What catches our eye is the minimalist and modern stylized power button symbol in the Uberfácil logo, conveying simplicity, tech-savvy, and universal appeal.

Uberfacil Logo

The logo for Uberfácil features a stylized power button symbol consisting of a vertical line that intersects a circle with a gap at the top, suggesting the universal icon for power or turning on. The design is minimalist and modern, with a sleek gradient of aqua to a lighter turquoise that adds depth and a tech-savvy feel. There are no additional embellishments, making it clean and easy to recognize. The circular shape conveys a sense of completeness and universality.

About Uberfacil

Uberfácil is the creator of Épico, a premium WordPress template renowned for its comprehensive features tailored for successful blogging.

Similar logos

The Pitmans Law logo features a modern and minimalistic design, comprising of a large aqua-colored circle partially overlaid with a smaller, centered circle that graduates in color from burnt orange to a lighter, sun-kissed hue. Between these two circles, a sliver of white space mimics the circular shape, giving the impression of a crescent moon or a solar eclipse. The design is flat with no gradients or shadows, giving it a contemporary and clean appearance that communicates a sense of innovation and simplicity.
The Ciklum logo features a stylized letter "C" created using curved lines or arcs that decrease in size towards the center, evoking a sense of inward motion or a ripple effect. The color gradient ranges from a deep, vivid blue to a bright turquoise, suggesting fluidity and dynamism. The overall design aesthetic is modern, clean, and would likely be associated with technology, communication, or water themes due to its fluid-like appearance. The different shades of blue impart a professional and soothing visual experience.
The Catarroja Dental logo features a stylized, abstract design comprising two primary shapes. On the left is a larger, aqua-colored shape resembling a backward "C" or crescent, while on the right, a smaller, circle in a muted gray color nestles into the curve of the aqua crescent. The design is clean and modern, with a flat color palette and no gradients or additional embellishments. The simplicity of the design suggests a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic. Considering the color scheme and design, a background color that would complement this logo by providing contrast while maintaining a soft and modern appearance could be one of the lighter, neutral tones.
The business logo for Lincoln Learning Solutions presents a stylized monogram inside a hexagon with rounded corners. The monogram consists of bold, vertical lines forming the letter "I" on the left and a horizontal thicker shape that could represent the letter "L" on the right, possibly conveying a modern and minimalistic interpretation of two separated letters. The entire design is unified by its simplicity and uses a single shade of turquoise, which offers a fresh and contemporary feel. The hexagonal boundary adds a touch of geometric stability to the overall design.
The Kelleher Construction logo features a stylized letter "K" within a square frame, suggesting movement and dynamism through sharp angles and a cutout on its leg, giving it an arrow-like shape pointing towards the upper left. The design is bold and simple, with clean lines and a modern aesthetic. The color of the logo is a deep teal or turquoise, conveying professionalism and innovation. Given the cool hue of the logo, a complementary background color would balance it well.
The Eversports logo is a stylized, abstract design consisting of two interlocking swirled shapes forming a dynamic and continuous loop. The gradient of teal to light turquoise gives a sense of fluidity and movement. The design aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, with a clean, curved silhouette suggesting innovation and connectivity. The absence of sharp edges promotes a friendly and approachable brand identity. The smooth transitions between the hues create a three-dimensional effect, adding depth to the design.
The Creators Media logo is a stylized letter 'C' composed of vibrant, layered colored sections, creating a dynamic and modern appearance. The colors used include a combination of turquoise, red, gold, and hints of teal, which blend into each other with a subtle gradient effect. The design employs a blend of flat and 3D illusion through shading, giving it depth and movement. The shapes within the logo are clean-cut with a geometric quality, yet the overall contour of the 'C' retains a smooth, rounded edge, effectively conveying a sense of innovation and connectivity.
The Witness Directory logo features a stylized depiction of a hand within a squared 'D' shape. It is a simple, flat design with a monochromatic scheme, using a vibrant shade of turquoise. The design is minimalist, using negative space effectively to create the fingers of the hand, which are evenly spaced and uniform in width. The overall aesthetic is modern and clean, with a friendly and approachable vibe. Given the color of the logo, a neutral but warm background would complement it well.
The Technomex logo showcases an abstract, looped design reminiscent of an intertwining figure-eight or infinity symbol. The modern and sleek appearance, defined by smooth curves and clean lines, is complemented by gradients of green and turquoise, creating a dynamic and fresh look. The color transition from a deep teal-like hue to a soft green at the tip of each loop adds depth and movement to the design. The overall aesthetic is minimalistic yet distinctive, with a color scheme suggestive of growth, sustainability, or technological innovation.
The 3DGlass logo features a stylized letter "D" with a distinctive cut-out that forms a contrasting shape within the letter. This suggests a sense of dynamic motion and transformation. The monochromatic design consists of a bright shade of turquoise or aqua, giving it a modern, sleek, and minimalistic aesthetic. The clean and smooth curvilinear form communicates innovation and fluidity, while the absence of additional embellishments and the use of negative space makes it appear sophisticated and versatile for various applications.