What catches our eye is the modern, clean design of the Onfido logo with its dynamic and symmetrical layout in shades of blue, portraying innovation and precision.



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Onfido Logo

The Onfido logo features a stylized, symmetric design comprising a central circle flanked by four pointed elliptical shapes arranged in a compass-like configuration, pointing towards the north, south, east, and west. The monochromatic color scheme in various shades of blue creates a sense of harmony and balance, while the modern design aesthetic with clean lines suggests innovation and precision. The pointed ends of the elliptical shapes create a dynamic sense of movement, drawing the eye towards the center.

About Onfido

Onfido is a technology company that has established itself as the new standard for online identity verification. Utilizing AI-based technology, the company's platform evaluates the authenticity of government-issued IDs and compares them with users' facial biometrics.

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