Letter D Logo Examples

Explore a diverse collection of professionally designed letter D logos for your inspiration. Find creative and unique letter D logo examples from various industries and design styles. Ideal for businesses seeking logo inspiration.

The Deliveroo logo features a stylized, geometric representation of a lowercase letter 'v' with rounded terminals and a playful, cut-in contour on the right side. This creates a sense of motion or a smiling face with two dots representing eyes. The bright, aqua-green color gives the logo a modern, minimalist, and friendly vibe, suggesting creativity and innovation.
The Digikala logo features a bold, minimalist design with a strong geometric influence. It consists of a bright red square with rounded corners, suggesting a friendly, accessible brand personality. Within the square, there is a stylized white shape that resembles a smile or a welcoming gesture, reinforcing positive connotations and a customer-centric focus. The overall aesthetic is modern and simple, which allows for easy recognition and versatile application across various media. The use of negative space to create the inner shape is a clever design choice, adding depth and meaning to the iconography.
The Domashniy logo is a stylized letter "D" comprised of bold geometric shapes. The main body of the letter is a bright, solid fuchsia, while a perfectly circular cutout, located roughly where the straight and the curved parts meet, interrupts its form. The design is simple and modern, with clean lines and a striking color that commands attention. The flat design with no gradients or shading gives the logo a very contemporary and digital-friendly look.
The Denver Film logo showcases a bold and dynamic design that combines the letter "D" with a geometric pattern or pie chart. The letter "D" is prominent, with a strong vertical line on the right and a large, curved section on the left. A series of straight lines inside the "D" creates pie-like segments, adding to the modern and precise aesthetic. The vibrant magenta color infuses the logo with fresh and energetic vibes.
The Dawlance logo features a bold, uppercase letter "D" with a stylized design. The primary shape is a strong geometric rectangle with a curved right side, giving the appearance of a traditional "D", but with the straight line on the left modified into a unique, cutting-edge cutaway. The color of the logo is a vibrant, solid red, which stands out with a sleek and modern feel. The thickness of the lines is consistent, and there is a smaller white "D" shape nested within the larger red "D," creating a sense of depth and dimensionality.
The Dispapeles logo features a stylized letter composed of geometric shapes with a bold and modern aesthetic. It consists of an upright, rectangle-like shape with a cutout on the bottom right that curves inward, and a curved shape resembling a backwards "C" that nestles against the cutout, creating a continuous and flowing design. The entire logo is rendered in a vibrant, solid pink color, giving it a fresh and energetic look. The shapes are devoid of any additional detailing, contributing to a clean and uncluttered visual impact. To complement this logo, a soft and neutral background would be ideal.
The Distil Co-working logo features a stylized letter "D" encapsulated within a perfect circle. The "D" is constructed from two distinct shapes: a straight vertical line on the left and a bold, curving shape forming the rounded part of the letter. The color palette is monochromatic, with the logo itself rendered in a soothing, muted green-gray tone, which creates a feeling of balance and professionalism. The design is minimalist and modern, with a hint of geometric influence in the crisp lines and strong contrast between the circular outer edge and the linear components of the "D". The logo's simplicity makes it versatile and easy to recognize, embodying a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.
The logo for Daily Dog features a minimalist and modern design with a stylized depiction of a dog's head in profile. The bold and clean black lines against a white background cleverly use negative space and geometric shapes to suggest the dog's ear, eye, nose, and mouth. The overall aesthetic is friendly, approachable, and evokes a sense of simplicity and elegance.
The Drum Design Awards logo is a stylized, abstract graphic made up of a set of vertical bars with various widths, creating a dynamic rhythm. The bold red color gives it a strong visual presence. The leftmost bar is the widest, representing strength or foundational stability, and the bars progressively decrease in width toward the right. This transition from solid block to slimmer stripes and the furthest right element resembling a semicircle or disk suggests movement, sound, or progression. The overall aesthetic is modern, clean, and suggests energy or technology. This design has a sense of forward motion and could be associated with digital media, sound engineering, or data visualization.
The logo for Design Hotels is a simple and yet modern design featuring bold, white, vertical bars that somewhat resemble the pause symbol, centered within a solid circular black background. The use of negative space to create the bars gives a clean and minimalist aesthetic, which is versatile and easily recognizable. The logo's stark contrast between the white and black creates a strong visual impact, making it stand out.
The logo for Dashworks embodies a modern and minimalist aesthetic with a stylized arrow pointing right, adorned with a detached circle positioned to the upper left. Its deep purple color and geometric shapes create a bold and distinctive statement, signifying motion and advancement. The absence of gradients or additional ornamentation enhances its contemporary appeal.
The image depicts a logo composed of a stylized letter "D" split vertically into two distinct sections. The right half of the "D" is a solid, vibrant red color, while the left side features a gradient of grays, separated into geometric triangular facets that create a three-dimensional effect, almost like a cut gem. The overall design aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, with a clear contrast between the simplicity of the red half and the intricacy of the faceted gray half. The clean lines and use of geometric shapes give the Divendi logo a professional and contemporary look.
The Disguise logo features a minimalist design with three vertical bars decreasing in size from left to right. It is rendered in a solid, bold black color for a sharp contrast against a lighter background. The rounded ends of the bars give the design a modern and slightly playful character. The simplicity of the design suggests a contemporary, perhaps digitally-oriented brand, while the proportions and balance convey a sense of harmony and accessibility.
The Deheck logo is a stylized combination of an uppercase 'D' seamlessly integrated with a lowercase 'b.' The logo is crafted with smooth curves and sharp angles to create a modern and minimalist look. A golden hue exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication. The connected letters form a circular negative space at the intersection, adding visual interest.
The business name is incorporated into a minimalistic and modern logo, featuring stylized bars or rectangles arranged to form an abstract and geometric shape resembling a letter or symbol. The varying sizes of the rectangles, their alignment, and the dark teal or forest green color create a sense of depth and a three-dimensional structure. This design communicates a sleek and professional aesthetic with a contemporary brand identity.
The Design Industries logo features a stylized letter, consisting of two interconnected elements creating a harmonious, abstract shape. One half of the symbol is colored in a dark shade, possibly black or dark grey, while the other half is in a bold blue tone. The design has a modern and sleek look, with clean lines and sharp angles that suggest a sense of innovation or technology. The use of negative space and the interlocking format provide a dynamic and intriguing visual effect, likely intended to stand out and convey a sense of sophistication and professionalism.
The Dash logo showcases a stylized letter "D" crafted with geometric shapes. A prominent, bold arch forms the upper curve of the "D," with a straight, horizontal bar cutting inwards and not quite reaching the opposite side, creating a modern and abstract look. The vibrant blue color with a slight gradient adds depth, giving the design a dynamic and forward-thinking appearance. The simplicity of the design hints at a contemporary and digital aesthetic.
The Decolar logo features a modern and minimalist design consisting of a deep purple semi-circle at the foreground, creating a stark contrast with a lighter purple, almost lavender, geometric shape that completes the circular form. The aesthetic is clean, with a flat design that lacks any gradients or shadow effects, emphasizing simplicity and contemporary taste. Both shapes are symmetrical, and the straight line that cuts through the circle gives the logo a sense of balance and precision.
The logo presented for DFDG Architecture is a stylized letter "D" composed of geometric shapes in a tessellation pattern. The shapes that form the letter include a darker rectangle and lighter, varied trapezoidal and triangular shapes that create a sense of three-dimensionality. The color palette is a gradient of teal and turquoise tones, evoking a modern and sleek design aesthetic. The geometric concept suggests precision and cutting-edge technology. For a background that complements this logo without overpowering it, a soft, neutral color would be ideal.
The PlayDapp logo features a stylized letter composed of what appears to be two different shapes: a parallelogram and a triangular element, which together form a distinctive and modern monogram. The design is set against a teal backdrop, giving it a fresh and vibrant feel. The shapes are arranged inside a rounded square that is missing one of its corners, creating a playful break in symmetry. The use of negative space between the shapes adds an interesting visual element, emphasizing the geometry of the design. Overall, the logo has a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic with a sense of dynamism implied in the arrangement of the shapes.
The Deichmann logo features a simple and modern design with a solid white uppercase letter "D" centered within a bold green square. The classic, sans-serif typeface conveys readability and straightforwardness, while the slightly rounded edges of the letter give the design a soft and approachable feel. This clean and contemporary logo is free of additional embellishments or details, and the striking yet pleasing color contrast between white and green adds to its visual appeal.
The Descript logo showcases a clean and modern design with abstract geometric shapes. The logo is composed of three bold blue horizontal stripes with rounded corners, creating a letter 'E' negative space effect. The stripes' alignment forms a dynamic shape, alluding to movement and efficiency. The vivid blue color exudes professionalism, making it ideal for a tech or digital company, emphasizing clarity and innovation.
The Depfu logo features a bold, streamlined design composed of a series of blue, ribbon-like bands that create a three-dimensional hexagon shape resembling a stylized letter "S" or a winding path. The bands have different widths and are arranged in a layered fashion, giving an impression of depth and movement within the hexagon. The color is a vivid royal blue, which stands out prominently against a white background. The overall design aesthetic is modern, minimalistic, and dynamic, suggesting innovation and progress.
The Dustin logo features a bold, stylized hexagonal shape with one corner crafted to resemble a play button. The design uses contrasting black and white to create a dynamic and modern look. The icon has a 3D effect due to the play button facet, which is highlighted in white, giving the illusion of depth within the otherwise flat hexagon. The sharp angles and geometric precision contribute to a professional and cutting-edge aesthetic.
The Daktronics logo features a stylized, lowercase letter ‘d’ in a bold, electric blue color. The design incorporates two perfect circles carved out from the solid form, creating negative space. The font is rounded, imparting a modern and friendly feel. The right edge of the letter extends outward slightly, adding a unique touch to the overall shape. Given the blue color of the logo, a pale, contrasting background would be complementing.
The logo for Doceo is a modern and bold geometric design consisting of a deep purple triangle intersected by a white chevron, creating a sense of forward movement and progression. The divided triangle showcases two different shades of purple, with the left side being darker, emphasizing efficiency and advancement.
The Dedalus logo is a stylized, geometric design with a three-dimensional effect. It uses a combination of blue shades to create depth, with darker tones defining the edges and lighter tones highlighting the faces. The shapes form a modern and tech-inspired play on the letter 'D', with a triangular negative space in the center. The overall look is clean, bold, and dynamic, making it suitable for a digital or media-focused brand.
The Domtar logo showcases a stylized, abstract shape that hints at motion and transformation. It is comprised of three sweeping elements in varying shades of blue and vibrant green, promoting harmony and growth. The upper part, in a deeper blue, forms an incomplete circle with a dynamic tail, while the neighboring lighter blue element mirrors this form in reverse. Below, a curved green line adds an organic touch and balances the composition. With its smooth lines and bold color contrasts, the logo exudes a modern, clean aesthetic, emphasizing its adaptability and focus on form.
The Walt Disney logo presented is a stylized, abstract design consisting of curving and overlapping black lines. The shapes are organic and flowing, giving the impression of graceful movement or calligraphy. The upper section of the logo resembles a curved hook or a stylized letter 'D,' while the lower section features a loop that intersects with the vertical stroke of the design, possibly representing a lowercase 't.' The overall aesthetic is modern and artistic, with a minimalist approach using only black and whitespace. This design could be associated with luxury, elegance, or the creative arts due to its fluid and simplistic form.
The Deca Card logo features a stylized abstract shape that resembles a dynamic crescent or a circular arrow in motion. It consists of two distinct halves: the left side is a vibrant blue and the right side is a rich green, suggesting themes of energy, growth, and possibly environmental consciousness. The shapes have a layered look, with the blue slightly overlapping the green, giving an appearance of fluidity and forward movement. The design is curvilinear and balanced, exuding a modern and professional feel.
The Witness Directory logo features a stylized depiction of a hand within a squared 'D' shape. It is a simple, flat design with a monochromatic scheme, using a vibrant shade of turquoise. The design is minimalist, using negative space effectively to create the fingers of the hand, which are evenly spaced and uniform in width. The overall aesthetic is modern and clean, with a friendly and approachable vibe. Given the color of the logo, a neutral but warm background would complement it well.
The Dental Select logo features a stylized, abstract design with interlocking shapes that form a dynamic letter 'P'. The 3D effect and gradation of blue tones create a modern, sleek aesthetic, suggesting movement or progress.
The logo for DCM features a simple and modern geometric design, composed of three flat shapes arranged to suggest a letter or a graphical element. On the left, a bright orange square sits atop a lime green square, while on the right, a navy blue semi-circle spans the height of the two squares, aligning perfectly with their right edges. The color contrast is striking, with the warm orange and green set against the cool blue, creating a balanced and eye-catching composition that suggests dynamism and innovation. This logo for DCM would stand out against a soft background that doesn't compete with its vibrancy.
The Doherty Institute logo features a stylized circular formation composed of four overlapping teardrop shapes, with their points meeting in the center. Each teardrop has a vibrant gradient, transitioning from yellow (top), to green (top-right), to blue (bottom-right), and finally to pink (bottom-left). The design conveys a sense of unity and dynamic movement, with the overlapping elements creating a central area of blended colors that suggests collaboration or convergence. The color palette is bright and modern, giving the design an energetic and friendly feel.
The 3DGlass logo features a stylized letter "D" with a distinctive cut-out that forms a contrasting shape within the letter. This suggests a sense of dynamic motion and transformation. The monochromatic design consists of a bright shade of turquoise or aqua, giving it a modern, sleek, and minimalistic aesthetic. The clean and smooth curvilinear form communicates innovation and fluidity, while the absence of additional embellishments and the use of negative space makes it appear sophisticated and versatile for various applications.
The Darlington logo boasts a modern and minimalist design comprised of geometric shapes. The primary element resembles a stylized letter "D" with a three-dimensional effect, consisting of a lighter gray plane and a darker gray plane that meet at an angle, giving the impression of depth. A bright red semicircle is nestled within the angle's notch, creating a striking contrast and focal point. The sharp lines and bold color blocking give the design a clean, professional look, indicating it could be for a company or brand in the technology or design field.
The Dallas Independent School District logo consists of a bold, modernistic capital letter "D" in a deep maroon color. Against this backdrop, a stylized yellow silhouette resembling a flame or sunburst pattern is superimposed, creating a stark contrast. The silhouette appears to form a profile of a face, with the flame or sunburst representing hair or emanation from the mind. The overall effect is dynamic and powerful, suggesting energy, creativity, or thought leadership. The shapes are simple yet evocative, and the two-color palette is striking and easy to reproduce across various media.
The Dodd Group logo presents a modern and abstract design composed of geometric shapes that form a stylized letter "D." The design uses three colors: a deep shade of blue, a bright green, and a lighter shade of green. The central feature of the logo is the bold blue "D," which is segmented by two horizontal green bars, one bright and one lighter, creating a sense of separation while maintaining a cohesive structure. The clean lines and bold color contrasts suggest a fresh, professional brand identity with a leaning towards technology or innovation.
The Dalton Corporation logo features an abstract geometric design in a bold red color. Composed of two shapes forming a stylized "D," the design exudes a dynamic and modern look. The right shape curves around the left, evoking motion and transformation. The left shape is a solid red triangle pointing upwards, while the right shape is a red arc, creating a sense of balance and forward momentum. The minimalist design lacks additional embellishments, text, or gradients, emphasizing a clean and contemporary aesthetic. The vibrant red color conveys energy and passion.
The Dadstar logo showcases a stylized letter "D" crafted from geometric shapes in shades of blue. With a modern, three-dimensional effect, the design incorporates triangular and polygonal facets to evoke depth and dimensionality, creating an origami-inspired, abstract representation of the initial. This dynamic logo conveys innovation and precision.
The logo for Distil Studio features a stylized letter 'D' with a modern and minimalist design. It consists of concentric shapes, creating an effect of layers or depth. The primary shape is semi-circular, with straight lines closing off the round shape to form a bold 'D'. The lines are uniformly thick, black, and create a series of smaller 'D' shapes inside the larger one, giving the design a sense of continuity and motion. The overall aesthetic is clean, professional, and could be associated with technology or design-forward branding.
The Duke Blue Devils logo features bold, geometric shapes in a deep blue color, creating a modern and minimalist aesthetic. The design is symmetric, with sharp angles and smooth lines, exuding balance and stability. The white spaces within the design form an implied shape, adding to the overall identity of the logo.
The Donit logo features a bold, minimalistic design with a dark blue crescent shape cradling a vibrant pink circle. The crescent has a sleek, modern appearance with a smooth, curved line that tapers to points at both ends, encapsulating the circle in the center. The pink circle is placed off-center within the crescent, lending a dynamic asymmetry to the composition. This logo gives off a professional yet contemporary vibe, with the contrasting colors creating a striking visual impact that would stand out well against a light, neutral background.
The Dagrofa logo features a stylized, abstract design comprised of red curves that create a dynamic, flowing movement, suggesting the letter “D” or a loop. The color is a vivid red, which stands out and conveys energy and boldness. The design uses negative space to enhance the form, creating a modern and minimalistic aesthetic. The curves are smooth, and the tapering of the lines adds a sense of speed and agility to the overall design.
The Dialnet logo is a stylized rendition of the letter "D" composed of bold, geometric shapes. The predominant color is a vibrant red, giving the design a sense of dynamism and energy. The "D" is formed by a solid red semicircle on the right, with a sharply contrasting white circle centered within it, creating a focal point. The design is minimalistic yet powerful, with a clear and contemporary aesthetic that conveys confidence and strength. The use of negative space is particularly effective, as it allows the white circle to stand out and provides balance to the solid red color.
The logo for Good Design Australia showcases a bold, black geometric design. The design incorporates a stylized letter "D" seamlessly integrating a check mark, symbolizing correctness, verification, or completion. Utilizing negative space, the "D" is enclosed within a partial circle or a rounded-corner rectangle, evoking a sense of completeness and minimalistic elegance. The overall aesthetic is modern and clean, with the high contrast of black on a white background. This simple yet effective logo conveys reliability and efficiency.
The business logo for Dropout is a bold and minimalist design with a square yellow background. The large black letter "D" is stylized with a colon to its left, creating a visual pun that can be read as both "D" and "ID". The stark contrast of black and yellow draws the eye to the typography, which is modern and sans-serif with even weight distribution. The logo exudes a clean and contemporary aesthetic and would be complemented well by a neutral background color.
The DiDi logo features a simplistic and modern design with a stylized, geometric shape resembling a cup or a shield. It is composed of two distinct parts: a larger semi-circular shape at the top with a flat base coupled with a smaller semicircular notch taken out from the base, creating a sense of three-dimensionality and depth. The monochromatic, warm, pastel orange tone evokes a sense of friendliness and accessibility. The absence of additional embellishments or text contributes to the logo's minimalist aesthetic, making it versatile for various applications.
The Duffel logo is composed of four progressively increasing black quarter-circles aligned at their flat edges. This creates a minimalist and modern design that suggests a speed effect or movement, with an emphasis on simplicity and negative space to evoke technology or dynamic progress.