Poland Logo Examples

Discover the vibrant designs and creative flair of Polish logo examples. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and iconic symbols of this European nation.

The Eight Films logo features a black and white design composed of geometric shapes. Two large, overlapping circles dominate the logo, suggesting a sense of unity or connection. These circles are offset to the left and coupled with a rectangular shape on the right that could be interpreted as an abstract letterform or a simplistic representation of an object. The design is bold and minimalist, using contrast effectively to create an iconic and memorable visual. The use of negative space around the elements ensures the logo would stand out well on various backgrounds.
The logo displayed for ITRex Group consists of abstract geometric shapes creating a stylized representation of a bird. The design is minimalist, using only black and white to create a sharp contrast. The bird appears to be mid-flight, angled slightly upwards to the right, which gives a sense of movement and progress. The design is modern with clean lines and angles that form the bird's head and body, with a small square representing the eye. The simplicity of the logo allows for easy recognition and scalability.
The logo for the Museum of Housing Estates features a bold, geometric "M" design in solid black. The modern and minimalist aesthetic is achieved through straight lines and sharp angles, creating a symmetrical and memorable visual effect.
The logo for Egle displays a bold, modern design with a black tilted square enclosing a stylized, white arrow pointing upwards and to the right. The arrow's dynamic, fluid shape conveys motion and progress. The monochromatic color palette of black and white creates a sleek and contemporary feel, with the white arrow standing out against the black backdrop for visual impact and recognizability.
The image depicts a stylized, abstract logo for Kormoran consisting of bold, black shapes that convey a sense of movement or transformation. The design is modern and minimalistic, featuring clean lines and sharp angles that appear to form an origami-like bird in mid-flight. The main elements of the logo resemble a folded wing and tail, with a dot representing an eye, adding a sense of life to the otherwise geometric design. The logo exudes a dynamic and progressive feel, suitable for a brand looking to convey innovation and agility.
The Radio Katowice logo features a stylized red "R" composed of geometric shapes. It uses a series of bold, parallel curves that converge at a sharp point at the bottom left, implying motion and dynamic energy. There's a balance between the curves' thickness and the negative space which creates a modern and clean look, typical of contemporary branding aesthetics. The solid red color (#FF0000) suggests confidence and draws the eye.
The CGAxis logo features a symmetrical arrangement of five squares forming a stylized abstract cross design. The central square is diagonally aligned, intersecting with the other four squares, which are rotated at 45 degrees, creating a sense of dynamism and interconnectivity. All shapes are solid black, demonstrating a simple, modern, and geometric aesthetic that conveys stability and precision. The logo's minimalist design allows for versatile application across various mediums.
The Road Media logo is a stylized, abstract design resembling an hourglass or a Mobius strip. Composed of interconnected shapes - a vertical rectangle on the left and a twisting triangle on the right, it conveys a sense of continuity and infinity. The logo is entirely black, with no additional colors or gradients, lending it a bold and modern appearance. Its simplicity and use of negative space make it versatile for various applications.
The image is a stylized, minimalist red logo that resembles a pencil formed into the shape of a "J". The pencil is represented by a series of three vertical lines that come together at the bottom, signifying the pencil tip, and at the top, showing the sharpened end with the exposed graphite core. The boldness and simplicity of the design give it a modern and clean aesthetic. The red color used is vibrant and would stand out well against a neutral background.
The Lauda logo is a minimalistic, bold design consisting of a black geometric shape resembling a stylized letter "L." It features a prominent right angle for stability and structure, with the use of negative space adding elegance and simplicity. The overall aesthetic is sophisticated, making it well-suited for industries that prefer a clean and contemporary branding approach.