Wellness Logo Examples

Find inspiring wellness logo examples from real companies. Explore diverse designs for your wellness brand. Get ideas for creating a unique wellness logo for your business.

The Basis London logo presents a modern and minimalist stylized combination of geometric shapes that form the letter 'B'. The design consists of intersecting straight lines and curves in a dark blue or navy color, creating an illusion of three-dimensional layering. The negative space within the circular element adds to the overall balance and visual interest of the design.
The Gymflow logo features a modern, minimalistic design with abstract circular shapes that interlock to form a stylized letter "G". Composed of smooth, curved lines in a vibrant shade of pinkish-red, it creates a sense of motion and connectivity. The clean lines and implied letter give it an easy-to-recognize identity, suggesting a contemporary and dynamic brand. This logo is potentially associated with the tech or creative industries and would be complemented well by a subdued background.
The PhysioExtra logo features a clean and modern design, consisting of a bold white cross or 'X' shape set against a circular blue background. The blue color conveys professionalism and reliability, while the white cross creates an interesting visual effect through its negative space. With sharp corners and centered placement, the logo has a balanced and focused impact, offering a simple and clear aesthetic that is easily recognizable and potentially versatile for various applications.
The True Yoga logo showcases a stylized, symmetrical design that evokes an abstract floral or bloom-like impression. Comprising three distinct purple shapes with white spaces between them, it conveys a sense of growth or opening petals. The rich, deep purple color exudes luxury and creativity, while the central shape features a smaller, arrow-like figure pointing upwards, suggesting progress or ascent. With a modern, clean aesthetic and a versatile, easily recognizable simplicity, this logo embodies the essence of True Yoga.
The Barwis logo presents a monogram consisting of two letters, "B" and a partial "E," designed with bold geometric lines for a strong, modern look. The dominant "B" shares its middle horizontal line with the "E," creating a minimalist aesthetic with clean, precise construction in solid black, suggesting a contemporary and professional brand identity. The compact symmetry and overlap of the letters indicate clever design integration.
The Running Heroes logo features a white hash symbol (#) centered on a vibrant orange circular background. The irregular, brushstroke-like edges of the hash symbol give the design an organic and handcrafted feel, while the bright orange hue of the circle adds an energetic and eye-catching backdrop. The use of negative space within the hash symbol adds depth and dimension to this modern, accessible logo with an artistic touch.
The image shows a stylized, abstract logo composed of four diamond-like shapes arranged dynamically to form a structure reminiscent of a propeller or pinwheel. The diamonds converge in the center, interconnected by a looping line creating negative space which emphasizes their arrangement. The overall design seems to evoke movement and interconnectivity. It is monochrome, utilizing a deep purple color that conveys a sense of sophistication and modernity. Considering its color and design, a light and neutral background would complement it well without overpowering the XOOG logo's vibrance.