Norway Logo Examples

Immerse yourself in the rich visual tapestry of Norwegian logo examples. Discover the essence of Norwegian branding through a curated collection of company logos.

The BrandMaster logo is a bold, modern stylization of the letter "B" with geometric influence. It is constructed from two main shapes: a larger, elongated hexagon forming the main body of the "B," and a triangular cutout creating the negative space, distinguishing the two loops of the letter. The vibrant royal blue color gives the logo a strong visual presence. The design is minimalist yet dynamic, with sharp angles and straight lines suggesting precision and forward motion. These simple, clean, and strong design elements make the BrandMaster logo versatile and easily recognizable.
The Opera GX logo features a stylized depiction of two overlapping rings or circles, with a dynamic and modern look. The design is minimalistic, utilizing a bright, bold red color that provides a strong contrast. The rings give off the impression of motion or interconnectivity and convey a sense of sophistication and contemporary design. The thickness of the lines is consistent, adding to the logo’s balanced and harmonious appearance.
The logo presented for Aclima is a stylized letter "A" composed of three bold, black strokes forming a triangular shape without the base. The silhouette resembles a tent or a peak, giving a sense of stability and upward momentum. The design is minimalist, using only black and white for high contrast, and employs sharp angles to create a modern and professional appearance. Its simplicity ensures it is easily scalable and effective across various mediums.
The "Outtt" logo is a simple yet modern monochromatic design featuring a stylized lowercase "g" executed with flowing, continuous lines, creating an almost ribbon-like effect. The character has a sleek and curvy design, encapsulating a minimalist aesthetic while maintaining a playful twist. The color of the design is solid black, providing a stark contrast and allowing for versatility in its application across various backgrounds. The design is free from additional embellishments, making it highly adaptable and visually impactful.
The image displays the Jacu logo, featuring a symmetrical, abstract shape resembling a blooming flower or a stylized letterform. It consists of two dark brown curved elements that mirror each other, tapering down to a rounded point at the bottom, with negative space creating a separation or central line. The design combines organic and modern aesthetics, with smooth curves and a minimalist approach, resulting in a sophisticated and elegant visual symbol. The simplicity and absence of additional embellishments provide a clean and versatile appearance suitable for varied branding applications.
The Miljødirektoratet logo showcases a bold, dark green stylized letter "M" with a distinct notch cut out from the bottom center, creating a symmetrical design that feels modern and minimalist. The geometric shapes and clean, sharp lines convey strength and stability. The deep green color gives a sense of professionalism, growth, and vitality. The overall design is simple yet impactful, with the negative space at the bottom mirroring the shape of the letter, adding a unique character to the emblem.