The Quiznos logo's modern, abstract design with vibrant colors and dynamic shapes creates a captivating and dynamic visual identity.




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Quiznos Logo

The Quiznos logo showcases a modern, abstract design with two swooping shapes creating a circular motion. The main shape on the left is a rich green, while the right shape is vibrant red. The red shape extends below the green, forming a tail-like feature reminiscent of a conversation bubble or a dynamic entity in motion. The green and red shapes slightly overlap, suggesting interaction or connectivity. Both shapes are solid-colored, with clean borders, contributing to a simple and clean aesthetic.

About Quiznos

Quiznos is a fast-food restaurant brand that operates and franchises a chain of sandwich shops across the United States and in various international locations. The brand is known for its specialization in offering toasted submarine sandwiches.

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