Q Square

We like the bold and stylized letter 'Q' with a chat bubble design, symbolizing communication, giving the logo a modern and friendly appearance.

Q Square Logo

The Q Square logo features a bold and stylized letter 'Q' with a chat bubble design, symbolizing communication. The primary squarish shape with rounded corners gives it a modern and friendly appearance. Its vibrant lime green color exudes energy and freshness. The clever use of negative space to form the tail of the 'Q' and integrate it into the square shape adds visual interest. A subtle background color that complements the design is recommended.

About Q Square

The Q square is a retail complex that combines fashion, sustainability, technology, recreation, and entertainment to offer a unique shopping experience.

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Similar logos

The Harvest Cornwall logo is an abstract, stylized design resembling a dynamic, forward-leaning letter 'A' with a smooth, flowing shape. It features two overlapping elements, adding depth, in a vibrant, lime green with gradient effects. The modern, sleek aesthetic conveys motion and progressiveness, with soft curves and a pointed apex giving it agility and sharpness.
The Brierley logo features an abstract, geometric design composed of two right-angled shapes that fit together to create a dynamic emblem. The upper shape is a vibrant, lime green color, while the lower shape is a deep sky blue. Both shapes have a flat, minimalist aesthetic and are void of any additional textures or gradients, giving the logo a modern and clean look. The contrast between the two colors is striking, with their combination potentially representing growth, stability, or a merging of ideas.
The Machinima logo showcases a stylized, geometric rendition of the letter "M," featuring sharp angles and a modern, abstract appearance. It is presented in a vibrant lime green color (#7ED321) against a white background for visual impact. The design conveys dynamism and forward motion through slanted lines and clever use of negative space, creating a sense of technological sophistication.
The Italian Chamber of Commerce Peru logo depicts a stylized figure in motion, comprised of three bold swooshes that imply movement and fluidity. The top swoosh, representing the head, is in a vibrant shade of lime green. Following this are two swooshes that intertwine, representing the body and limbs, in a dynamic stance - one in a medium green and the other in a bright red. Overall, the logo conveys energy, action, and a sense of progress, with a modern and simplistic aesthetic. The smooth curves of the design are pleasing to the eye and suggest agility and speed.
The Greenbook logo showcases a stylized, geometric design consisting of a singular, abstract shape resembling a square with a rounded corner and a diagonal slash. The modern and sleek look is highlighted by gradient shades of green, from light lime to deep grass green, conveying depth and vitality. Clean lines and the gradient effect communicate innovation and growth, while the aesthetic presents a fresh, contemporary impression with a nod to nature and eco-friendliness.
The Quiznos logo features a stylized letter "Q" depicted in a vibrant, electric lime green color. The "Q" has a modern and minimalist design, with the tail of the letter curving inward rather than extending outward as in traditional fonts. The overall shape of the "Q" is bold and sans-serif, with smooth curves and a circular hollow at the center of the letter. The color contrast is striking with the "Q" set against a solid black square background that frames the shape effectively and gives it a prominent presence. Given its simplicity and boldness, a background that does not distract from the logo would be ideal.
The Buguardian logo features a modern and abstract geometric design consisting of three shapes arranged to suggest movement or a form of progression. The primary shape on the left is a tall, dark gray or black rectangle with a top corner angled to create a parallelogram effect. Adjacent to this is a smaller, similarly styled shape in the same color but oriented inversely. A smaller, bright lime green triangle with its tip pointing towards the right completes the trio, adding a pop of vivid color which highlights the dynamic nature of the Buguardian logo. The overall design aesthetic is minimalist, clean, and would be well-suited for a technology or consulting firm.
The logo for DCM features a simple and modern geometric design, composed of three flat shapes arranged to suggest a letter or a graphical element. On the left, a bright orange square sits atop a lime green square, while on the right, a navy blue semi-circle spans the height of the two squares, aligning perfectly with their right edges. The color contrast is striking, with the warm orange and green set against the cool blue, creating a balanced and eye-catching composition that suggests dynamism and innovation. This logo for DCM would stand out against a soft background that doesn't compete with its vibrancy.
The Windstream logo is a stylized, abstract design featuring a continuous, wavy line reminiscent of a sine wave or mountain peaks. The sleek, modern aesthetic is highlighted by smooth curves and points, while the vibrant lime green color adds a fresh and energetic appeal. The symmetrical shape suggests balance or rhythm, and the simplicity of the design allows for versatile use across various media.
The logo for Hussle showcases a modern, stylized design with two interlocking elements, resembling an abstract arrow or a lightning bolt. Featuring dynamic angles, the design exudes a sense of forward motion and energy. The sharp vertices and vibrant lime green color create a youthful and electric feel, making it appealing to a tech-savvy or energetic brand demographic. The sleek and minimalistic design captures attention and would stand out on a neutral yet complementary background.