INT Chain

What we like: The INT Chain logo's bold red color, geometric shapes, and interconnected 'S' and 'I' design give it a modern and professional appearance.



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INT Chain Logo

The INT Chain logo is comprised of geometric shapes with a modern, abstract aesthetic. It primarily consists of a bold red color, with a design that resembles an interlocked or intertwined 'S' and 'I' shape, which suggests a sense of connectivity or integration. The logo has crisp, clean lines, giving it a professional and sleek appearance. Notably, the 'S' part of the design has a shape reminiscent of a flame or a drop, adding a dynamic and fluid element to the overall design.

About INT Chain

INT Chain is a pioneering bottom-up next-generation Blockchain of Things (BoT) communication standard and foundational application platform with a global reach. The ecosystem is designed for seamless integration with any Internet of Things (IoT) protocol.

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