Turkey Logo Examples

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and design aesthetics of Turkey with our collection of Turkish logo examples. Celebrate the unique creativity and heritage of Turkey through captivating company logos.

The Pollective logo features a simple, black, rectangular speech bubble with a rounded corner on the top left and a deep notch at the bottom right, creating a distinctive, stylized look. The bubble's shape is reminiscent of a chat icon, suggesting communication or dialogue. The solid black color gives it a bold and easily recognizable appearance, and it lacks any additional elements or text, which enhances its universal applicability.
The Yatirim Finansman logo depicts a stylized, abstract design that looks like a combination of geometric shapes creating an optical illusion. The shape recalls a three-dimensional cube or box, with elements appearing to interlock. The logo uses two tones of a dark blue palette that give it depth and contrast. The design is modern, clean, and appears dynamic due to its contrasting planes that suggest movement or rotation. It would stand out crisply against a light background that doesn't compete with its color intensity.
The image depicts a logo that is a stylized letter "b" formed by adding an abstract circular element at the bottom with concentric circles, symbolizing a target or signal, and three curved lines ascending from it, which give the appearance of broadcast signals or sound waves. The design is sleek and modern, using a soft blue color palette. The color gives the Dinamo FM logo a professional and technological feel, suggesting connectivity and precision. The use of negative space between the lines and circles adds a dynamic and three-dimensional aspect to the design.
The Tamsa logo features a simple and modern design, showcasing two shapes: a navy blue lowercase 'r' without the vertical line, resembling a curved ending dash, alongside a solid red circle to its upper right. The bold, rounded form of the 'r' contributes to the logo's contemporary and friendly appearance, while the circle adds a pop of contrasting color. The striking yet harmonious color contrast between the red and navy blue enhances the overall visual impact of the logo.
The Acarsan logo features a stylized letter "A" composed of geometric shapes that resemble an isosceles triangle with a parallelogram as its base. The design is minimalistic and modern, using a bold, dark blue color (#0000FF) that suggests professionalism and reliability. The angles of the shapes create a sense of upward movement and stability. The crisp edges and the solid fill of the shapes promote a strong and stable brand identity.
The Maysan Mando logo showcases a stylized lowercase 'm' using bold, ribbon-like shapes that convey fluidity and movement. The striking shade of red signifies energy, passion, or power. Its modern, minimalist aesthetic with smooth curves and the absence of embellishments make it versatile and easily recognizable. The use of negative space and overlapping elements adds sophistication and depth to the design.
The Kanuni logo is a modern, minimalistic representation consisting of three red, curved shapes converging in a manner that suggests movement or rotation. The evenly spaced shapes create a circular illusion while pointing counter-clockwise, implying dynamism or progress. The bold red color indicates energy and passion, contributing to a clean and vivid design aesthetic. A subtle background would complement the strong red color well without competing for attention.
The logo for Axess features a stylized, modern design incorporating a bold, black letter 'a' seamlessly integrated with three vertical parallel lines on its right side. Utilizing a monochromatic palette, the design creates a striking contrast with the black against a white background. The lowercase 'a' has a sleek, minimalistic feel with a graphic, round form and no crossbar. The varying thickness of the three lines from left to right creates a sense of depth and dimensionality. This design conveys simplicity and contemporaneity, making it an ideal fit for a technology or design-oriented context.
The logo for Kolay features a stylized letter "K," created through geometric abstraction. The design consists of a left-leaning parallelogram and an incomplete triangle on the bottom right, connected to form the letter. The vibrant shade of blue adds a modern and clean aesthetic, while a slightly thicker outline enhances visibility and appeal.
The Adphorus logo features a sleek, modern sans-serif monogram "A" and "N" combined with clean lines and a three-dimensional effect achieved through shading and perspective. The monochromatic design exudes a professional and contemporary feel, with subtle gradients for added depth.
The Webmaxi logo showcases a bold, black crown with a sleek, geometric design. Comprising sharp angles and clean lines, the crown features five points, with the central peak being the tallest. Its minimalist and modern aesthetic conveys power, authority, and excellence in a contemporary manner.
The Yektamak logo features a stylized white letter "Y" set against a vivid red rectangular background. The white figure has smooth curves and sharp angles, providing a dynamic and modern appeal. The negative space creates an interesting visual effect, giving the impression of movement or transformation. This suggests a sense of innovation and forward-thinking. The balance between the red and white creates a strong contrast, making the design stand out and easily recognizable.
The Karsan logo is a simple, modern design consisting of geometric shapes that form an abstract representation of a forward-pointing arrow or a stylized "K". It features a red parallelogram tilted to the left and an adjacent red triangle pointing to the right. The bold and energetic feel is emphasized by the solid, vibrant red color, while the clean, sharp edges and minimalist aesthetic add to its appeal. The symmetry and directional shape suggest movement and progressiveness.
The Bergama Tiyatro Festivali logo features a bold, black letter "B" in a modern, sans-serif typeface with clean lines and sharp angles. The uniform coloring and consistent line weight exude stability and simplicity. This minimalist design is elegant, versatile, and adaptable across various mediums.
The Dadstar logo showcases a stylized letter "D" crafted from geometric shapes in shades of blue. With a modern, three-dimensional effect, the design incorporates triangular and polygonal facets to evoke depth and dimensionality, creating an origami-inspired, abstract representation of the initial. This dynamic logo conveys innovation and precision.
The Elimsan logo features a stylized, abstract design consisting of a single letter 'C' in a bold, green color. The character appears to be a combination or stylization of what could be interpreted as the letter 'C' with an embedded upward-pointing arrow or a check mark, symbolizing progress, correctness, or approval. The design is minimalist and modern, with clean lines and a sense of dynamic motion implied by the arrow/check shape. The use of negative space within the logo adds to its visual interest and readability. The green shade suggests growth, renewal, or an environmental focus.
The Akon Hidrolik logo exhibits a bold and minimalist design with a black square background. Within the square, a white geometric shape forms a stylized letter "a" with a red circle at the base, evoking the imagery of a needle's eye or a focal point. The overall aesthetic is modern and contemporary, utilizing primary colors and strong contrast to enhance its visual impact. Its simplicity renders it highly recognizable and versatile.
The KardenPartners logo presents a bold, stylized 'K' in a vibrant magenta shade (#C6007E), set against a deep navy blue (#20253A) square background. The angular letter leans to the right, evoking a sense of movement and progression. This modern and dynamic design takes a minimalist approach, portraying the 'K' as a geometric puzzle piece or forward-pointing arrow, symbolizing innovation and forward thinking. Hexcode: #F3DDEB
The Kent Konut logo features an abstract geometric design resembling a stylized map or network of interconnected elements. It includes arrow-like shapes pointing upwards, symbolizing progress, direction, or growth. The monochromatic shade of vibrant green conveys vitality, eco-friendliness, and financial themes, while the blue squares at the center of each arrow add a pop of contrasting color, emphasizing critical junctures within the network. The aesthetic is clean, modern, and suggests connectivity or navigation.
The Paylas logo features a bold, geometric design with a stylized representation of the letters "P" intertwined in a 3D-like fashion. The primary color is a vibrant magenta, which stands out vividly against a white or light background. The aesthetic is modern and dynamic, suggesting innovation and forward-thinking. The use of negative space within the shapes creates an intriguing visual puzzle that captures the viewer's attention.
The logo displayed is a stylized, minimalistic representation of the letter "S," composed of three parallel, horizontal lines that transition into a curve, creating the profile of the character. The logo has a modern and clean look with its thin lines and rounded edges, exuding simplicity and sophistication. The color of the logo is a soft, muted grey, which conveys professionalism and neutrality. This design aesthetic is well-suited for a variety of contemporary branding scenarios, such as technology companies, lifestyle brands, or creative services.
The ReklamStore logo features a sleek, minimalist design with an abstract green figure resembling an arrow pointing upwards and to the right. The shape is a combination of the letter "R" and a play button symbol, utilizing clean lines and smooth curves. The modern aesthetic suggests movement or progress, and the vivid lime green color stands out for its vibrancy and energy.
The Juzdan logo presents a stylized letter "J," depicted in a bold, sans-serif typeface with a modern and minimalistic aesthetic. The letter's primary feature is a perfect circle confidently positioned as the dot above the "J," drawing attention and balancing the solid, curved stroke of the letterform below. The entire logo is rendered in a solid black color, creating a stark contrast that would stand out against a light background. The simplicity of the design suggests elegance and sophistication, suitable for a variety of contemporary branding applications.
The logo for Victory Kozmetik showcases a stylized sun with a subtle human face. The central circular shape forms the face, while contrastingly sharp and angular lines surround it, simulating the sun's rays. The face has minimal yet expressive features, contributing to its anthropomorphic quality. The whole image is in black and white, with the face in negative space and the rays filled in black, creating a stark, high-contrast effect. Overall, the simple and bold design conveys a sense of energy, warmth, and enlightenment.
The Istanbul Fashion Connection logo displays a bold, crisp white eight-pointed star against a solid black circular background. The star's points are asymmetrical, with every other point extending to touch the edge of the circle, creating a dynamic effect. This modern and minimalistic design features clean lines and sharp angles that provide a visually striking balance of forms.
The Türksat logo is a stylized, abstract representation of the letter "T" composed of three geometric shapes that appear as elongated rectangles with their shorter ends connected at the center. The design embodies a sense of motion and dynamism as the rectangles are not perpendicular to each other but are angled, suggesting a rotational or swiveling movement around the pivot point. Rendered in a bold, flat shade of sky or cerulean blue, the logo exudes a modern, clean, and tech-savvy feel. The blue color is vivid and would stand out against a light, neutral background. Considering the tone of the logo and the available hex color options, a subtle and calming background that would complement without overwhelming it would be advisable.
The logo for Kadooğlu Holding features a bold, dark blue letter "K" with a prominent notch cut out on the inside of the letter's arm, creating a distinct negative space. Accentuating the structure of the letter, the design has a modern and stylized appearance. Inside this notch sits a bright red, glossy sphere, perfectly fitted into the space, adding a pop of color and creating a point of visual interest that draws the eye. The contrast between the stark geometry of the letter and the smooth curvature of the sphere results in a dynamic and balanced logo. The clean lines and absence of additional embellishments give it a sleek, professional feel.
The Tirsan logo features a stylized geometric bird in flight, composed of three flat shapes. The bird’s body and wings are depicted by a large red triangle on the bottom right, symbolizing motion or advancement. Above this, a smaller blue triangle forms what appears to be the bird’s head, adding a sense of direction or focus. The use of red suggests energy or passion, while the blue adds a professional or trustful quality. The overall design is modern, minimalistic, and dynamic, likely representing freedom, speed, and precision. The shapes are arranged asymmetrically, giving the impression of upward movement or taking off.