What catches our eye is the modern, minimalistic design of the lowercase 'b' with a continuous line creating a subtle reference to connectivity and continuity.

Bulletin Logo

The logo features a modern and minimalistic design of a lowercase letter 'b' stylized with a continuous line creating a loop that engages the bottom of the letter with the ascender. It resembles a musical note or a subtle reference to connectivity or continuity. The warm, muted shade of terracotta adds to its simplicity, offering versatility and easy recognition at various sizes. To maintain readability and aesthetic balance, a light and neutral background complementing the warm terracotta is recommended.

About Bulletin

Bulletin is a lightweight announcement banner plugin designed for WordPress websites. It provides a user-friendly solution for injecting announcement banners, sale offers, and shop notices into websites, making it convenient and powerful for users.

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Similar logos

The logo presented for Hazel is a modern, abstract design comprising two mirrored elements that resemble stylized droplets or commas, creating a dynamic sense of motion and symmetry. The color of the logo is a solid, warm terracotta or rusty red, which conveys a sense of earthiness and vitality. The shapes are smooth and organic with gently curving lines and rounded terminations that convey a friendly and approachable aesthetic. The overall design is minimalistic and could symbolize connectivity, unity, or an abstract representation of natural elements.