Letter K Logo Examples

Find diverse K letter logo examples for your business. Explore striking designs and get inspired for your own brand logo.

The Kleinanzeigen logo consists of two intertwined elements that form the letters 'b' and 'd', presented in a solid, dark green color. The design is sleek, modern, and emphasizes connectivity and unity. The rounded shapes convey a sense of harmony and balance, creating a clean and organic look that is both minimalistic and sophisticated.
The Kajabi logo consists of a bold, abstract geometric design forming a stylized letter 'K.' It is composed of two triangles in deep and light blue tones, creating a modern and energetic appearance with a dynamic aesthetic.
The Key Retirement logo features a stylized, abstract representation of a cross or plus sign, crafted from two elements. The left element is a warm, vivid orange, while the right element is a slightly cooler, deep pink shade. The design has a modern and dynamic look with a slight curvature, creating the impression of motion or fluidity. The overall aesthetic is minimalist yet bold, and the contrast between the two colors adds to its striking appearance. The image is clean, with no additional embellishment, adding to its contemporary vibe.
The Kenner logo is a stylized, abstract representation of the letter 'K'. It features sharp angles and bold geometry, with a right-angled triangular shape forming the backbone of the 'K' that is met by two asymmetric arms at the top and bottom. This gives the letter an energetic and dynamic feel. The color of the logo is a vivid and saturated shade of orange, which gives it a sense of vibrancy and excitement, perfect for a brand looking to stand out. The overall aesthetic is modern and minimalist with a twist of creativity. For a background that complements yet contrasts pleasantly with the logo’s vivacious orange, a light and serene shade would be ideal. The hexcode #ECE4CF, a soft, pale peach, provides a gentle backdrop that would allow the logo to remain the focal point without overwhelming it.
The logo for Loja Kildare is a modern, clean design consisting of a bold and stylized letter "K." It features a striking red color with clear cutouts that create dynamic white spaces, giving the impression of forward motion or pivoting. The design is minimalist, utilizing sharp angles to convey a sense of precision and professionalism. The simplicity of the logo makes it versatile for various applications, and the contrast between the red and the white spaces adds visual interest.
KEF logo: The logo features a minimalist and modern representation of the letter "K," composed of a solid black square and a black right-angled triangle. The square forms the vertical line of the "K," while the triangle, with its hypotenuse removed, represents the angled lines. The design utilizes negative space, making it adaptable and easy to recognize. A soft and subtle background would complement its simplicity and strong use of negative space well.
The business name Konceptive's logo features a stylized, geometric design composed of a large burgundy-colored shape resembling an 'r' or a stylized boot with a rounded top, intersected by a smaller, perfectly square shape of a slightly lighter shade. The color scheme uses a gradient with two shades of a deep, muted pinkish-red, giving the design a modern and minimalist look. The larger shape is curving inward, creating a sense of motion or growth.
The logo presented for Koll Guitars is a stylized representation of the letters "IK" using sharp geometric shapes. The design is monochromatic, featuring solid black coloration. The "I" is depicted using vertical lines of varying lengths, whereas the "K" is created through a series of diagonal lines converging towards the lower right, giving the impression of a single continuous element. This modern, minimalist design conveys a sense of sleekness and cutting-edge simplicity. To complement this logo, a light background that provides enough contrast without overpowering the black lines would be appropriate.
The Katerra logo comprises a stylized set of straight and angled lines organized in a manner reminiscent of an abstract or minimalist depiction of motion or speed. The monochromatic theme uses black lines on a white background, making it highly adaptable and versatile for various applications. The even weight of the lines contributes to a balanced and modern aesthetic that suggests dynamism and precision. Notably, the negative space formed by the angled lines could be interpreted as an arrow pointing to the right, which may symbolize forward movement or progress.
The KIOSK Budapest logo features a stylized letter "K," formed by geometric shapes that create a three-dimensional effect. Consisting of straight lines and angles, the design maintains a consistent line thickness. The elongated main body of the "K" and its asymmetric arms create a modern, clean aesthetic with sharp corners, free from embellishments. The monochromatic black and white color scheme adds a timeless and versatile quality to the logo.
The Kennedy Property Services logo features a bold, minimalist design in vibrant orange. The innovative twist on the letter "K" eliminates the vertical line, leaving two diagonal strokes connected by a sharp right angle. The asymmetrical, dynamic appearance and energetic, modern feel make this logo stand out. A soft, muted background color could complement the simplicity and vibrancy of the logo.
The Kuda Bank logo features a stylized letter 'K' mirrored and joined in the middle to form a symmetrical design that resembles a chevron or arrow pointing to the left. The 'K' shapes are composed of four solid stripes with sharp angles, creating a dynamic and modern look. The color of the logo is a deep, rich purple, giving it a sense of sophistication and regality. There are no additional embellishments, allowing the clean and bold geometry of the letterforms to stand out.
The image depicts a stylized, abstract logo for Kormoran consisting of bold, black shapes that convey a sense of movement or transformation. The design is modern and minimalistic, featuring clean lines and sharp angles that appear to form an origami-like bird in mid-flight. The main elements of the logo resemble a folded wing and tail, with a dot representing an eye, adding a sense of life to the otherwise geometric design. The logo exudes a dynamic and progressive feel, suitable for a brand looking to convey innovation and agility.
The logo in the image is a bold, stylized letter 'K' in white set against a vibrant red square background. The 'K' has a modern, dynamic design with a notch cut out on the upper right of the letter, giving it a distinctive look. The design aesthetic is clean, minimalist, and striking, with rounded corners on the square and a slightly slanted line in the 'K' conveying movement and a forward-thinking approach.
The Kelleher Construction logo features a stylized letter "K" within a square frame, suggesting movement and dynamism through sharp angles and a cutout on its leg, giving it an arrow-like shape pointing towards the upper left. The design is bold and simple, with clean lines and a modern aesthetic. The color of the logo is a deep teal or turquoise, conveying professionalism and innovation. Given the cool hue of the logo, a complementary background color would balance it well.
The image showcases Kickback's bold, blue-colored logo with a stylized letter "K." The design is modern and simplistic, with sharp angles and straight lines, creating a dynamic and forward-moving appearance. The minimalist and contemporary aesthetic, combined with the solid blue color, conveys confidence and strength. The slight extension on the right side of the "K" suggests motion or progress.
The logo for The Ken is a bold, two-dimensional design featuring a singular, abstract form that could be interpreted as a stylized letter "B" with a dynamic cut-out, adding depth to the design. The primary color of the logo is a vivid, true red, which stands out with a sense of energy and power. The logo's edges are sharp and angular, giving it a modern and sleek look. It evokes a sense of forward movement and strength. The design aesthetic is minimalist, with no additional embellishments, relying on the strong geometric shape and striking color to make its impact.
The La Famille K logo features a modern and sleek design composed of geometric shapes. The main element is a shield-like emblem with a flat-bottomed curve at the top and a straight-lined bottom half, resembling an abstract interpretation of a heraldic shield. A stylized, diagonal stripe bisects the shield from the upper left to the lower right, creating a dynamic sense of movement within the design. The logo is monochromatic with a soft coral color, giving it a warm and inviting vibe. The simplicity of the design and the lack of additional embellishment or text suggest a minimalist aesthetic, aiming for clean, crisp, and easily recognizable branding. Considering the color and design of the logo, a background color that would complement it without overwhelming the design would be a light pastel shade for contrast and visual harmony.
The Radio Katowice logo features a stylized red "R" composed of geometric shapes. It uses a series of bold, parallel curves that converge at a sharp point at the bottom left, implying motion and dynamic energy. There's a balance between the curves' thickness and the negative space which creates a modern and clean look, typical of contemporary branding aesthetics. The solid red color (#FF0000) suggests confidence and draws the eye.
The Kadoo logo is a simplistic and modern design that consists of a symmetrical, abstract figure resembling a clover or a cross with rounded edges. It features four leaves or petals, each with a different color: green, blue, darker blue, and light blue, all with flat tones. The design gives off a feeling of balance and unity, with its smooth curves and junction at the center indicating connectivity or interaction. Given its clean lines and use of negative space, the logo exudes a contemporary feel that is versatile for various branding purposes.
The Kosé Corporation logo consists of two rounded geometric shapes—a square and a parallelogram—leaning against each other. Both shapes have soft, rounded corners and are a medium shade of blue, creating a professional and modern aesthetic. The orientation of the shapes gives a sense of movement or interaction. The simplicity of the design suggests versatility, representing various concepts from technology to partnership. The logo would complement a subtle and light background well.
The logo for Khaalz is an abstract, symmetrical design consisting of four black triangles arranged to form a larger, kite-like shape with a central, square-like negative space where the triangles' points meet. The triangles are oriented to point towards the center from the four cardinal directions, giving the impression of convergence and dynamism. The design has a modern and simplistic aesthetic, with clean lines and a bold contrast between the black shapes and the white background. This logo would be complemented well by a subtle background that doesn't compete with its boldness.
The Kemper logo emphasizes a bold, navy blue "K" with sharp angles, connoting strength and stability. The design also incorporates a smaller, triangular red shape on the upper left side, adding a punch of energy and attention to the logo. The contrast between the red and navy blue gives the logo an assertive and professional appearance.
The logo for Keap showcases a striking, stylized letter "K" in a vibrant green hue. Its modern and minimalistic design comprises two geometric shapes—a vertical rectangle and a diagonal parallelogram—that combine to create the distinct shape of the letter. The clean and uncluttered aesthetic evokes a sense of efficiency and innovation. A neutral backdrop that complements the green without overshadowing it is recommended.
The Katalon logo features two geometric shapes with a modern and minimalist design aesthetic. The primary shape is a large, solid black parallelogram, conveying stability and forward motion. Below and to the right, there's a smaller square in a bright teal color, adding vibrancy and suggesting innovation. The overlap of the two shapes conveys depth and interaction, while the stark color contrast creates a striking visual appeal. The simplicity of the design allows for versatility in various applications while maintaining a distinctive look.
The image showcases a sleek black logo with geometric shapes creating an abstract "K." It includes a bold upright rectangle as the main structure, along with a right-angled triangle resembling the letter's lower leg. A small teardrop-like shape adds sophistication and can be interpreted as an apostrophe, a human profile, or an artistic detail. The solid black color and clean lines exude modernity and professionalism.
The Kemitt logo features a bold, orange square background with a large white letter "K" at the center. The "K" is uniquely designed, with a straight vertical line on the left and two diagonal lines extending towards the top right and bottom right, resembling an abstract representation of the letter. The design is simple yet striking, with a modern, minimalist aesthetic that employs solid, flat colors. The contrast between the vibrant orange and the pure white creates a sharp visual impact.
The Kalashnikov Group logo is an abstract design with a bold black letter 'K' forming the central element. The right arm of the 'K' extends to the top-right, creating a dynamic angle. A small, contrasting red triangle is positioned on the bottom-left part of the 'K,' adding an element of direction and movement to the design. The logo's use of stark black and red colors against a white background creates a striking visual contrast. For a background that complements this logo without overwhelming it, a soft, neutral color that provides contrast without clashing with the black and red would be suitable.
The Klaviyo logo presents a stylized letter "K" in a bold and minimalist design. It features a thick, black rectangular form with a right-angled triangular negative space removed from its upper right-hand side, creating the impression of the letter "K." The logo's sleek, modern aesthetic, high contrast, and effective use of negative space communicate its visual message. The design's stark simplicity and bold lines would complement a soft and neutral background without overpowering the overall look.
The Karbon logo is a stylized monochromatic emblem with vertical and slanting bars forming a shape reminiscent of a directional arrow pointing to the right and an abstract representation of the letter "K". The design consists of bold black solid lines of varying thickness and orientation. The bars on the left are straight and vertical, while the bars on the right converge at different angles, creating a dynamic sense of movement. The overall design aesthetic is modern, clean, and easily recognizable, contrasting well on a subtle, light background.
The Kalorama Information logo showcases a modern, bold, red-colored geometric design. It consists of a square split into two main shapes: a solid red square on the left and an outlined triangle in the same striking red hue on the right. The triangle, pointing left, creates a negative space that subtly suggests an arrow pointing backwards. The design creatively utilizes negative space to convey movement and direction. The vivid red color ensures that the logo stands out and commands attention.
The image is of a simple and modern logo consisting of a green abstract shape that seems to represent a stylized molecule or a network. It features two circle-like nodes connected to a central, rounded cross-like structure, with one node appearing smaller and positioned to the bottom left, suggesting a dynamic or hierarchical relationship. The nodes and connections are filled with a vibrant green color, giving the "Kontakt" logo a fresh and organic feel. The overall design aesthetic is minimalistic, with a focus on clean lines and symmetry, communicating a sense of innovation or connectivity.
The Kona Bikes logo features a bold stylized monogram of the letters "KB" enclosed within a gear-like circular border, reflecting an industrial, mechanical, or technical theme. The monochromatic design utilizes stark black against a plain background, with sharp edges and dynamic negative space for a modern and aggressive character. The gear border adds complexity and implies craftsmanship or engineering.
The Konsum logo incorporates a stylized lowercase 'n' merged with a partial uppercase 'K' within a circle. The letters have a modern, bold, sans-serif font style and are colored in a vivid red, contrasting sharply against a white background to exude energy and passion. The design balances sharp and curved lines, creating a dynamic and professional aesthetic. The circular boundary encapsulates the brand identity, conveying a sense of completeness and unity.
The business name "Kerry" is visually represented by a stylized letter "K" with a modern, dynamic look. The logo features a deep teal color, projecting a professional and clean appearance. The "K" is complemented by a simple, curved line below, evoking a sense of stability and balance and suggesting a brand identity rooted in innovation and efficiency.
The Kareclinic logo features an abstract, organic design consisting of multiple rounded shapes that converge into a central point, somewhat resembling a blooming flower or a splash of liquid. The main color is a vibrant shade of magenta. The overall aesthetic is modern and dynamic, with the shapes creating a sense of movement and energy. The shapes culminate in a fluid symmetry that gives it a balanced yet playful appearance. Given the vivid magenta color of the Kareclinic logo, a background that complements without competing would be ideal.
The Burny Kaliburn logo features a bold, solid red shield as its backdrop, with a white stylized emblem at its center that resembles an abstract figure or perhaps an anchor, with arms extending upward and outward and a split bottom section that spreads into a broad, stable base. The design has a strong and protective connotation, with its shield shape suggesting defense or safety, and the emblem inside conveying strength and stability. The colors are high-contrast, which allows for the icon to stand out with clarity and direct visual impact.
The Kymco logo features a stylized, abstract design that appears to combine the letters 'K' and 'C' in a fluid, interconnected fashion. The design is encapsulated within an elliptical shape that adds a sense of motion or orbiting. The color palette is monochromatic, utilizing shades of silver and grey, which gives it a metallic and modern feel. The use of gradients and shading creates a three-dimensional effect, enhancing the logo's sleek and professional appearance. This logo would be well-suited for a company in the tech or automotive industry, or any brand looking for a contemporary and dynamic identity.
The logo features a bold, bright red rightward-pointing arrow with a modern, geometric design inside a square with rounded corners. The background of the square is a vibrant, saturated yellow, creating a striking contrast and high visibility. The arrow has a slightly stylized cut, giving it a dynamic and forward-moving appearance. The color palette is reminiscent of a traffic signal, suggesting movement and attention. Given the logo's color scheme, a neutral or cool-toned background would complement it without competing for attention.
The KHEbikes logo is a minimalist, modern design featuring a bold, white letter 'K' centered within a black square. The 'K' is stylized with a crisp, right-angled negative space cutting diagonally from the top of the 'K' down to the bottom right corner, giving a sense of forward motion or a lightning bolt. This sharp division creates a dynamic visual contrast. The simplicity of the design, with its clean lines and stark color contrast between black and white, gives it a contemporary and versatile appearance. It would stand out well against a muted background.
The logo for Keep Network incorporates a bold, dark gray "K" seamlessly merged with the silhouette of a castle turret at the top left corner. The design utilizes sharp angles and straight lines, creating a sturdy, fortified appearance associated with medieval architecture. The merger of the letter with the castle element emphasizes stability and strength. The simplicity of the color and form gives it a modern, clean look that would stand out against a light, subtle background.
The Krystal Bus logo is a stylized representation of the letter "K," composed of three geometric shapes resembling elongated hexagons or chevrons with a three-dimensional appearance. The primary color is a bold red, with gradient shades providing depth and a sense of perspective to the design. The logo exudes a modern and dynamic aesthetic, featuring sharp angles and the use of shadows that add character and movement. The overall impression is strong, striking, and easily recognizable.
The Konbini logo features a stylized, geometric design consisting of a right triangle with a truncated corner, creating a secondary, smaller right triangle within it. The logo has a bold, modern look with its sharp angles and flat design. The color scheme includes three primary colors: a bright blue on the left side (#0057B8), a vivid red cuts diagonally across the center (#FF0000), and a cheerful yellow fills the right bottom section (#FFD700). These are simple, yet strong colors often used to signify playfulness and accessibility. The overall aesthetic is playful and dynamic, imbued with a sense of movement and energy.
The image depicts a bold, stylized logo consisting of two overlapping shapes in shades of blue. The shapes form an abstract capital letter "K," with one standing vertical and the other diagonally. The design creates a modern and dynamic feel through geometric simplicity and a deep color palette, with the right shape featuring a gradient from royal blue to navy for a three-dimensional effect.
The logo for Kettler features a stylized, geometrical letter K, divided into a two-part structure. The left side of the K is solid black, while the right side is segmented into different colored stripes - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo, representing the colors of the rainbow. The design is clean and modern, with bold, block colors giving it a vibrant and dynamic appearance. The flat design with no gradients or shadows adheres to a minimalist aesthetic, making the logo versatile and visually striking.
The logo depicted for K Car is a stylized, geometric design composed of four squares positioned to form a larger square. The top two squares are contrasting in color; the left one is a solid red, and the right is a gradient from red to transparent, giving a pie-slice visual effect. The bottom two squares are shades of gray, with the left appearing slightly darker than the right. The logo has a modern and minimalistic look, with a balance of warm and cool tones. The clean lines and use of negative space create a sense of order and precision.
The image displays a bold, abstract logo consisting of two geometric shapes that resemble a stylized letter "K." The logo is black and features a right angle that forms the vertical line of the "K" while an obtuse triangle with its point cut off constitutes the oblique lines. The overall design aesthetic is minimalist and modern, with sharp angles and a strong, clear silhouette that conveys a sense of dynamism and precision for Kriega.
The Karsan logo is a simple, modern design consisting of geometric shapes that form an abstract representation of a forward-pointing arrow or a stylized "K". It features a red parallelogram tilted to the left and an adjacent red triangle pointing to the right. The bold and energetic feel is emphasized by the solid, vibrant red color, while the clean, sharp edges and minimalist aesthetic add to its appeal. The symmetry and directional shape suggest movement and progressiveness.
This image features a stylized logo that resembles the letter "K". The design includes a series of black, curved parallel lines that start thicker at the top and bottom and taper towards the central axis of the logo, creating an effect reminiscent of a spine or a set of winding paths. The negative space between the lines forms the "K," which stands out against the stark simplicity of the black and white color scheme. The overall design aesthetic is modern, minimalistic, and dynamic, suggesting movement and flexibility. Given the monochromatic nature of the logo, a background color that offers a subtle contrast without overwhelming the design would be suitable.