Symmetrical Logo Ideas

Discover a diverse collection of symmetrical logo ideas for your brand. Explore stunning examples of real company logos for inspiration.

The logo in the image displays a symmetrical design resembling an abstract butterfly or a pair of wings. It consists of multiple leaf-like shapes radiating from the center, creating a harmonious pattern. Vibrant colors such as pink, orange, yellow, green, light blue, and teal are used, outlined with a thin black border that enhances their individuality. The overall design aesthetic is lively and organic, suggesting a sense of growth or transformation. The black background makes the colors pop, giving the logo a bold and energetic appearance.
The Banijay Group logo consists of a stylized letter "B" formed by two solid pink shapes. The upper half is a rectangular block with a flat top and a curved bottom, while the lower half is a mirror image of the upper, with a curved top and a flat bottom. The two halves are perfectly centered, creating a symmetrical design. The use of rich and vibrant pink color gives the logo a modern and energetic feel. It relies on bold simplicity and dynamic use of negative space and would complement a subtle and light background well.
The image displays the Jacu logo, featuring a symmetrical, abstract shape resembling a blooming flower or a stylized letterform. It consists of two dark brown curved elements that mirror each other, tapering down to a rounded point at the bottom, with negative space creating a separation or central line. The design combines organic and modern aesthetics, with smooth curves and a minimalist approach, resulting in a sophisticated and elegant visual symbol. The simplicity and absence of additional embellishments provide a clean and versatile appearance suitable for varied branding applications.
The image is a stylized, black monogram or logo of the two letter N's. They are combined in a mirror-image fashion, creating a symmetrical and geometric design. The lines are thick, bold, and angular, with sharp points where the N's meet in the middle and squared-off ends. The composition is minimalistic and modern, with a powerful and stable feel due to the use of vertical and diagonal lines. The overall shape resembles an abstract butterfly or a bowtie due to the central meeting point and flaring sides. Given the modernity and simplicity of the Televisa News logo, a clean and neutral background would complement it well.
The Harmonic Discovery logo features a symmetrical, abstract design with a central, horizontal, elongated, curved shape that creates an hourglass or bow-like appearance. Thin, uniform, black lines radiate from the central shape, resembling the spread wings of a butterfly or eye lashes. The consistent thickness and stark black against a plain white background give the logo a clean, modern, and sophisticated look.
The Xixili logo is a bold, abstract design featuring a symmetrical pattern formed by four comma-like shapes pointing inward towards the center, creating a stylized flower or pinwheel effect. The shapes are white and set against a square black background, providing a stark contrast. The sharp edges of the shapes and the square frame give it a modern and dynamic aesthetic. The simplicity of the two-tone color palette suggests a clean and professional brand identity.
The Wastequip logo features a stylized symmetrical design that resembles a geometric bird in flight, with a central triangle flanked by two larger, outstretched wings. The logo is monochromatic, employing a deep navy blue color. Its angular, sharp edges convey a sense of precision and modernity, while the interplay of shapes within the wings gives an impression of depth and movement. The central triangle arguably acts as both the body of the bird and an upward pointing arrow, suggesting upward momentum or growth. Considering its strong geometric lines and bold color, a light and slightly warm background would complement it well, providing enough contrast to enhance its visibility without overshadowing the design's intrinsic boldness.
The ProcureTech logo features a stylized lowercase "p" consisting of bold, continuous lines with rounded corners. The design is minimalist and modern, with a focus on clean geometry and symmetry. The color of the symbol is a vibrant, leafy green, giving it an energetic and fresh appearance. No additional elements or embellishments are present, emphasizing the brand's straightforward and sleek aesthetic.
The logo presented for FAW Group is a symmetrical emblem comprising a bold central figure that appears to be a stylized combination of letters or a monogram, set against a pair of wings that extend outward from the central design. The figure and wings are encapsulated within an elliptical outer boundary. The primary color of the logo is a deep, rich blue, which suggests professionalism and reliability. The design aesthetic is clean, with a modern feel, yet it also conveys a hint of classical elegance, likely aimed at instilling a sense of trust and prestige. It could represent a brand in the technology, automotive, or aviation sectors, given the wing motif suggesting speed and dynamism. For a background that complements this logo without overwhelming it, a subtle and light shade would be ideal.
The logo for Raltec is a stylized letter 'R' in a bold red color palette. This design features geometric shapes, including a large quarter-circle at the top right and a rectangular shape jutting to the left that forms the 'stem' of the 'R.' Symmetrically aligned smaller quarter-circles create negative space, suggesting a lowercase 'r' within the negative space of the uppercase 'R.' The clean right angles convey a modern and minimalistic feel, while the bold red hue suggests confidence and energy.
The XRecruiter logo features a symmetrical, abstract design with a central cross shape composed of elongated ovals of varying sizes, overlaid in a dynamic, pinwheel arrangement. The color palette is vibrant and includes shades of purple, blue, green, and pink, with an orange dot situated below the cross, creating a sense of balance. The overall design aesthetic is modern and playful, with a sense of movement and connectivity implied by the interlocking shapes. The gradient within each shape adds depth and a digital, energetic vibe to the logo.
The Kadoo logo is a simplistic and modern design that consists of a symmetrical, abstract figure resembling a clover or a cross with rounded edges. It features four leaves or petals, each with a different color: green, blue, darker blue, and light blue, all with flat tones. The design gives off a feeling of balance and unity, with its smooth curves and junction at the center indicating connectivity or interaction. Given its clean lines and use of negative space, the logo exudes a contemporary feel that is versatile for various branding purposes.
The Horizon Restaurant logo showcases a symmetrical design with a fusion of letters forming an 'H' and 'I' in a unified symbol. The central 'I' acts as the pivotal point of the 'H'. The logo features a deep blue color symbolizing professionalism and trustworthiness. A stylized emblem resembling a sun or flower, with pointed edges on the crossbar of the 'H', is highlighted in a gold or mustard tone, hinting at excellence and premium quality. The design is sleek and modern, utilizing solid colors without gradients or texture, ensuring adaptability and legibility across diverse media.
The logo for Khaalz is an abstract, symmetrical design consisting of four black triangles arranged to form a larger, kite-like shape with a central, square-like negative space where the triangles' points meet. The triangles are oriented to point towards the center from the four cardinal directions, giving the impression of convergence and dynamism. The design has a modern and simplistic aesthetic, with clean lines and a bold contrast between the black shapes and the white background. This logo would be complemented well by a subtle background that doesn't compete with its boldness.
The Oklahoma City Community College logo is a circular emblem composed of interconnecting geometric shapes that resemble angular snowflakes or a sunburst pattern. The primary color of the design is a rich, dark red or burgundy hue. It features a centralized white circle surrounded by protruding, symmetrical, crystalline structures that evoke a sense of complexity and precision. The design's aesthetic marries the natural elegance of fractal-like patterns with a modern, clean graphic style, suggesting unity, growth, or connectivity. The repeating elements create a harmonious and balanced visual effect, making the logo versatile for various applications.
The image of the Eight Partnership logo is a simplistic and modern design consisting of a single figure resembling the number eight. The design is made up of two perfect circles, joined vertically in the middle, with the top and bottom halves symmetrically aligning. The contours of the figure are smooth and continuous, giving it an elegant and balanced look. The color of the logo is a medium shade of gray that complements its minimalistic style. The logo exudes a sense of infinity or continuity, perhaps reflecting an aspect of the Eight Partnership brand. Given the simplicity and neutrality of the logo's color, a background that doesn't overpower the design would be ideal.
The Hasibat logo showcases a symmetrical, geometric design with four navy blue right-angled, L-shaped elements converging towards the center, complemented by a muted beige central square. The minimalist and modern aesthetic, featuring clean lines and block colors, conveys stability and professionalism, while the strategic use of negative space accentuates the organized, grid-like pattern.
The logo presented here by Ironclad consists of a stylized depiction of two letters "T" mirrored and connected to create a symmetrical and bold monogram. The letters have clean, sharp lines and are colored in a vibrant shade of teal, giving it a modern and high-tech appearance. There are no additional embellishments, which emphasizes the simplicity and sleekness of the design. The focus on geometry and symmetry adds to the overall contemporary feel of the logo.
The Hasibat logo showcases a symmetrical, geometric design with four navy blue right-angled, L-shaped elements converging towards the center, complemented by a muted beige central square. The minimalist and modern aesthetic, featuring clean lines and block colors, conveys stability and professionalism, while the strategic use of negative space accentuates the organized, grid-like pattern.
The Hong Kong Housing Society's logo is a bold, white capital letter "H" centered within a vibrant red circle. The "H" is constructed of three solid rectangular bars with sharp edges, and the middle bar is slightly shorter than the outer ones, giving a sense of symmetry and balance. The overall design aesthetic is modern and minimalist, utilizing strong contrast between the white figure and the red ground to create a striking visual impact. The logo conveys a sense of strength, stability, and simplicity.
The Channel O logo features a strong, minimalist design with a symmetrical composition. It consists of a central black circle with a smaller white dot at its center, representing a focal point or eye. Surrounding the center are four black quarter-circle shapes occupying the corners of a square outline, suggesting rotational or directional movement, like the blades of a fan or the cardinal points on a compass. The use of black on a white background contrasts sharply, giving the logo a bold and dynamic appearance. Its geometric precision and lack of any additional ornamentation convey a modern and professional feel.
The Zebra Medical logo features a bold, abstract design that resembles an hourglass or perhaps a stylized number eight. It is composed of smooth, flowing lines that create a sense of symmetry and balance. The logo is primarily black, giving it a strong visual presence. The design aesthetics suggest dynamism and modernity, with the use of negative space adding an element of sophistication. The hourglass shape is composed of two mirrored elements, which could also be interpreted as two "S" shapes interlocking in the middle to form a continuous loop.
The Miljødirektoratet logo showcases a bold, dark green stylized letter "M" with a distinct notch cut out from the bottom center, creating a symmetrical design that feels modern and minimalist. The geometric shapes and clean, sharp lines convey strength and stability. The deep green color gives a sense of professionalism, growth, and vitality. The overall design is simple yet impactful, with the negative space at the bottom mirroring the shape of the letter, adding a unique character to the emblem.
The U-Next logo boasts a simple yet bold design with a shield-like shape. Its solid black color creates a stark contrast that stands out well against a lighter background. The clean lines and symmetrical silhouette hint at stability and protection. This modern, minimalistic design is strong and straightforward.
The Netgen logo is a simple, yet bold two-dimensional design consisting of two black shapes on a white background. It resembles the capital letter H with a modern twist, featuring symmetrical, standing rectangles connected by a short horizontal bar near the top. The sharp angles and solid color create a strong visual impact.
The Wortise logo features a stylized letter “W” represented by two symmetrical, pointed shapes pointing to the right. The color is a bold, magenta-like shade, creating a dynamic and modern feel. The overall design aesthetic is minimalist and contemporary, with clean lines and no additional embellishments. It conveys a sense of direction, movement, or progressiveness. Considering the vibrancy of the logo's color, a neutral, light background would complement it well.
The image showcases a bold, geometric logo consisting of black lines forming an abstract, layered "M" shape within a hexagon-like outline. The design exhibits a modern, minimalist style with sharp angles and a clear sense of symmetry. The use of negative space creates an intriguing optical illusion that draws the eye inward. The stark contrast between the black figure and the white background enhances Guerrilla Games' striking and professional appearance, making it very versatile and well-suited for various branding applications.
The logo in the image for Meconcept features a geometric and symmetrical design resembling a three-dimensional cube made up of interconnected black lines. The cube forms are stylized in a way that creates an optical illusion, suggesting both depth and an abstract letter 'M'. Its monochromatic color scheme adds to the logo's modern and sleek aesthetic, emphasizing its angular shapes and clean lines. The lack of additional embellishment highlights the logo's strength in simplicity and structure.
The logo for Tammi showcases a bold, geometric design reminiscent of a labyrinth or maze structure with central symmetry. It features uninterrupted, interconnected lines forming mirrored letter 'T' shapes, sharing a common base line and creating an overall square frame for the design. The monochromatic color scheme of stark black against a white background gives it a modern, high-contrast look. With a minimalistic aesthetic, the logo conveys strong branding through its clear, crisp lines and impactful visual effect.
The Oberoi logo features a stylized bloom or sunburst, with a multitude of pointed petals or rays emanating from a central point. It utilizes a two-tone color scheme with shades of gold, giving it a warm, inviting look. The design is symmetrical, suggesting balance and harmony. The overall aesthetic is clean and modern, with a touch of elegance due to the refined curves of each petal and the gradient effect that provides a sense of depth. The simplicity of the design allows for versatility in its application.
The Banca March logo features three identical triangles arranged in a symmetrical layout. Two triangles are placed at the bottom with their bases aligned, while one triangle sits atop, pointing upwards, creating a balanced, triangular composition. The color of the triangles is a deep forest green, which conveys a sense of growth, stability, and nature. The design is minimalistic and modern with its use of simple geometric shapes and lack of additional embellishments. This makes the logo versatile and easily recognizable.
The Ingo Group logo features a minimalistic design composed of a bold, red silhouette of a cylindrical object with a darker red elongated shape that forms both a central line and a curvature at the top, resembling an uppercase "I." The overall aesthetic is sleek and modern, with clean lines and a symmetrical form. The logo is enclosed within a red circle, contributing to its striking simplicity. The bold red color suggests a sense of energy or urgency.
The Mutlusan logo is a stylized representation of the letter "M" created from three bold stripes with sharp angles and straight edges, conveying a sense of modernity and dynamism. The color of the logo is a deep, rich red, which stands for energy, passion, and action. This geometric design is minimalistic yet powerful, with the use of negative space between the stripes adding an interesting visual element that enhances the overall design. The logo's simplicity would allow it to be versatile for various applications.
The Stemset logo is a stylized, symmetrical leaf-like emblem enclosed within a circle. It features four abstract leaf shapes converging towards the center, creating a pinwheel effect that symbolizes growth, nature, or sustainability. The design is modern with a flat, two-dimensional appearance and uses a bold and solid green color (#6DB33F) to convey vibrancy and natural energy. This logo is suitable for companies in the environmental, agriculture, or wellness sectors.
The True Yoga logo showcases a stylized, symmetrical design that evokes an abstract floral or bloom-like impression. Comprising three distinct purple shapes with white spaces between them, it conveys a sense of growth or opening petals. The rich, deep purple color exudes luxury and creativity, while the central shape features a smaller, arrow-like figure pointing upwards, suggesting progress or ascent. With a modern, clean aesthetic and a versatile, easily recognizable simplicity, this logo embodies the essence of True Yoga.
The Hastings Nutrition logo features interconnected geometric shapes forming a sleek, modern and symmetrical mark. The design, resembling a stylized letter or symbol, is crafted from sharp lines and angles. Utilizing a gradient of aqua or teal shades, it exudes depth and dimension. With thick, consistent lines, the logo exudes a strong and stable presence. Despite its clean and minimalist appearance, the complex structure suggests connectivity or networking. Its boldness allows it to stand out against a simple, light background.
The image features a stylized, abstract logo of smooth, curved lines arranged to create a symmetrical, organic form. The design resembles a simplified script with an artistic touch and utilizes negative space within the loops, creating a continuous flow. Colored in a muted, soft shade of red with a matte finish, this minimalistic emblem exudes elegance and fluidity.
The logo for UrbanStems features a stylized graphic that resembles an open book or a building. It is composed of two main elements: the left side contains grid-like squares representing windows on a high-rise building, while the right side is a solid, flat shape signifying the book's cover or the building's silhouette. The overall logo is symmetrical along a vertical axis. The design uses a strong, dark navy blue that gives a sense of professionalism and reliability. The combination of these elements suggests a merger of knowledge and structure, possibly representing an organization related to education, architecture, or urban development. For a background that complements this logo while maintaining its professional aesthetic, a subtle and neutral color would be ideal.
The Rotolito logo features a symmetrical design with two stylized, mirrored letter "R"s in a solid navy blue color palette. The geometric and bold shapes create a modern and minimalist aesthetic, conveying sophistication and efficiency.
The image displays a simple and modern logo consisting of nine circles arranged in a circular pattern, reminiscent of a flower or a propeller. The central circle is slightly smaller than the outer eight circles, which are evenly spaced and encircle the center. This creates a sense of balance and uniformity. The color of the Memorex logo is a monochromatic shade of medium grey, which gives it a professional and versatile look that could fit various contexts. The design's simplicity allows for easy recognition and potential scalability without losing clarity.
The Magento logo features a sharp, geometric design with a three-dimensional hexagonal shape pointing upwards or downwards, depending on perspective. It consists of an orange color palette with shadows that create the illusion of depth. The design is modern, minimalist and is likely to represent stability or progress due to its upward-arrow-like appearance. The lines are clean and the logo has a sense of symmetry, with the use of negative space to differentiate the elements of the hexagon.
The Adobe logo features a bold, abstract design in a bright red color. The motif appears to be two symmetrical triangles with their bases facing each other, creating a negative space between them that suggests an upward-pointing arrow or the letter "A". The simplicity of the design gives it a modern and dynamic feel, with the use of sharp angles and clean lines contributing to a sense of precision and forward momentum. The color red is often associated with energy, passion, and action, which complements the active visual metaphor of the upward arrow.
The Xometry logo features a stylized letter 'X' comprised of two symmetrical shapes that give the appearance of being twisted or interlaced, almost like a knot. The four ends of the 'X' extend outward, suggesting dynamism and reach. The two main colors of the logo are gradients of dark and light blue, which evoke a sense of professionalism and modernity. The lighter blue fills the upper left and lower right sections, while the darker blue fills the upper right and lower left sections. The overall design aesthetic is minimalistic and clean, with a sophisticated use of negative space to enhance the three-dimensional effect.
The Hackney Council logo showcases a bold, symmetrical, uppercase letter "H" in a deep, forest green color. The design is minimalist and modern with clean lines. The horizontal bar meets the vertical stems of the "H" in a distinctive way, connecting in the middle with slight notches or cutouts on the sides, giving the impression of forward movement or linkage. The thick lines suggest strength and stability. The simplicity of the design allows for versatile usage across various media.
The La Mouche logo features a stylized letter 'M' composed of three geometric shapes resembling elongated teardrops or leaves, with the two outer shapes angled outward and the central one pointing downward, forming a symmetry around the vertical axis. The shapes are solid black with sharp points at the top and rounded bottoms, creating a dynamic and modern appearance. The black color provides a strong contrast, suggesting a sleek and professional brand identity.
The Historisches Museum Frankfurt logo features a bold and bright red, stylized, geometric representation of the letter "M". The design incorporates sharp angular shapes, two ascending diagonal lines, a horizontal line, and a diamond shape crowning the center. The aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, with a solid, monochromatic color scheme, emphasizing simplicity and strength, while communicating a sense of stability and balance through its symmetrical form.
The Malwarebytes logo features a stylized blue letter, with a modern and tech-oriented design. It employs a solid, vibrant shade of blue and is composed of two symmetrical halves with curved notches removed to form a unique abstract shape that resembles an "M." The use of negative space creates an inviting and dynamic look. The simplicity of the design adds to its versatility and brand-recognition potential.
The Magister logo showcases a stylized building or temple icon in a deep blue shade. It presents a bold, symmetrical structure with a triangular roof on top of a rectangular base. The white vertical lines on the base resemble classic architectural columns, evoking influences from Greek or Roman styles. The contrast between the deep blue and the white creates a modern, clean, and professional appearance. The deep blue conveys stability and trustworthiness, while the white adds a touch of purity and clarity to the design.
The X Bionic logo features a stylized, symmetrical design resembling a bold 'X' mark. The central part of the 'X' is created with thick black lines that intersect at the middle, implying solidity and strength. Flanking the black lines are two vibrant orange shapes with a dynamic slant, suggesting movement and energy. These orange shapes do not touch the black lines but are close enough to form a visual connection, giving the logo a sense of cohesion and vibrancy. The overall design aesthetic is modern, bold, and impactful. The combination of black and orange creates high contrast, ensuring the logo stands out and is easily recognizable. Given the colors present in the X Bionic logo, a subtle background that contrasts without competing would be ideal.