Letter F Logo Examples

Find a wide range of letter F logo examples from real companies for your inspiration. Explore unique and creative designs to elevate your brand identity.

The Framer logo consists of a bold, abstract geometric design that features two black shapes on a white background. These shapes resemble stylized arrowheads or triangular segments arranged back-to-back with a right angle between them, creating a dynamic and forward-moving impression. The overall design aesthetic is minimalist, modern, and hints at movement or transition. The logo's sharp angles and contrasting colors give it a striking appearance.
The Figma logo is a simple yet modern design composed of a vertical stack of four rounded rectangles in different colors, including warm red, bright purple, sky blue, and grassy green. These rectangles overlap, creating a cohesive and interconnected look, while also generating mixed colors at the intersections. This dynamic and playful design with a touch of sophistication conveys a sense of creativity and innovation.
The Fibbl logo showcases a three-dimensional cube with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Presented in a monochrome palette, mainly black with the letter "E" stylized in white on the visible faces of the cube, it exudes a sleek contemporary look. The letter is designed with sharp edges and rectangular segments, resembling the geometric form of the cube. The overall design conveys solidity and structure through the use of perspective and shading for a 3D effect.
The Foveon logo features a bold, minimalistic design consisting of geometric shapes. It is comprised of an upper semicircle in black, beneath which sits a smaller, solid blue circle slightly off-center to the right. Directly below the blue circle is a thick, black letter "F" without any serifs and with the horizontal line aligned with the center of the blue circle. The deliberate use of negative space between the elements creates a modern and clean look. The color palette is simple and consists of black and a vibrant shade of blue, which gives the logo a strong, professional feel.
The Face Group logo features a stylized letter 'F' centered within a hexagonal shape. It has a bold, modern appearance, with the 'F' designed using clean, straight lines to give it a geometric and structured look. The hexagon border encapsulates the 'F' perfectly in a symmetric and balanced manner. The logo uses a strong, monochromatic red color for the symbol, which stands out and implies energy, passion, or strength. Given its bold simplicity, the logo conveys a sense of clarity, efficiency, and professionalism. Given the characteristics of the logo, a subtle and soft background color would complement it well.
The Forum Gdansk logo appears as a stylized capital letter with geometric characteristics. Composed of clean, bold lines, it forms an abstract, angular shape reminiscent of an arrow or a directional symbol pointing upwards and to the right. The logo is monochromatic, featuring a solid black against a white background. Its design suggests movement, progress, and a modern, minimalist aesthetic. The simplicity of the shapes could allow for versatile use across various media.
The Formidable logo is an abstract, geometric design that forms a stylized letter. It is composed of interconnected lines and shapes that create a 3D effect, resembling a mesh or faceted structure. The primary color is a warm, vibrant orange, which gives the design an energetic and modern feel. The use of negative space within and around the letter adds to the complexity and visual interest of the logo. The edges are sharp and the lines are uniformly thick, suggesting precision and consistency. While the logo is complex, its symmetry and balance provide a harmonious and professional look.
The Fenix logo features a stylized, abstract play symbol set within an inverted triangular shape, evoking a sense of motion and playfulness. The bright, vivid yellow color stands out against the thick, black border, while the dynamic, angular streaks within the symbol convey energy and movement. The gradient within the yellow adds depth to the design, making it vibrant and eye-catching.
The Fundy Designer logo displays a monochrome, geometric design aesthetic with interconnected lines forming a stylized, abstract representation of a cube or three-dimensional box. Linear elements create a sense of perspective, with clean angles and crisp vertices for a sharp and professional appearance. Noteworthy use of negative space delineates the figure, boosting its minimalist and contemporary vibe.
The logo presented is a bold, stylized letter 'F' in a vivid red color (#FF0000) against a warm beige background (#F2E2D0). It is comprised of three rectangles: a large square forming the main body and two smaller rectangles extending from the top and right side, creating the characteristic horizontal and vertical strokes of the 'F'. This geometric and minimalist design conveys a modern and contemporary feel with clean lines and a powerful presence. The use of negative space in the design elements suggests efficiency and clarity.
The logo for Freshly features a stylized lowercase 'f' in a bold, modern sans-serif font in dark teal or sea green. Below the 'f' and slightly to the right is a perfect circle dot in a much lighter shade of green, creating a minimalistic design with smooth curves and clean lines. The contrast in size and color between the character and the dot and the 'f' extending below the baseline suggests movement or grounding, creating a sense of balance and simplicity that is elegant and friendly.
The FreshBrands logo features a minimalist, abstract design of three thick, horizontal black bars that decrease in length from top to bottom, angling downwards from left to right. Below the shortest bar, there is a small, solid black circle placed slightly to the right, creating an asymmetrical look. The use of negative space forms a stylized "E" shape. The design is stark and modern, with a monochromatic color scheme allowing for versatility. Given its simplicity and neutrality, a subtle background color would complement it well.
The Foursquare logo showcases a stylized letter 'F' within a speech bubble-inspired shape. The bold, slightly rounded lines of the 'F' create a modern and approachable look. The speech bubble shape reinforces the idea of communication or dialogue. The vibrant shade of pink adds an energetic and playful character to the design. The minimalist approach, with clean lines and clear negative space, suggests a contemporary and digital-friendly brand identity.
The Finect logo is a stylized, geometric representation consisting of two isometric shapes that resemble a play button or forward arrow and a smaller square, both interconnected or partially overlaying. These shapes have a minimalist design, with a gradient of purples that creates a sense of depth and modernity. Lines are clean and sharp, and the composition has a dynamic feel. The gradient seems to shift from a lighter purple at the top to a darker shade at the bottom, emphasizing the three-dimensional aesthetic.
The Firelands Health logo is a simple and modern design that features a stylized geometric shape resembling a book or an abstract bird in flight. It consists of four equal-sized, dark green panels with seamless inner edges, creating a symmetrical and balanced design. The clean and professional aesthetic suggests a focus on clarity and directness in branding while conveying a sense of stability and dynamism.
The Factory logo showcases a modern and minimalistic design with a stylized, geometric interpretation of lightning or arrow shapes in white against a deep purple, almost navy circle. It conveys dynamism, direction, and energy through sharp angles and an upward and rightward orientation, reflecting a tech or progressive vibe.
The Frits logo features two horizontal blue rectangles with rounded corners, slightly offset to the right and stacked above a solid green circle. The uniform blue rectangles create balance, while the green circle brings a pop of complementary color and vibrancy to the design. With its clean, geometric look, the logo conveys a sense of organization and modernity, and would be well-complemented by a soft and neutral background.
The Fund Forum logo presents an abstract, modern design featuring two intertwined elements that form a dynamic and fluid shape. Gradients of teal and blue add depth and motion, while clean, contemporary lines convey flexibility and innovation. The use of white space ensures a visually striking design that would stand out against a minimalist background. The overall feel is professional and sleek, reflecting a forward-thinking and progressive company.
The business "Fluid" presents a logo that features a stylized, abstract icon contained within a circle. The icon resembles a winding path or fluid, organic shape, vibrant orange in color, creating a striking contrast against the muted gray circle border. The design is modern and minimalistic with smooth curves and clean lines, reflecting innovation and easy recognition. The orange color could symbolize energy, creativity, or enthusiasm, while the gray circle conveys balance and professionalism.
The logo presented for Fluicity is a bold, black, abstract mark composed of stylized letterforms that appear to represent the lowercase letters "f" and "d". Their construction is modern and minimalistic, with smooth curves and sharp, precise angles creating a balanced and dynamic composition. The overall design aesthetic is professional, sleek, and contemporary, and it would likely stand out well in a technology or design-related field. The logo is very versatile and would work well against a variety of backgrounds.
The Flight JS logo is a stylized, abstract design that resembles a flame or a drop, with a dynamic and fluid appearance. It is composed of two main elements that curve to the right, creating a sense of motion. The upper part is larger and resembles the shape of a flickering flame or a water drop in its design, which is complemented by a smaller, similar shape below it, suggesting a reflection or shadow. Both shapes share the same bright, solid blue color, which gives the logo a vibrant and energetic feel. The simplicity of the design contributes to its modern and minimalistic aesthetic.
The Fyber logo features a stylized, minimalistic design with a bold, sans-serif letter "F" positioned within a square. The "F" includes a right-angle notch on its lower arm, giving it a modern look. Both the "F" and the square's background are a vibrant, flat green shade, symbolizing growth, freshness, and energy. The use of negative space and geometric simplicity adds to the logo's clean and contemporary aesthetic.
The Logo displays a monochromatic, abstract design featuring geometric shapes that form a stylized letter 'E', resembling stacked cubes or steps to create a 3D effect. The black logo uses negative space to enhance the three-dimensional illusion and exudes a modern, minimalistic aesthetic that could be associated with a tech or architectural company, reflecting its structured and angular form.
The Fusion TV logo is a stylized, abstract shield or crest. It is somewhat triangular with rounded corners and inward curves, creating a dynamic and modern feel. It is composed of black and white, with the black portions creating the outer shape and white spaces forming what appears to be an italicized letter "F" in the center. The positive and negative space interact to create a sense of depth and layering.
The Forshaw logo exhibits a geometric, three-dimensional, abstract mark. Comprising a sequence of connected shapes resembling a modernistic letter "M" or a series of peaks and valleys, it has a sharp, angular design with facets that create a sense of depth and dimensionality. The primary color is a rich shade of burgundy or maroon, giving the logo a strong and sophisticated vibe. The design maintains a clean, minimalist aesthetic suitable for a variety of modern branding contexts.
The Flyrite logo features a stylized letter "F" with a dynamic, wing-like extension, conveying motion and speed. The design is modern and minimalist, with clean lines and a sharp angle towards the top left that suggests upward momentum. The logo is monochromatic, using a bold orange-red color that stands out and is associated with energy and ambition. The overall aesthetic is sleek, contemporary, and would likely appeal to a tech-savvy or forward-thinking audience.
The Firebrand logo features a modern, abstract design composed of three overlapping shapes reminiscent of asymmetrical triangles or stylized arrows. The top shape has a deep magenta color, the middle one is a vibrant orange, and the bottom shape is a bright yellow. The corners are rounded, giving the logo a more dynamic and friendly feel. The color palette is bold and energetic, suggesting creativity and innovation. Overall, the aesthetic is minimalist and forward-thinking.
The Factory School logo showcases an abstract geometric design with a dark-blue hexagonal shape. The right side of the hexagon appears folded inward, creating a three-dimensional effect. Against this background, four bright green bars and a square are arranged to suggest a stylized letter 'F,' emphasizing digital or technological themes. The logo's use of sharp angles and a limited color palette gives it a modern and minimalist aesthetic.
The Floored logo showcases a three-dimensional, isometric design with black and white geometric shapes arranged in a vertical line. The shadows and angles create a 3D illusion, while the minimalist aesthetic and clean lines give it a sophisticated simplicity.
The ForgeRock logo presents a stylized, abstract shape resembling a cube in perspective made of six parallelograms. The design uses a dual color scheme with deep blue on the left and bright orange on the right, creating a sense of contrast and vibrancy. The sharp angles and bold colors suggest a modern and dynamic corporate identity. The geometric precision implies technology or architectural expertise.
The Farmigo logo features a bold, modern design composed of geometric shapes forming a stylized letter, reminiscent of a monogram. The composition is primarily made up of rectangles and squares with clean lines and right angles, creating a sense of stability and structure. The color is a striking shade of orange, which conveys energy and creativity. The interlocking shapes suggest connectivity and integration. Given the vividness of the orange, a softer background would complement it well without competing for attention.
The Flipside logo features a stylized, three-dimensional cube with one of its corners facing forward. It is composed of a solid black color with three white horizontal stripes on the lower right side, giving the impression of layers or levels within the cube. The design is minimalist and modern, with a bold contrast between the black and white elements that give it a professional and sleek appearance. The shape suggests stability and structure with a hint of depth and sophistication.
The Ferrellgas logo is a minimalist, abstract design that features a single, fluid shape suggesting movement and dynamism. Resembling a stylized letter "F," the design has an elongated top arm sweeping forward and a shorter bottom arm curving underneath. Its bold, solid blue color exudes a strong, modern, and professional appearance, while the curvaceous lines convey a sense of flexibility and innovation. The simplicity and solid blue color make it adaptable for various applications without losing its visual impact.
The Folger Shakespeare Library logo features a bold, uppercase letter 'F' with a right-angled notch cut out from the top right corner, creating a visual effect reminiscent of a flag or an arrow pointing to the left. This design gives a sense of motion or progress. The 'F' is presented in a vibrant, solid red color, making it stand out with a striking simplicity. The shape is modern and geometric with clean lines, suggesting a contemporary and dynamic brand identity.
The FW Cook logo features a stylized, abstract representation of the letter 'F' with a geometric design. The main component is a vertical blue rectangle on the left that suggests the backbone of the letter 'F.' Attached to the right side is a smaller green shape, forming the horizontal stroke with an angled cut, interpreting the crossbar of the 'F.' The color palette uses deep blue and green hues that exude professionalism and modernity. The design is clean, with sharp edges and a flat aesthetic, promoting a sense of efficiency and forward-thinking.
The Creative Folkestone logo features a series of six square shapes arranged in a 2x3 grid. Each square showcases a bold and vibrant color palette, including blue, green, pink, yellow, dark gray, and cyan. The modern and simplistic design adopts a flat color aesthetic with no gradients or shadows, giving it a contemporary and digital feel. The tightly packed squares convey a sense of cohesion and unity within the logo.
The logo for Felix Holding is a circular design divided into two equal halves by a sinuous white line. The left half is deep navy blue, and the right half is a rich maroon. In the center is a white plus symbol aligned with the division line, symbolizing unity and positivity. The overall design is clean, modern, and conveys balance.
The Firefly Orthoses logo features a stylized, abstract design that resembles three bold chevrons or arrow shapes stacked vertically and oriented to the right. The shapes are uniform in size and taper towards the bottom, conveying a sense of motion or direction. The color is a bright, saturated orange, which grabs attention and adds to the dynamic feel of the design. The overall aesthetic is modern, clean, and implies progression or advancement. The simplicity of the shapes and the lack of additional embellishments make the Firefly Orthoses logo versatile and easily recognizable.
The Frankfurter Allgemeine logo is a stylized, abstract design featuring flowing, curvilinear shapes in a deep shade of navy blue. The interconnected shapes create a dynamic and elegant form, suggesting movement and harmony. The overall aesthetic is modern and artistic, with a minimalist approach that conveys professionalism and sophistication.
The FinThrive logo consists of three horizontal shapes arranged in a descending order of size, resembling a stylized "E." The top and bottom shapes are similar in size and shape, resembling rounded rectangles, while the middle shape extends further to the right and has a more elongated, oval form. A small circle is positioned at the bottom right, capping the elongated middle shape. The color palette includes two shades of green; the top shape is a vibrant green, while the middle and bottom shapes transition to a lighter, mint green. The overall aesthetic is minimalistic and modern, with clean lines and an organic, flowing feel. The use of gradient color emphasizes movement and gives the FinThrive logo a dynamic look.
The logo for Flipboard features a bold, stylized letter "F" centered within a square frame. The "F" design is modern and abstract, with a right angle cut out from its upper right corner, creating a sense of negative space. The color of the "F" and the square is a vibrant red, while the background of the logo is plain white. The font and shape of the "F" are chunky and substantial, giving the logo a strong and pronounced presence. The overall design aesthetic is clean, minimalistic, and contemporary, suitable for a brand that wants to convey power and modernity.
The logo for Float incorporates a stylized letter 'E' made up of three bold, rounded bars in varying shades of blue. The top bar is the longest, angling downwards to the right and intersecting the middle bar, which angles more steeply downward. Completing the 'E' is the shortest bar, with a detached dot positioned to the lower left, creating the impression of a lowercase 'e'. The design exudes a modern and digital feel, with the gradient adding depth and the crisp edges conveying precision.