Dodd Group

What catches our eye is the modern and abstract design of the Dodd Group logo, featuring a bold blue "D" segmented by vibrant green bars, exuding a fresh and professional vibe.



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Dodd Group Logo

The Dodd Group logo presents a modern and abstract design composed of geometric shapes that form a stylized letter "D." The design uses three colors: a deep shade of blue, a bright green, and a lighter shade of green. The central feature of the logo is the bold blue "D," which is segmented by two horizontal green bars, one bright and one lighter, creating a sense of separation while maintaining a cohesive structure. The clean lines and bold color contrasts suggest a fresh, professional brand identity with a leaning towards technology or innovation.

About Dodd Group

The Dodd Group is renowned within the building services sector for its comprehensive electrical and mechanical design, installation, and maintenance services across a wide range of sectors. Industries served include commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional clients.

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