Iran Logo Examples

Discover the creative world of Iranian branding with a stunning collection of logos. From traditional motifs to modern designs, explore a diverse array of Iranian logo examples.

The Digikala logo features a bold, minimalist design with a strong geometric influence. It consists of a bright red square with rounded corners, suggesting a friendly, accessible brand personality. Within the square, there is a stylized white shape that resembles a smile or a welcoming gesture, reinforcing positive connotations and a customer-centric focus. The overall aesthetic is modern and simple, which allows for easy recognition and versatile application across various media. The use of negative space to create the inner shape is a clever design choice, adding depth and meaning to the iconography.
The Quera logo showcases a solid, vibrant blue stylized "Q" inside a round circle. The "Q" is designed with a minimalist thick stroke and a dynamic tail that gives a sense of motion or transformation. The roundness of both the "Q" and enclosing circle contributes to a friendly and approachable look, while the bright blue exudes both professionalism and energy. The aesthetic is modern, clean, and easily scalable for different uses.