What we like is the dynamic and organic appearance of the stylized "Y" in the Loyal logo, suggesting growth and vitality.



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Loyal Logo

The Loyal logo depicts a stylized, dark green "Y" with a soft curvature extending into broad arms from a narrow base, giving it a dynamic and organic appearance. The arms of the "Y" thicken as they curve outward, suggesting growth or expansion. The color of the logo is a deep and professional shade of green, which often represents growth, renewal, and vitality. The overall design is minimalistic and modern, with no additional embellishments, making it versatile and easily recognizable. Considering the color and design of the Loyal logo, a contrasting light background that complements the green without overwhelming it would be most suitable.

About Loyal

Loyal is an international venture capital fund that prioritizes a systematic approach to delivering returns, aiming to minimize inherent biases in the investment process and unlock greater potential for returns.

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