Segmented Logo Ideas

Find a variety of segmented logo ideas for your business on our logo inspiration site. Explore unique examples of segmented logos designed for real companies, and get inspired for your own branding needs.

The Universities Australia logo features a stylized, abstract design resembling a segmented fan or ascending bars arranged in a quarter-circle layout. The monochromatic color scheme, predominantly dark blue, exudes elegance and professionalism. The white spaces between segments add dynamism to the static image, creating a sense of movement. This logo would stand out against a light, slightly contrasting background or a soft, neutral background to avoid clashing.
The logo for CFE Research features an abstract design resembling a stylized letter 'C' composed of segmented arcs that wrap around a central green circle. The arcs are colored in a gradient sequence of blue, purple, and orange, suggesting dynamism and creativity. The design has a modern and approachable look, using bright colors and a clean sans-serif typeface for any lettering involved. The gradient gives a sense of depth and the open center of the 'C' creates a focal point.