Colombia Logo Examples

Discover Colombian logo examples that capture the vibrant culture, colors, and energy of this South American nation. Explore the creativity and diversity of Colombian brand identities.

The Anato logo features a simple and modern design, with an abstract triangular shape and a notch cut out on the upper left side for a three-dimensional effect. The deep, solid blue color conveys professionalism and reliability. The clean lines and sharp angles contribute to the contemporary aesthetic. The lack of additional embellishments ensures easy recognition and scalability across various mediums.
The Dispapeles logo features a stylized letter composed of geometric shapes with a bold and modern aesthetic. It consists of an upright, rectangle-like shape with a cutout on the bottom right that curves inward, and a curved shape resembling a backwards "C" that nestles against the cutout, creating a continuous and flowing design. The entire logo is rendered in a vibrant, solid pink color, giving it a fresh and energetic look. The shapes are devoid of any additional detailing, contributing to a clean and uncluttered visual impact. To complement this logo, a soft and neutral background would be ideal.