Quantitative Biology Center

What catches our eye is the dynamic and modern shape of the Quantitative Biology Center logo, complemented by a gradient of vibrant blue hues, creating a sense of depth and energy.



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Quantitative Biology Center Logo

The Quantitative Biology Center logo depicts a stylized, abstract shape resembling a speech bubble or a fluid, organic blob. It is comprised of a gradient of blue shades, with the color transitioning from a deep, vivid blue at the bottom to a lighter, more sky-blue hue at the top. This gives it a sense of depth and vibrancy. The right edge of the shape curls slightly inward, adding to the dynamic and modern feel of the design. Given the cool tones of the logo, a background that complements it without overshadowing its impact would be ideal.

About Quantitative Biology Center

The Quantitative Biology Center is a Strategic Research Center affiliated with RIKEN, the Japanese national research and development institute. Their research achievements include the development of a translucent mouse, enabling clearer visualization of its internal organs.

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