Mustard Logo Ideas

Find unique Mustard logo examples for your brand. Explore creative Mustard logo inspiration from real companies. Get Mustard logo design ideas for your business.

The Tedgum logo features a stylized representation of the letter "M" formed by three vertical bars within a rectangular frame. The center bar is colored in a bold mustard yellow, flanked by two white bars patterned with diagonal lines, creating the illusion of depth. The background is a deep black, which contrasts sharply with the white and yellow, making the design pop. The aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, with bold color blocking and clean lines drawing attention to the central character. The logo communicates strength and clarity due to its simplicity and use of contrasting colors.
The Ginn Group logo showcases a stylized representation of geometric shapes that form a three-dimensional cube illusion. The design comprises three interlocking shapes in saturated tones: a mustard yellow bar at the top, a teal blue on the left side in an L-shape, and a coral red on the right in a backward L-shape. These shapes are arranged to create a sense of depth and dimensionality, playing with the viewer's perception. The overall aesthetic of the logo is modern and clean, with a minimalistic approach reminiscent of classic tangram puzzles or the Bauhaus design school.
The Younium logo features three stylized geometric shapes resembling shards or crystals. The left icon is a bright coral red, the central one is a mustard yellow, and the right one is a teal. These shapes create a circular flow suggesting unity or a dynamic process. The overall aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, using flat colors and simple forms without gradients or shading, and all components have sharp angles and flat surfaces, giving the logo an edgy, contemporary feel. It is a versatile design that could represent a variety of modern, energetic, and forward-thinking brands. The hexcode for the coral red color is #F7DED6.