Banca March

What catches our eye is the balanced, symmetrical arrangement of the three identical triangles in Banca March's logo, along with the deep forest green color conveying growth and stability.

Banca March Logo

The Banca March logo features three identical triangles arranged in a symmetrical layout. Two triangles are placed at the bottom with their bases aligned, while one triangle sits atop, pointing upwards, creating a balanced, triangular composition. The color of the triangles is a deep forest green, which conveys a sense of growth, stability, and nature. The design is minimalistic and modern with its use of simple geometric shapes and lack of additional embellishments. This makes the logo versatile and easily recognizable.

About Banca March

Banca March is a prominent Spanish investment bank and financial services company that has positioned itself as a leading independent bank in the Balearic Islands. Known for its professionalism and superior banking services, the company focuses on providing expert advisory services. Its commitment to aligning interests for mutual growth and promoting an ethical banking model is evident in its approach to meeting the evolving needs of its clients.

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