features a stylized letter composed of geometric shapes with a bold and modern aesthetic. It consists of an upright, rectangle-like shape with a cutout on the bottom right that curves inward, and a curved shape resembling a backwards "C" that nestles against the cutout, creating a continuous and flowing design. The entire logo is rendered in a vibrant, solid pink color, giving it a fresh and energetic look. The shapes are devoid of any additional detailing, contributing to a clean and uncluttered visual impact. To complement this logo, a soft and neutral background would be ideal.
The WampServer logo features a stylized lower-case 'w' with distinctive cutouts in both the upper and lower sections, creating a unique negative space. The 'w' is framed within a continuous outline, resembling an abstract geometric form, potentially a rounded square or a simplified racetrack shape. The color of the 'w' and its framing is a vibrant, hot pink, commanding attention with its modern and approachable character. The simplicity of the design mixed with the punchy color choice lends the logo a youthful and energetic feel.
The Xinja logo is showcased in a bold, magenta-toned pink color with a modern and dynamic design. It consists of an abstract mark formed by a combination of geometric shapes: an elongated, rounded rectangle, diagonally bisected, paired with two droplet-like shapes that create a sense of motion or transformation. The overall aesthetic is minimalist and contemporary, with a sense of fluidity and innovation. The design is simplistic, relying on the impactful use of color and form rather than intricate detail, making it versatile and easily recognizable.
The La Nova Tile logo displays a stylized three-dimensional cube with a modern, minimalistic design. Composed of thin, multicolored outlines, the cube gives the appearance of a transparent structure. Featuring a multitude of colors including purple, blue, green, orange, and pink, it creates a playful and dynamic feel, suggesting depth and perspective. The overall aesthetic is light, contemporary, and suitable for a variety of businesses looking to convey innovation and approachability.
The Sandy Point Resorts logo features a stylized, infinite loop design with overlapping, fluid lines that create a sense of motion and continuity. At the intersections of the lines, there are two colored circles—a vibrant pink and a muted yellow—that add a pop of color against the subdued grayish-blue of the main form. This creates visual interest and helps to break up the continuity of the lines, adding depth to the design. The overall aesthetic is modern and minimalist, with a playful yet professional vibe, and the color palette suggests creativity and approachability.
The Prosper Finance logo features a modern and geometric design comprising two quarter-circle shapes that form a stylized letter 'D'. The right quarter-circle is a deep and vivid red (#FF0000), while the left one features a lighter pinkish hue (#FFC0CB), against a crisp white background. The logo's clean lines and bold colors give it a dynamic and contemporary feel, suitable for a brand looking to convey innovation and energy. Hexcode: #F8DED9
The Nozbe logo showcases an abstract, geometric design with two intertwined shapes resembling stylized letter 'N's or arrows pointing in opposite directions. It incorporates a vibrant gradient transitioning from a purplish-pink hue to a lighter, soft pink, imparting a modern and dynamic feel. The design employs minimalist techniques, incorporating clean lines and flat surfaces to convey a sense of movement and interconnectivity. The overall aesthetic is sleek and contemporary, making it ideal for diverse branding and tech-oriented applications.
The Airbnb logo is a stylized "A," featuring a continuous line that forms an upside-down teardrop shape and a loop resembling an infinity symbol. The design is modern, simplistic, and conveys a sense of fluidity and continuity. The soft, salmon pink color offers a warm and inviting feeling.
The XRecruiter logo features a symmetrical, abstract design with a central cross shape composed of elongated ovals of varying sizes, overlaid in a dynamic, pinwheel arrangement. The color palette is vibrant and includes shades of purple, blue, green, and pink, with an orange dot situated below the cross, creating a sense of balance. The overall design aesthetic is modern and playful, with a sense of movement and connectivity implied by the interlocking shapes. The gradient within each shape adds depth and a digital, energetic vibe to the logo.
The Foursquare logo showcases a stylized letter 'F' within a speech bubble-inspired shape. The bold, slightly rounded lines of the 'F' create a modern and approachable look. The speech bubble shape reinforces the idea of communication or dialogue. The vibrant shade of pink adds an energetic and playful character to the design. The minimalist approach, with clean lines and clear negative space, suggests a contemporary and digital-friendly brand identity.
The logo for Hunters SOC features a stylized letter "H" created with thick black lines forming two vertical bars and a connecting horizontal crossbar. Additionally, a pink rectangle intersects the left vertical bar, adding a modern and minimalist flair. The high-contrast black and pink colors combine to give the design a bold and contemporary aesthetic. Given the colors used in the logo, a background that offers a subtle contrast while complementing the pink accent would be advisable.
The Paidy logo presents a stylized, abstract design, combining elements that suggest a heart shape and perhaps a lowercase letter 'n' or a play on the concept of connectivity or a circuit. The main color of the logo is a vibrant, bold pinkish-purple, providing a youthful and energetic feel. The aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, characterized by smooth curves, rounded edges, and a flow that creates a continuous line effect. One interesting feature is the negative space created within the logo, which adds depth and reinforces the figure-ground relationship in the design. It's a logo that would likely represent a brand focused on innovation, technology, health, or community.
The Mohawk logo is a minimalistic and stylized representation of the letter 'M'. It consists of three overlapping peaks with rounded vertices, creating an effect resembling a simplified mountain range or a series of waves. The color palette includes gradients of vibrant hues, with the left peak transitioning from yellow to green, the central peak shifting from pink to purple, and the right peak fading from blue to a light teal. This gradient effect adds depth and gives the design a dynamic appearance. The overall aesthetic is modern, playful, and versatile, suitable for a variety of creative or technological applications.
The Peerspace logo features a stylized, geometric design with an abstract look. Composed of two shapes, a parallelogram and a divided right-angled triangle, they appear to form a segmented, arrow-like figure pointing towards the upper right. The color palette includes a vibrant pinkish-red and a muted sky blue, creating a stark contrast that adds to the logo's modern and dynamic feel. The overall aesthetic is clean and minimalist, suggesting a forward-thinking and innovative brand identity.
The Gymflow logo features a modern, minimalistic design with abstract circular shapes that interlock to form a stylized letter "G". Composed of smooth, curved lines in a vibrant shade of pinkish-red, it creates a sense of motion and connectivity. The clean lines and implied letter give it an easy-to-recognize identity, suggesting a contemporary and dynamic brand. This logo is potentially associated with the tech or creative industries and would be complemented well by a subdued background.
The Bnext logo features a stylized, abstract representation of a heart shape, with clean, sharp lines and two distinct parts. The right side resembles the typical curved shape of a heart, while the left side is designed with a geometric approach, using a straight line for a sharp edge. The overall shape signifies a fusion of organic and geometric elements, suggesting emotion and precision. The vibrant pink color adds a lively and youthful energy to the design. The simplicity of the logo allows for instant conveyance of its message and adaptability to various applications.
The Cube Dev logo is a stylized, three-dimensional letter 'E' composed of geometric shapes. The primary form is a hexagon, split into a variety of shapes, with the differentiated colors giving the appearance of depth. The color palette consists of a deep navy, a pastel pink, and a medium purple, creating a striking contrast. The overall design aesthetic is modern and minimalist, with clean lines and a bold, isometric style that would be suitable for a tech company or a digital brand. Given the colors within the Cube Dev logo, a background that complements but does not compete for attention would be ideal.
The Doherty Institute logo features a stylized circular formation composed of four overlapping teardrop shapes, with their points meeting in the center. Each teardrop has a vibrant gradient, transitioning from yellow (top), to green (top-right), to blue (bottom-right), and finally to pink (bottom-left). The design conveys a sense of unity and dynamic movement, with the overlapping elements creating a central area of blended colors that suggests collaboration or convergence. The color palette is bright and modern, giving the design an energetic and friendly feel.
The logo for Winni consists of two shapes that form an overlapping heart, resembling pills or capsules. The left half is deep purple (#6A328D), and the right half is vivid pinkish-red (#EC008C). The design is modern and clean, with a clear emphasis on health or pharmaceutical themes suggested by the pill shapes. Gradients give the shapes dimension and a sense of motion or merging. The light background complements the logo without overwhelming the design. Hexcode: #F2E2D0
The logo for Thrivent showcases a stylized lowercase letter "e" with a bold, contemporary design. The top horizontal bar of the "e" is curved, and a vibrant pink color fills the upper right quadrant, creating a sense of movement or transformation. The rest of the letter is a solid, dense black, providing a stark contrast to the pink and creating a strong visual impact. The shape is simple yet striking, with clean lines and a modern aesthetic.
The Antenne Schlager logo showcases a bold, white star set within a circular shape. The circle displays a gradient fill, transitioning from vivid pink to warm sunset orange, exuding energy and dynamism. The angular, stylized star contrasts with the round circle, while a thick, orange vertical bar on the right side adds a modern, abstract element. The design embodies a contemporary, eye-catching aesthetic with an emphasis on simplicity and clean geometry.
The Creative Folkestone logo features a series of six square shapes arranged in a 2x3 grid. Each square showcases a bold and vibrant color palette, including blue, green, pink, yellow, dark gray, and cyan. The modern and simplistic design adopts a flat color aesthetic with no gradients or shadows, giving it a contemporary and digital feel. The tightly packed squares convey a sense of cohesion and unity within the logo.
The logo presented is a stylized lowercase 'm' with a fluid, organic shape, suggesting motion or fluidity. Its smooth, curved lines imply a sense of elegance and modernity. The color of the 'm' is a vibrant, saturated pink, which gives the design an energetic and youthful feel. There are no harsh edges or angles, which contributes to its approachable and friendly vibe. The simplicity of the design allows for versatile application across various media.
The Donit logo features a bold, minimalistic design with a dark blue crescent shape cradling a vibrant pink circle. The crescent has a sleek, modern appearance with a smooth, curved line that tapers to points at both ends, encapsulating the circle in the center. The pink circle is placed off-center within the crescent, lending a dynamic asymmetry to the composition. This logo gives off a professional yet contemporary vibe, with the contrasting colors creating a striking visual impact that would stand out well against a light, neutral background.
The Brandcast logo features a stylized letter "B" composed of four distinct, quarter-circle sections that create a segmented modern look. The colors transition beautifully from a bold purple at the top left, to a deep blue at the top right, then to a bright cyan transitioning to a vibrant pink at the bottom. The design is clean and minimalist with a soft, rounded typeface. The color palette evokes creativity and innovation with a gradient that gives the illusion of a three-dimensional object. The merging of colors suggests connectivity and integration.
Horizon's logo showcases a stylized circular shape with a gradient color scheme that transitions from warm hues at the top to cool hues at the bottom, replicating a sunset or sunrise over water. The top half of the circle is filled with shades of pink, orange, and yellow, representing the sky, while the bottom half depicts the sea in various shades of blue with a gentle wave-like curve. At the center, there is a negative space creating the silhouette of a setting or rising sun halfway submerged by the waterline. The overall effect is soothing and evokes a sense of calm and nature.
The Bennett Institute logo features a stylized letter 'B' composed of vibrant, overlapping layers that create a gradient effect. The design transitions from a vivid yellow at the top through shades of pink, red, and purple, to a deep blue at the bottom, suggesting both warmth and coolness. This creates a visual illusion of depth and dimensionality. The curves of the 'B' are smooth, and the transition between colors is seamless, giving the emblem a dynamic and modern aesthetic. The whitespace within the emblem cleverly forms two hidden 'B's, lending to the logo's sophistication and thought-provoking quality.