Letter C Logo Examples

Find stunning letter C logo examples for your brand. Explore creative designs for your company's branding needs. Browse through a variety of letter C logo inspirations.

The Cimaco logo features a modern and abstract design with three concentric circles decreasing in thickness from the outermost to the inner circle. Inside the circles, there is a unique element that seems to be a combination of a dot and a small crescent shape, aligned off-center towards the upper-left quadrant, creating a dynamic and forward-moving appearance. This element interrupts the continuity of the circles on one side, suggesting connectivity or targeting. The color is a solid, deep shade of blue, which conveys professionalism and trustworthiness. Overall, the logo has a clean, tech-savvy look with a minimalist aesthetic. Considering the color and design of the Cimaco logo, a light and neutral background would complement it well.
The Columbia SC logo features a vibrant, deep red rectangular background with rounded corners, creating a bold and attention-grabbing design. Centered on the background is a clean and modern white capital letter "H" with a contemporary aesthetic, featuring a slight gap between the vertical and horizontal strokes. The logo's balance of rounded edges and straight lines creates a dynamic and harmonious visual effect.
The Centerplate logo features a modern and minimalistic design, consisting of a deep shade of blue circle with a white abstract shape resembling a tilted seed or a simplified representation of the infinity symbol cutting through the center. The color scheme of blue and white conveys trust, professionalism, and clean contrast, creating a sense of fluidity and continuity within the circular boundary. The soft and subtle hue of #E2E8D2 is recommended as a background color to complement the logo, maintaining its simplicity and sophistication.
The Chatham Steel logo showcases a minimalistic design with a stylized circular shape and a two-tone color scheme. The left half features a vibrant red, while the right side displays a progression of black to gray segments, evoking a pie chart or a shutter in motion. The central white portion provides a focal point and ties the two sides together, conveying a sense of balance and dynamism. This design may symbolize growth, progress, or the integration of different elements, and could be enhanced by a soft, light background.
The Clark logo features a stylized letter 'C' comprised of two white semi-circle cutouts on an orange circular background. It has a modern and bold look, with a minimalist design aesthetic. The choice of a bright, solid orange adds an energetic and vibrant feel to the logo, while the white cutouts provide a striking contrast that enhances the logo's visibility and recognition. The abstract nature of the design allows for various interpretations and conveys a sense of innovation and creativity.
The Catawiki logo presents a bold, flat design featuring a vibrant blue square with a white geometric shape that appears to be a quarter circle or a pie chart segment hugging the left edge of the square. The logo's high contrast and minimalist approach lend it a modern and clean aesthetic. The use of a single shade of blue combined with white creates a striking visual that is simple yet effective for brand recognition.
The Consensus by Coindesk logo features a contemporary, minimalist, and geometric design. It consists of bold black lines forming a circle divided into four equal quadrants, with straight lines creating a pie piece or window pane effect within each quadrant. The use of negative space and symmetry gives it a modern and clean aesthetic, conveying a sense of balance and order. The simplicity and monochrome color scheme make it suitable for pairing with a soft background to maintain its modern and uncluttered look.
The Canada Life logo showcases a minimalist and dynamic design featuring a stylized bird, reminiscent of a phoenix, enclosed within a circular form. The logo employs a bold, solid red hue against a neutral white background, creating a distinct visual impact with a sense of grace and energy.
The Ciklum logo features a stylized letter "C" created using curved lines or arcs that decrease in size towards the center, evoking a sense of inward motion or a ripple effect. The color gradient ranges from a deep, vivid blue to a bright turquoise, suggesting fluidity and dynamism. The overall design aesthetic is modern, clean, and would likely be associated with technology, communication, or water themes due to its fluid-like appearance. The different shades of blue impart a professional and soothing visual experience.
The Procore logo features a bold and modern design with a striking contrast of colors. Centered within a rounded black rectangle is a stylized white letter "C" wrapping around a hexagonal orange shape. The simplicity of the design is visually appealing, with sharp geometric shapes creating a sense of stability and strength. The choice of a vibrant orange against the stark black and white color palette adds a touch of energy and innovation.
The logo features a bold, solid orange square with a white circle extending towards a white flat-edged shape that protrudes from the middle left side of the square. The Code42 logo has a modern and minimalistic feel, with the use of negative space creating a letterform. This simplistic yet strong design allows for easy recognition and can be versatile across various mediums. The color contrast between the orange and white is striking, which makes the Code42 logo stand out.
The Calitho logo features a bold, black letter "C" with a modern, geometric design using thick lines and sharp angles, capturing a strong and impactful presence. The clever use of negative space forms a central part of its design aesthetic, while the simplicity of black and white adds to its versatile and contemporary feel. The logo's professional and clean appearance is complemented by a subtle background shade that provides a slight contrast without overwhelming it.
The logo for Care for a Better Tomorrow is a series of interconnected circles forming a circular, almost spiral-like pattern. All circles share the same vivid blue color, with the exception of one solid blue circle that stands alone to the bottom right of the main pattern. The design has a modern and clean look, suggesting connectivity and unity. Its minimalist aesthetic relies on the use of geometry and repetition to create a visually pleasing and harmonious effect.
The Clickseed logo is a sleek, modern design primarily composed of a vibrant green color. It features a stylized letter 'D' that wraps around an implied letter 'G', creating an interlocking effect. The 'D' has a leaf-like shape inside, conveying a sense of growth or eco-friendliness, which is suggested by its green hue. This logo could be associated with environmental themes or related industries. The simplicity of the design and the use of negative space to imply the 'G' gives the logo a clean and scalable appearance, making it versatile for various applications.
The Catarroja Dental logo features a stylized, abstract design comprising two primary shapes. On the left is a larger, aqua-colored shape resembling a backward "C" or crescent, while on the right, a smaller, circle in a muted gray color nestles into the curve of the aqua crescent. The design is clean and modern, with a flat color palette and no gradients or additional embellishments. The simplicity of the design suggests a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic. Considering the color scheme and design, a background color that would complement this logo by providing contrast while maintaining a soft and modern appearance could be one of the lighter, neutral tones.
The image depicts a highly stylized letter 'G' as a logo, composed of bold, black, curvilinear shapes that interlock in a circular motion, giving it a dynamic and modern appearance. The predominant use of sharp edges and curves provides a sense of movement and fluidity, while the monochromatic color scheme lends the design a classic and versatile quality. The interplay between the shapes creates an illusion of depth and dimension despite the flatness of the design.
The Calibro logo in the image presents a modern and abstract design resembling a stylized letter "C." It is composed of geometric segments that form a circular negative space in the center, giving the impression of a dynamic and tech-forward brand. The segments feature bold, flat colors—black, yellow, cyan, and magenta, which are reminiscent of the primary colors used in printing processes. The overall aesthetic is clean and contemporary with a hint of playfulness suggested by the use of bright colors. The design is minimalist yet distinctive, with a balance between color and negative space.
The Charles Liégeois logo has a minimalist and modern design with a monochrome color palette. At the center, there is a stylized letter "E" in black, enclosed within an elliptical border. The "E" consists of four distinct geometric shapes, resembling a pie chart, symbolizing segmentation or unity. Each segment is equally sized, with negative space defining the arms of the "E." The elliptical border has rounded edges, adding a soft and approachable feel to the logo. The simplicity and balance of the shapes make it versatile for various applications.
The Crisol Empanadas logo is a minimalist and abstract representation of the letter 'E'. It consists of a dark navy-blue color with a matte finish. The design features three uneven, organic blobs or shapes connected in the center, creating the negative space that forms the letter's central horizontal line. The overall aesthetic feels modern and fluid, with a slightly playful twist due to the irregular edges of the shapes. The design conveys simplicity and contemporary branding.
The image displays a simplistic and bold Captal logo consisting of a bright green square with a large, clean-cut semicircular notch taken out from the right side, creating a dynamic and modern feel. The green color is vibrant and eye-catching, while the use of negative space by removing a portion of the square adds an interesting visual element that could represent openness or a missing piece. The overall design is minimalistic and could easily be associated with a brand that values freshness, growth, or innovation.
The Carolco logo depicts a stylized fingerprint integrated into the abstract form of a hand or glove, with the fingerprint lines creating a dynamic, flowing effect. The design is monochromatic, utilizing only black and white, which provides a strong contrast and emphasizes the intricate details of the fingerprint's whorls and ridges. The overall aesthetic is modern and sleek, with a focus on precision and uniqueness, suggesting themes of personal identity, security, and technology. It combines organic forms with geometric cleanliness, making it stand out as both a recognizable symbol and a decorative element.
The 3D Collective logo features a stylized, abstract letter 'S' rendered in a modern and minimalist 3D effect. The design consists of folded ribbon-like shapes in a gradient of red and orange, creating movement and dimensionality. The clean design with soft shadows gives the logo a sleek and professional appearance, while the color transition adds a sense of fluidity and energy in line with contemporary design aesthetics.
The reCAPTCHA logo features a sleek and modern design with an amalgamation of arrow-shaped components in various shades of blue and grey. The dynamic aesthetic suggests motion and transformation, enhanced by the use of gradients for depth and sophistication.
The logo depicted is a stylized, abstract design of an orange bird in profile within a circular form, evoking a sense of motion and transformation. The bird's head, with a pointed beak, merges seamlessly into the curve of the circle, suggesting both containment and continuity. The orange color of the bird is bright and lively, conveying energy and creativity. There is a cut-out or negative space that forms the eye, adding depth and character to the design. This Candid logo combines simplicity with a dynamic twist, making it visually engaging and memorable.
The Cinex logo features a stylized lowercase "e" with a geometric design. The letterform is bold and comprised of rounded rectangles or capsules stacked vertically, with the negative space smartly carving out the inner part of the "e". The color scheme includes a saturated, deep orange that portrays warmth and energy. The design is modern and minimalist, implying efficiency and innovation. Considering the color and design of the Cinex logo, a contrasting pale background would complement it well.
The Jané Concord logo comprises a minimalist and balanced circular design, characterized by a thick black outline encircling a white space with a centered black swirl. The overall aesthetic exudes a modern and abstract feel, suggesting movement or an organic element within a structured boundary, while conveying a sense of harmony and simplicity.
The Caleydo logo features a stylized, abstract geometric design resembling a cube constructed from four right-angled isosceles triangles. Each triangle features a different color, with a smooth transition between them, forming a colorful gradient effect. The top triangle is red, the rightmost is orange, the bottom is green, and the leftmost is blue. This design communicates diversity, dynamism, modernity, and simplicity with its clean lines and bold color choices.
The Consensys logo features a bold, black circular shape with a striking white negative space that forms a distinctive 'G' letterform. The design is minimalistic and modern, incorporating sharp angles within the 'G' that contrast with the smooth curvature of the circle. The logo achieves a powerful visual presence through the balance between the solid black area and the stark white space, showcasing a dynamic sense of movement and precision.
The Coherent logo features a bold, minimalist design consisting of a white asterisk or starburst-like symbol centered on a solid black circular background. The icon has eight points, with each pair of opposing points aligning perpendicularly to the others, creating a symmetrical and balanced aesthetic. There are no gradients or additional embellishments, which emphasizes its modern and clean look. This stark contrast between the white figure and the black backdrop would stand out well against a range of lighter backgrounds.
The Cube Dev logo is a stylized, three-dimensional letter 'E' composed of geometric shapes. The primary form is a hexagon, split into a variety of shapes, with the differentiated colors giving the appearance of depth. The color palette consists of a deep navy, a pastel pink, and a medium purple, creating a striking contrast. The overall design aesthetic is modern and minimalist, with clean lines and a bold, isometric style that would be suitable for a tech company or a digital brand. Given the colors within the Cube Dev logo, a background that complements but does not compete for attention would be ideal.
The Cendant logo features a stylized letter 'C' made up of segmented shapes, evoking a sense of motion or digital technology. The design, in deep rich blue with a slightly brighter hue, is modern and minimalistic. The 'C' is constructed from partial concentric circles and straight, interrupted lines, creating a three-dimensional illusion. The overall aesthetic is sleek and professional, suggesting a high-tech or digital brand identity.
The Chicago Tribune logo features a minimalist and modern design with stylized letters resembling a combination of "C" and "L". The bold, dark blue color exudes professionalism and trustworthiness, while the sleek font adds a touch of elegance. An intriguing cut-out on the upper part of the "C" resembles a leaf or a flame, implying growth, energy, or a focus on the environment.
The logo for South Park Commons is a geometric design featuring a central circle surrounded by a series of straight lines and shapes forming a stylized sun or starburst pattern. The elements include triangles, squares, and additional lines, creating a sense of symmetry and balance. The monochromatic image uses a black outline on a plain white background, contributing to its modern and minimalist aesthetic. With its precise lines and angles, the logo exudes an architectural feel, suggesting its relevance to companies in the design or technology sectors.
The Condat logo portrays a modern, minimalist aesthetic, featuring a stylized letter "C" in a deep shade of blue. The design suggests fluidity and movement with a geometric cut that adds a sense of openness. Its sleek, clean two-dimensional form would make it stand out on a light background.
The Creators Media logo is a stylized letter 'C' composed of vibrant, layered colored sections, creating a dynamic and modern appearance. The colors used include a combination of turquoise, red, gold, and hints of teal, which blend into each other with a subtle gradient effect. The design employs a blend of flat and 3D illusion through shading, giving it depth and movement. The shapes within the logo are clean-cut with a geometric quality, yet the overall contour of the 'C' retains a smooth, rounded edge, effectively conveying a sense of innovation and connectivity.
The CHEF logo boasts a modern and stylized design, consisting of geometric shapes forming an abstract circular motif with a dynamic feel. The central part features a stylized letter "C" in a darker shade, encircled by rings in gradient shades of orange and gray, giving it a three-dimensional effect. The outermost part has segments reminiscent of a gear or compass, suggesting precision or a technological focus. The colors are muted with contrasting dark gray and vibrant orange, which provides a professional yet energetic look.
The Chrono24 logo showcases a sleek, bold, and near-complete circle in a dark color, forming a stylized letter "C." Within the "C," there is a minimalist checkmark in a contrasting shade of gold or tan. The design exudes a modern and professional aesthetic, emphasizing efficiency and confirmation. The color contrast between the dark outer "C" and the lighter checkmark accentuates precision and completion.
The Into The Cryptoverse logo features a stylized letter "C" in a deep blue color, encompassing a white silhouette of a planet with rings, likely Saturn, which sits at the center of the "C." The overall design aesthetic is minimalist and modern, with clean lines and curves. The choice of color gives it a professional and tech-savvy look, and the use of negative space to depict the planet is both creative and visually engaging.
The Choice Hotels logo showcases a modern and minimalist design featuring a stylized letter "B" composed of geometric shapes. The left half of the "B" consists of a semicircular shape in a vivid orange hue, while the right half is divided into a trapezoid and a quarter circle in bright yellow. The flat shapes, devoid of gradients or 3D effects, contribute to a clean, bold, and contemporary aesthetic.
The logo for Coin Mining Central is a modern and dynamic representation of a letter formed from diagonal stripes in varying lengths. The design uses two shades of orange to create dimension and contrast. The innovative use of negative space adds movement and flow to the sleek and minimalist aesthetic, making the letter easily recognizable.
The Cogeco logo showcases a stylized representation of the letters "CC" created with overlapping, bold circular arcs. The arcs gradually diminish in size as they radiate outward, creating a dynamic and optical illusion effect. The deep, rich blue color exudes professionalism and reliability. The modern and abstract design suggests a forward-thinking and innovative company, while the circular theme may imply unity, continuity, or a global perspective.
The Conversant logo is a stylized letter "C" composed of two thick arcs that meet at sharp points, giving an impression of elegance and simplicity. The color of the "C" is a muted gold or tan, which exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication. The shape is bold and modern with a minimalist design, yet the tapered ends of the arcs create a dynamic feeling of openness and movement. The overall aesthetic is clean, uncluttered, and would likely be seen as upscale or contemporary.
The Conservative logo features a stylized letter "C" in dark blue, wrapping around a red maple leaf, positioned in the center of the design. Beneath the leaf, there is a subtle wave-like shape in light blue. The letter "C" has a bold, slightly beveled effect, creating a 3-dimensional appearance. The maple leaf is detailed with pointed edges, adding an organic and natural element to the logo. The striking color contrast between dark blue, red, and light blue balances modernity with a traditional feel. The overall design is clean, professional, and distinctly Canadian in its symbolism.
The Costa del mar logo showcases a modern, simplistic design featuring a stylized blue shape resembling a wave or water droplet in motion. The main element is a single, solid color with smooth curves and a flowing, rounded tail, creating a dynamic and fluid appearance, conveying movement and transformation, potentially representing change or nature, specifically water. The vibrant shade of blue evokes freshness, cleanliness, or serenity, making the logo versatile and easily recognizable.
The image is a stylized logo resembling a yin-yang symbol, symbolizing balance and duality. It consists of two swirl-shaped halves that fit snugly together, forming a perfect circle. The left half is black with a white dot near the lower end, while the right half fades from a middle gray at the junction to a lighter gray towards the edge, with a black dot mirroring its counterpart on the left. The transition between the two halves is smooth, suggesting a seamless integration of the contrasting elements. This minimalist and modern design features a monochromatic color scheme that is both stark and harmonious, conveying a sense of calm and unity for Corella Publishing.
The Caliber Comics logo showcases a bold, white abstract symbol at the center of a vibrant red circular background. The symbol, resembling a stylized eye or possibly a winged object, exudes a dynamic and fluid appearance. Its lines seamlessly integrate a shape that could suggest motion or vision, both central to the overall impact of the design. The starkly contrasting white-on-red color scheme makes the logo pop and imbues it with a sense of energy and urgency. The simplicity of the logo lends it a modern and clean aesthetic.
The logo for CFE Research features an abstract design resembling a stylized letter 'C' composed of segmented arcs that wrap around a central green circle. The arcs are colored in a gradient sequence of blue, purple, and orange, suggesting dynamism and creativity. The design has a modern and approachable look, using bright colors and a clean sans-serif typeface for any lettering involved. The gradient gives a sense of depth and the open center of the 'C' creates a focal point.
The Cemento logo consists of a minimalist design featuring a bold, black letter "E" that is missing its bottom horizontal line, resulting in an abstract representation of the letter. The design is simple, with sharp angles and a modern, clean aesthetic. The color scheme is monochromatic, utilizing only black against a transparent background, emphasizing the contrast and making the logo versatile for different backgrounds.
The Cognito logo features a stylized fingerprint motif composed of white and turquoise lines against a deep blue circular background. The modern, minimalist design incorporates slight gradients that add depth to the lines, which are arranged to mirror the unique swirls and ridges found in a human fingerprint. This suggests individuality and security, making it suitable for technology or security-related branding. The overall aesthetic is clean and digital, with a cool tone that would benefit from a complementary background color.
The Craft logo in the image consists of a stylized, abstract shape resembling a four-part leaf or perhaps a pinwheel. It features four distinct segments, each with its own color: magenta at the top left, bright blue at the top right, and two shades of dark navy to lighter navy filling the bottom left and bottom right sections, respectively. The segments are arrayed in a circular fashion, creating a dynamic and balanced feeling, with the interplay of the warm magenta against the cool blue hues providing visual interest. The aesthetic is modern and clean, with a flat design approach that avoids any gradients or shadows for a simple yet bold appearance.
The Concrete5 logo features a stylized white handprint centered within a black square. The handprint includes all five fingers spread out, with a notable swirl design on the palm, suggesting a sense of individuality or identity. The design aesthetic is minimalist and modern, using high contrast between the white graphic and the black background to make a bold statement. The logo's simplicity ensures it could work across various mediums and sizes.
The Agency Core logo is a minimalist design of an apple. The image consists of a simple, stylized silhouette that uses negative space to define the form. The central feature is a circular shape, with a smaller, off-center circle creating the illusion of the apple's shadow or depth. A small leaf-like shape perches neatly on top. The color is a solid, monochromatic dark grey, which gives it a professional and sleek appearance. The aesthetic is modern and would likely appeal to brands seeking a clean and straightforward visual identity.
The Counter Press logo features a stylized image in black, with abstract geometric shapes that form a minimalist and modern design. The prominent circle appears partially obscured by other shapes within it, creating the impression of a face with one eye and a curved smile or a crescent. The simplicity of the design allows for versatile usage in various mediums, conveying a playful and friendly aesthetic.
The Movimiento Círculo Verde logo showcases a stylized letter "C" comprising two primary elements. The upper part is a dark blue arrow curving downwards, while the lower section is a bright green color with a leaf pattern, representing an eco-friendly or sustainability theme. An overlap of the arrow over the green part suggests motion or transformation. The logo's modern, simple design conveys a message of environmental consciousness and progressive change. For the background, a light and neutral shade is recommended to complement the logo without overpowering its colors.