What catches our eye is the sleek and modern "G" logo within concentric circles, creating a strong and distinctive visual impact.



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Gradiente Logo

The Gradiente logo features a bold capital letter "G" centered within a series of concentric circles. The "G" and the circles are designed with thick black lines against a white background, creating a strong contrast. The "G" has a modern, sans-serif font with a geometric style, and the lines are of uniform thickness. The overall design is minimalist and clean, giving off a contemporary vibe. The repeating circles create a sense of dynamism and motion. Considering the high-contrast black and white of the logo, a light and soft background color would complement it well without overwhelming it.

About Gradiente

Gradiente is a consumer electronics company that specializes in designing and marketing a wide range of products. These include video, audio, home theater, high-end acoustics, office and mobile stereo, wireless, mobile and smartphones, and tablets. The company primarily caters to the Brazilian market.

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