New Zealand Logo Ideas

Immerse yourself in the creative world of New Zealand logo inspiration. From Maori symbols to stunning landscapes, discover the unique designs of this captivating country.

The Matomo logo showcases a stylized, abstract design comprised of four overlapping shapes. The largest shape is a dark blue wave-like form that provides the base for the composition. On its right side, a bright green leaf-shaped figure slightly overlaps at the bottom edge. To the left, partially nestled in the curve of the wave, is a small, light blue circle. Finally, an orange circle rests atop the central portion of the wave, intersecting with both the blue and green elements, drawing the eye with its warmth and contrast. The logo utilizes smooth, organic shapes and a playful yet balanced arrangement to convey fluidity and harmony. The vibrant and modern color palette suggests creativity and energy.
The Mammoth App logo is a stylized white monogram on a solid black square background. The monogram consists of fluid, cursive letters elegantly intertwined, conveying a premium or artistic brand. Notable loops and swirls contribute to the overall flow and grace of the design. The use of contrasting colors—black for the background and white for the letters—ensures high readability and visual impact. The design aesthetic is minimalistic and sophisticated, evoking exclusivity or luxury.
The Auckland Airport logo features a bold, black letter 'A' with a distinct design feature where the horizontal line in the middle is stylized to curve outwards on the right side, giving the impression of movement or a unique identity. The typeface is sans-serif with a modern, clean look. The 'A' is symmetrical in terms of its slanted sides, but the middle bar provides an asymmetrical element that adds dynamism to the design. The overall aesthetic is minimalist and would suit a contemporary brand or entity looking for a cutting-edge visual identity.