Knot Logo Examples

Find a variety of creative knot logo examples from real companies on our site. Get inspired and find the perfect design for your business. Explore unique knot logo ideas for your brand identity.

The Bluewater Labs logo showcases a stylized, geometric design with smooth curves and sharp angles, forming a loop or knot-like shape. It integrates a rounded rectangle connected to a circular shape, creating a sense of motion or progress. The soft, cool blue color with a gentle gradient adds depth and a modern aesthetic, giving the logo a versatile and contemporary appearance suitable for technology, media, or communication-related brands.
The OpenAI logo is a stylized, abstract design resembling a knot or a continuous loop. It consists of bold, interlocking shapes that create a sense of intricacy and flow. The design relies on thick, intertwined lines that form a symmetrical and harmonious emblem. The color of the logo is a solid black which gives it a strong contrast and would allow for versatile application over various backgrounds. The aesthetic of the logo is modern and minimalistic, suggesting a connection or unity theme, potentially suitable for a technology company, consulting firm, or any entity that values interconnectivity and partnership.