What we like about the Nomics logo is its contemporary "N" design with seamless, loop-like impression and captivating magenta color scheme.



Nomics Logo

The logo for Nomics flaunts a contemporary and assertive visual with a lively magenta color scheme. Featuring a stylized "N," the design exudes a seamless, loop-like impression with inward-curving ends. Its symmetrical and sleek design, coupled with rounded edges, establishes a sense of gentleness and accessibility. Notably, the negative space within the "N" cleverly shapes an oval, contributing depth and captivating visual allure. Overall, the logo exudes a professional yet playful essence.

About Nomics

Nomics is a leading cryptocurrency data platform that ranks as the third most visited site for crypto-related information in the United States. It boasts the world's largest index of crypto assets, surpassing the combined offerings of competitors like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Nomics also prides itself on being the first to list 90% of new crypto assets.

Similar logos

The Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra logo displayed is a modern, abstract design consisting of concentric shapes that form a stylized letter "O". The shapes are reminiscent of topographic lines on a map or the grooves of a vinyl record, suggesting depth and movement. The color gradient transitions smoothly from magenta at the bottom to a deep violet at the top, creating a sense of vibrancy and energy. The lines vary in thickness, and their undulating pattern gives the logo a dynamic and rhythmic quality. The white space in the center emphasizes the geometric precision of the design. Given the vibrant hues of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra logo, a more understated background would complement it well.
The Mycall logo features two overlapping geometric shapes resembling rounded hills or semi-circles. The one on the left is colored in a rich coral red, while the right shape is a bold magenta, creating a sense of vibrancy and energy. The portion where the shapes overlap appears in a blended hue due to the transparency effect, giving the design a modern, layered look. The silhouette's simplicity and the absence of text or additional elements contribute to a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic that could be versatile for various branding applications.
The Xinja logo is showcased in a bold, magenta-toned pink color with a modern and dynamic design. It consists of an abstract mark formed by a combination of geometric shapes: an elongated, rounded rectangle, diagonally bisected, paired with two droplet-like shapes that create a sense of motion or transformation. The overall aesthetic is minimalist and contemporary, with a sense of fluidity and innovation. The design is simplistic, relying on the impactful use of color and form rather than intricate detail, making it versatile and easily recognizable.
The Denver Film logo showcases a bold and dynamic design that combines the letter "D" with a geometric pattern or pie chart. The letter "D" is prominent, with a strong vertical line on the right and a large, curved section on the left. A series of straight lines inside the "D" creates pie-like segments, adding to the modern and precise aesthetic. The vibrant magenta color infuses the logo with fresh and energetic vibes.
The business has a bold, modern, and minimalistic logo featuring a stylized, geometric shape resembling the letter "K." The design is composed of two intersecting angular elements, with the left side forming a vertical line and the right side branching out into two sharp points, creating a sense of forward motion or a directional arrow. The vibrant magenta color gives the logo a vibrant and energetic look, while a subtle background color would provide a natural contrast.
The Firebrand logo features a modern, abstract design composed of three overlapping shapes reminiscent of asymmetrical triangles or stylized arrows. The top shape has a deep magenta color, the middle one is a vibrant orange, and the bottom shape is a bright yellow. The corners are rounded, giving the logo a more dynamic and friendly feel. The color palette is bold and energetic, suggesting creativity and innovation. Overall, the aesthetic is minimalist and forward-thinking.
The business logo for SparkLabs is a modern and dynamic design. It is composed of two overlapping shapes: a stylized letter 'B' or a numeral '4' in a deeper shade on the left, and a right-pointing arrow or chevron shape on the right. The logo employs two tones of the same color— a vibrant magenta, giving it a sense of depth and movement. The boldness of the shapes and the gradient from dark to light magenta add to its three-dimensional effect. The overall aesthetic is sleek and futuristic, signaling speed, progress, or technological advancement. Given the shades within the logo, a pale contrasting background would complement it well.
The logo for Portify is a stylized letter constructed from geometric shapes with a modern and minimalist design aesthetic. It features a vibrant color palette with cyan, blue, magenta, and yellow, which are layered to create an effect of depth and dimension. The letterform is abstract, consisting of a curved cyan shape on the top right that partially overlaps a stacked arrangement of trapezoidal and triangular shapes in blue, magenta, and yellow. The overall feel of the logo is dynamic and contemporary, suitable for a brand looking to convey innovation and creativity.
The Richmond Publishing logo showcases a bold magenta-colored letter "R" designed with modern and angular elements, housed in a square frame with rounded corners. The "R" includes a unique cut in the leg, creating a dynamic and forward-leaning appearance. This minimalist and geometric design exudes sleekness and contemporary style, while the strong contrast with a light background enhances its visibility and impact.
The Calibro logo in the image presents a modern and abstract design resembling a stylized letter "C." It is composed of geometric segments that form a circular negative space in the center, giving the impression of a dynamic and tech-forward brand. The segments feature bold, flat colors—black, yellow, cyan, and magenta, which are reminiscent of the primary colors used in printing processes. The overall aesthetic is clean and contemporary with a hint of playfulness suggested by the use of bright colors. The design is minimalist yet distinctive, with a balance between color and negative space.