We like the minimalist and contemporary design of the Bazaki logo, as well as how it effectively uses negative space and geometric simplicity to create a sleek and modern feel.




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Bazaki Logo

The Bazaki logo is a stylized, minimalist representation of a drinking container, possibly a soda can, with a straw. It is composed of bold, black lines that form a capital letter 'B' whose vertical line extends downwards to form the body of the can while the upper and lower circular parts of the 'B' suggest the top and bottom of the can. The straw is inserted into the upper part of the 'B' and leans towards the right. The design is contemporary, uses negative space effectively, and relies on geometric simplicity. The solid black color against a plain background enhances its modern and clean appearance.

About Bazaki

Bazaki is a pioneering juice bar located in Greece that utilizes cold-pressed juicing methods and provides curated Juice Cleanse packages.

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