Minimalist geometric design of the Mailbox logo, with its clean lines and modern cyan color palette, creating a sleek and digital vibe.




Mailbox Logo

The logo for Mailbox features a minimalist geometric design resembling an abstract envelope or a downward-facing chevron inside a trapezoid shape. The primary color of the logo is a bright, flat cyan tone, invoking a sense of modernity and digital communication. There are no gradients or additional embellishments, emphasizing a clean and straightforward aesthetic that would suit a technology or correspondence-related brand. The sharp angles and the negative space in the center forming a 'V' or a peak add a dynamic quality to the design.

About Mailbox

Mailbox was a free email management app available for iOS and Android, featuring unique functionality including swipe-based email sorting, snooze options, and advanced filtering capabilities. The app was later acquired by Dropbox.

Similar logos

The Neos CMS logo features a stylized letter "N" with geometric facets suggesting a three-dimensional form. It employs different shades of blue, ranging from a dark navy to a brighter cyan, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality. The overall design aesthetic is modern and sleek with a tech-savvy feel. The angular segments and color gradients give the Neos CMS logo a dynamic and cutting-edge appearance.
The Erusu Consultants logo presents a minimalist and contemporary design, featuring a stylized letter "E" located within a square. The "E" is constructed from negative space and is defined by three solid bars that give the impression of the letter's segments. The overall design has a geometric quality with clean lines and right angles, providing a professional and modern look. The color of the logo is a vibrant shade of cyan or turquoise, which adds to its fresh and striking appeal.
The Calibro logo in the image presents a modern and abstract design resembling a stylized letter "C." It is composed of geometric segments that form a circular negative space in the center, giving the impression of a dynamic and tech-forward brand. The segments feature bold, flat colors—black, yellow, cyan, and magenta, which are reminiscent of the primary colors used in printing processes. The overall aesthetic is clean and contemporary with a hint of playfulness suggested by the use of bright colors. The design is minimalist yet distinctive, with a balance between color and negative space.
The Louisville Public Media logo features a simplistic and modern design consisting of three squares arranged in an L-shaped configuration. The top square is a vibrant red (#FF6347), and the other two squares exhibit a cyan (#00FFFF) on the left and a medium blue (#0000CD) on the right. This bold and eye-catching design leverages a primary color scheme, suggesting a confident and balanced identity. The straight edges and equal sizing of the squares create a sense of uniformity and stability, reflecting the business's values.
The Mytilineos logo showcases a stylized letter "M" with a contemporary and polished design. Comprising three-dimensional facets, the "M" creates a ribbon-like effect, lending it a dynamic and fluid appearance. Smoothly transitioning from deep violet to bright green, the color gradient flows through shades of blue and cyan. The minimalist and futuristic design is accentuated by gradients and subtle shadows, imbuing the logo with a sense of depth and prominence against the background.
The logo for Portify is a stylized letter constructed from geometric shapes with a modern and minimalist design aesthetic. It features a vibrant color palette with cyan, blue, magenta, and yellow, which are layered to create an effect of depth and dimension. The letterform is abstract, consisting of a curved cyan shape on the top right that partially overlaps a stacked arrangement of trapezoidal and triangular shapes in blue, magenta, and yellow. The overall feel of the logo is dynamic and contemporary, suitable for a brand looking to convey innovation and creativity.
The Creative Folkestone logo features a series of six square shapes arranged in a 2x3 grid. Each square showcases a bold and vibrant color palette, including blue, green, pink, yellow, dark gray, and cyan. The modern and simplistic design adopts a flat color aesthetic with no gradients or shadows, giving it a contemporary and digital feel. The tightly packed squares convey a sense of cohesion and unity within the logo.
The Brandcast logo features a stylized letter "B" composed of four distinct, quarter-circle sections that create a segmented modern look. The colors transition beautifully from a bold purple at the top left, to a deep blue at the top right, then to a bright cyan transitioning to a vibrant pink at the bottom. The design is clean and minimalist with a soft, rounded typeface. The color palette evokes creativity and innovation with a gradient that gives the illusion of a three-dimensional object. The merging of colors suggests connectivity and integration.
The Xspray logo features a minimalist and modern design, portraying a stylized, abstract figure combining a circular head with a cross-like body. The bright blue color with a softer cyan tone adds to its clean and friendly appearance. The logo exudes a sense of action and movement, emphasizing a minimalistic design approach without any additional embellishments or text.