We like the modern and minimalistic design of the PerkinElmer logo, especially the bold blue "I" and stylized arrow that conveys reliability and professionalism.




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PerkinElmer Logo

The PerkinElmer logo features a bold, blue "I" to the left, with a stylized right arrow to its right composed of two separate shapes: a triangular shape forming the arrowhead and a crescent-like shape creating the illusion of the arrow's fletching. The design is modern and minimalistic, utilizing a deep shade of blue that conveys reliability and professionalism. Its simplicity ensures it is easily recognizable and adaptable across various media.

About PerkinElmer

PerkinElmer is a company committed to innovation in the fields of diagnostics, life sciences, food, and applied markets. It provides unique solutions that benefit scientists, researchers, and clinicians, with a focus on creating a healthier world.

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