Russia Logo Examples

Discover the creativity and innovation of Russian logo designs. From bold and modern to traditional and iconic, explore a diverse range of Russian logo examples.

The Teploobmennik logo is a minimalist, abstract design featuring bold, clean lines and sharp angles. It incorporates vibrant red and deep blue colors, with interconnected shapes that convey a modern and dynamic aesthetic. The design is versatile and impactful, suitable for various applications.
The Kalashnikov Group logo is an abstract design with a bold black letter 'K' forming the central element. The right arm of the 'K' extends to the top-right, creating a dynamic angle. A small, contrasting red triangle is positioned on the bottom-left part of the 'K,' adding an element of direction and movement to the design. The logo's use of stark black and red colors against a white background creates a striking visual contrast. For a background that complements this logo without overwhelming it, a soft, neutral color that provides contrast without clashing with the black and red would be suitable.
The Domashniy logo is a stylized letter "D" comprised of bold geometric shapes. The main body of the letter is a bright, solid fuchsia, while a perfectly circular cutout, located roughly where the straight and the curved parts meet, interrupts its form. The design is simple and modern, with clean lines and a striking color that commands attention. The flat design with no gradients or shading gives the logo a very contemporary and digital-friendly look.
The logo for Renova Group is a modern and sleek stylized letter 'R' made up of geometric shapes with bold straight lines, suggesting movement and speed. The design features vibrant red bars that taper and shift in perspective, creating a three-dimensional effect. The horizontal bars at the top of the 'R' decrease in size as they move towards the right, while the bottom part extends outwards, adding dynamism to the design. The overall aesthetic suggests energy, progress, and velocity, making it impactful and easily recognizable.
The image depicts the Akku Vertrieb logo with a bold, geometric design primarily using a bright blue color. The logo resembles an abstract depiction of an uppercase 'A' without the crossbar. It consists of three parallelogram shapes that form a stylized 'A' with white lines creating separation between them, adding a dynamic and layered effect. The design is sharp, modern, and conveys a sense of stability and professionalism. The simplicity and use of negative space give it a clean and versatile look, suitable for various applications.
The logo for Senseit contains an abstract, organic-shaped design resembling a stylized letter "S" or yin-yang symbol, contained within a circular border. The main shape has flowing, curvy lines that create a sense of movement and balance, with the negative space forming a path through the shape. The logo uses a solid shade of red for both the symbol and the circle, providing a bold and energetic feel. The design is minimalistic, with no additional embellishments, which gives it a modern and clean aesthetic.