What catches our eye is the sleek, minimalist representation of a dragonfly in the Tombow logo, with elegant, flowing curves and geometric symmetry.

Tombow Logo

The image is a simplistic, stylized representation of a dragonfly. The Tombow logo features clean, curving lines that form the wings and an elongated body, all rendered in a solid, burgundy color. The wings are depicted with elegant, flowing curves that suggest movement, and their shape has a certain geometric symmetry. It has a modern and minimalist aesthetic, with no additional embellishment, allowing its straightforward and organic shapes to speak for themselves. This design would work well in various applications due to its versatility and visually appealing, uncomplicated form.

About Tombow

Established in 1913, Tombow is a renowned industry leader in the executive pens, office, arts, and crafts products market. The company is dedicated to providing cutting-edge and affordable products, with a focus on innovation and quality.

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The Oklahoma City Community College logo is a circular emblem composed of interconnecting geometric shapes that resemble angular snowflakes or a sunburst pattern. The primary color of the design is a rich, dark red or burgundy hue. It features a centralized white circle surrounded by protruding, symmetrical, crystalline structures that evoke a sense of complexity and precision. The design's aesthetic marries the natural elegance of fractal-like patterns with a modern, clean graphic style, suggesting unity, growth, or connectivity. The repeating elements create a harmonious and balanced visual effect, making the logo versatile for various applications.
The image is of a stylized logo featuring the letter "B" for Bendigo Bank. It consists of two main shapes: the larger one is a deep burgundy or maroon color, forming the straight edge and the decisive curve of the letter, while the smaller shape is a vibrant coral or salmon pink, completing the inner loop and infusing the design with a dynamic, playful contrast. The overall design aesthetic is modern and minimalistic, with the use of negative space and the interaction between the two shapes giving the logo a three-dimensional feel. It's an abstract, contemporary take on a classic letter form.
The Forshaw logo exhibits a geometric, three-dimensional, abstract mark. Comprising a sequence of connected shapes resembling a modernistic letter "M" or a series of peaks and valleys, it has a sharp, angular design with facets that create a sense of depth and dimensionality. The primary color is a rich shade of burgundy or maroon, giving the logo a strong and sophisticated vibe. The design maintains a clean, minimalist aesthetic suitable for a variety of modern branding contexts.
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