What catches our eye is the sleek, modern DMarket logo with its abstract arrow design, gradient colors, and sense of motion.

DMarket Logo

The DMarket logo features an abstract, stylized design resembling a forward-pointing arrow within a hexagon. A single, continuous ribbon twists to form the arrow and hexagon perimeter, conveying motion and direction. The gradient color creates a 3D effect, ranging from deep turquoise to lighter teal. This modern, sleek aesthetic suggests dynamism and innovation, with a subtle shadow adding to the sense of movement.

About DMarket

DMarket operates as a platform for trading in-game items and NFTs, with a focus on technology for constructing metaverses.

Similar logos

The logo in the image displays a symmetrical design resembling an abstract butterfly or a pair of wings. It consists of multiple leaf-like shapes radiating from the center, creating a harmonious pattern. Vibrant colors such as pink, orange, yellow, green, light blue, and teal are used, outlined with a thin black border that enhances their individuality. The overall design aesthetic is lively and organic, suggesting a sense of growth or transformation. The black background makes the colors pop, giving the logo a bold and energetic appearance.
The Mohawk logo is a minimalistic and stylized representation of the letter 'M'. It consists of three overlapping peaks with rounded vertices, creating an effect resembling a simplified mountain range or a series of waves. The color palette includes gradients of vibrant hues, with the left peak transitioning from yellow to green, the central peak shifting from pink to purple, and the right peak fading from blue to a light teal. This gradient effect adds depth and gives the design a dynamic appearance. The overall aesthetic is modern, playful, and versatile, suitable for a variety of creative or technological applications.
The Motive logo features a sequence of three stylized shapes that resemble vertical waves or ribbons with a dynamic, flowing appearance. The color of the shapes is a bold teal/turquoise, which suggests a sense of innovation and freshness. The simplicity of the design, with its smooth curves and lack of additional ornamentation, gives it a modern and minimalist aesthetic. The shapes are evenly spaced and aligned in a way that creates a sense of motion and continuity. Considering the vibrant color of the logo, a muted and light background would complement it well.
The Road Media Group logo features a stylized letter 'R' with a modern and fluid design. The letterform has soft, rounded edges and a distinctive cut-out on its right leg, giving it a unique and contemporary appearance. Its color is a soothing, pastel teal with a slight gradient that adds depth to the flat design, making it look sleek and professional. The thickness of the line varies slightly throughout the design, which accentuates the letter's curves and edges, enhancing its dynamic feel.
The Pleco Ceramics logo features a stylized lowercase letter 'p' with a bold and fluid design. The main body of the 'p' resembles a loop, with a tail that flows downward and curls slightly to the right, ending in a rounded dot. The overall shape suggests movement and modernity. The color of the logo is a deep, teal-like green, which gives it a professional yet dynamic feel. The design aesthetic is minimalistic and contemporary, with the absence of any additional embellishment or text. Given the logo's color and style, a soft and neutral background that complements but doesn't overwhelm the logo would be ideal.
The WCS logo features a stylized 'W' shape comprised of three overlapping, rounded peaks, each with a distinct gradient. The left peak gradient flows from teal to a dark forest green, the middle transitions from the same forest green to a more moderate olive green, and the right peak morphs from olive green into a muted blue. The aesthetic is modern and minimalist, with clean lines and the use of gradient colors adding depth and movement to the design. The logo conveys a sense of dynamism and interconnectedness through its overlapping elements.
The business name is incorporated into a minimalistic and modern logo, featuring stylized bars or rectangles arranged to form an abstract and geometric shape resembling a letter or symbol. The varying sizes of the rectangles, their alignment, and the dark teal or forest green color create a sense of depth and a three-dimensional structure. This design communicates a sleek and professional aesthetic with a contemporary brand identity.
The Zoomex logo features a stylized, abstract design that resembles a heartbeat or pulse line found on a medical monitor. It consists of three prominent peaks or curves, joined in a continuous line to represent a rhythmic pattern. The first and last peaks point upwards, while the central peak is inverted, pointing downward. The logo has a sleek, modern aesthetic, with smooth curves and a sense of movement. The use of gradient color adds depth, starting with a lighter teal at the beginning of the line and transitioning into a darker teal towards the end, suggesting energy and vitality. Given the color scheme of the Zoomex logo, a background that complements it without overpowering the design would be ideal.
The logo presented here by Ironclad consists of a stylized depiction of two letters "T" mirrored and connected to create a symmetrical and bold monogram. The letters have clean, sharp lines and are colored in a vibrant shade of teal, giving it a modern and high-tech appearance. There are no additional embellishments, which emphasizes the simplicity and sleekness of the design. The focus on geometry and symmetry adds to the overall contemporary feel of the logo.
The Ciklum logo features a stylized letter "C" created using curved lines or arcs that decrease in size towards the center, evoking a sense of inward motion or a ripple effect. The color gradient ranges from a deep, vivid blue to a bright turquoise, suggesting fluidity and dynamism. The overall design aesthetic is modern, clean, and would likely be associated with technology, communication, or water themes due to its fluid-like appearance. The different shades of blue impart a professional and soothing visual experience.