Morocco Logo Ideas

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and rich heritage of Morocco with a collection of captivating logo concepts inspired by this North African country.

The EQDOM logo features a bold, uppercase letter 'E' centered within a square with rounded corners. The 'E' and the square are a bright, solid red, creating a striking visual impact. The typeface of the 'E' is modern and minimalist with clean lines. The interior space of the 'E' is ample, providing a good contrast against the red background. The overall design aesthetic is simple yet memorable, leaning towards a contemporary and digital-friendly look.
The Oasis Festival logo features a stylized, minimalistic design with bold, orange and crimson geometric shapes. At the center is a bold, orange semi-circle resembling a rising or setting sun, above a thin, similarly colored horizontal rectangle creating a horizon line. Below the horizon is a smaller, crimson-colored arc. The clean, modern design uses warm tones and ample negative space to convey themes of sunrise, sunset, stability, and balance, exuding energy and optimism.